I now consider closing my account here. Don't know yet.

21h36, 28/02/2018:

« Nous devons exterminer les riches et les politiciens qui leur lèchent le cul » - Aki Kaurismäki https://goo.gl/4mFVAR

04/08/2018, 14h20:

I stop(ped) collaborating to Discogs, in whatsoever manner: no more free work; without us, users/oggers, there'd be no discogs. Stop free work.
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That's why: Marlboro Music. . . . . . . .
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Just like Michelle Ayers - Respect or my most treasured FTR MCD like Masters At Work - I Can't Get No Sleep or The Look - Glammer Girl, I wonder how many of you REALLY own the real thing, and not files they shared, lmfao.