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posted a comment on Donato Dozzy - Dimensions E.P.. 3 months ago
FYI everyone, Mental Groove seem to have a few more test pressing copies left up on Bandcamp. Grabbed mine the other week.
posted a review of Wax (19) - No. 60006. 6 months ago
Rene delivers an absolute beauty of a Wax release. Both sides are just so damn effective and definitely harks back to the finest of the series (20002/40004 I am looking at you). As for the inside out pressing, a nice little curiousity imo. The sound ... See full review
posted a comment on Vril (2) - Anima Mundi. 6 months ago
It's like you read my mind with every comment haha. Completely my thoughts, this album is simply extraordinary.
posted a review of Vril (2) - Haus. 11 months ago
Special release from Vril as per usual and so happy to see this finally get a release after his RA podcast a few years back. As Mark said, Haus is essentially a DJ tool, but it is one of those absolutely perfect loops in the mould of Maurizio that you ... See full review
posted a review of Textasy - Off The Leash. 11 months ago
This is just absolutely ballistic work from Textasy. Acid Bleach with that twisted vocal makes me writhe on the floor in my own sweat pool. What a monster of a tune. REPRESS PLEASE!!
posted a review of Prime Minister Of Doom - Mudshadow Propaganda. about 1 year ago
Could listen to Tribal Days Part III forever on loop. Perfectly put together. Hope someone drops this at 5am on a sweaty dancefloor and/or I get to play it myself at that time. Class album from start to finish and the best POD/PODM LP has done imo.
posted a comment on Q3A - Deva Station EP. about 1 year ago
Quality business yet again from Q3A/Route 8. Lovely variation on this EP, the lush atmospherics on Deva Station, driving tribal on Temple Of Retribution then swinging it around with subtle squelch acid on The Nameless Place. All rounded off with some ... See full review
posted a comment on Shed - Shedding The Past. about 1 year ago
Hah, my below prayers were answered! Big ups my man Rene!
posted a review of WK7 - Rhythm 1. about 1 year ago
Huge return to form for Rene on this one. Super lush pads, wicked breaks and trademark booming basslines. 100x better than Washer. Welcome back with this absolute heater of an EP!
posted a comment on Mike Dehnert - Switch Back To City EP. about 1 year ago
Yeah I don't get it either. It's a great Dehnert tool techno EP I would like to grab on vinyl but what kind of insane fool bought this for £110?
posted a comment on De Gama (2) - Afrika. about 1 year ago
This is a very nice edit and good that they repressed, but I really think they are taking the piss with the price. £14+ for a basic 12" with the same track on both sides and it looks like a promo? Where the hell is the extra cost even coming from? Why ... See full review
posted a comment on Hell - I Want U Remixes. about 1 year ago
Totally agree. What a fantastic interpretation from Dettmann. The Fixmer remix on the flip is quality as well for the darker moments.
posted a review of Shed - Shedding The Past. over 2 years ago
A shame this didn't get the 3x12" treatment, would love to have every track available on wax. No question still one of my all time favourite techno albums. As a sidenote Another Wedged Chicken sounds like René was inspired by the drum programming of ... See full review
posted a comment on Joy Orbison - Off Season / Fuerza. over 2 years ago
It makes absolutely no sense apart from profiteering. The last Peder Mannerfelt release came in an artwork sleeve, was a 4 tracker and going for a tenner at most.
posted a comment on Goldie - Inner City Life (2017 Rebuild / Burial Remix). over 2 years ago
The original was a timeless classic, so the 2017 rebuild is a very nice modern refresh. Shows how perfect it was that not much needs to be tweaked. The Burial remix, I think I need to marinate on it for a few months. Some parts of it blow me away with ... See full review
posted a comment on Aphex Twin - Cheetah EP. over 2 years ago
I absolutely love EP's that work on both the 33/45 speed spectrum. This works perfectly on both ends. Genius again from the master. As a sidenote, the artwork package for the vinyl is sublime. Less is definitely more in this case.
posted a comment on Traumprinz - Say Or Do. over 2 years ago
Yep it's a mispress issue. Refer to brunov's post on the Into The Sun release which will give you more detail.
posted a comment on Various - Planet Giegling Tour EP. over 2 years ago
Anyone pick up Tour copies at the gigs that have happened since LA e.g. Taiwan, South Korea etc...
posted a comment on DJ Longdick - Haze EP. over 2 years ago
Well if that is a true response from DJ Longdick then yes I agree the record should be pulled. It wasn't an ill-founded comment as I was basing my judgement from the sound of the tracks themselves and the First Contact track definitely sounds different ... See full review
posted a comment on DJ Longdick - Haze EP. over 2 years ago
Clearly Haze has sampled Orson Wells and he must have had clearance on that given the record centre is a screenshot straight from the music video. The First Contact claim though...really clutching at straws there. The pads, breaks used and melody are not ... See full review
posted a review of Dryad (2) - 2S2W EP. over 2 years ago
Excellent release from Southern Lights. Lovely sweeping synth stabs on A2 is the pick for mine but quality stompers across the whole EP.
posted a comment on Lucy (12) And Klock* - War Lullaby. over 2 years ago
Harsh yet fair. When Maroko reviews, always pay attention. This is a spud of a release no question.
posted a comment on Edward - Green Amber. over 2 years ago
Yep same thing here. The A side skips occasionally and you can see the needle struggling to stay still.
posted a comment on Blawan - Getting Me Down. over 2 years ago
That's fucking awesome. Excellent work good sir. ALWAYS dig in the shittest bins, they sometimes provide absolute gold.
posted a comment on TRP (5) - Saturday Morning . over 2 years ago
Love the sampling on B1 of Aquaris - Aquatic Top EP.
posted a comment on Prince Of Denmark - 8. over 2 years ago
  Karl-Anton Your analogy is absolutely terrible lol. This is not an expensive luxury item, they absolutely have the means to release this in various formats. Unless Giegling uploaded the Youtube rips themselves, that is already a form of piracy, yet if ... See full review
posted a comment on Prince Of Denmark - 8. over 2 years ago
Gotta say I am kind of with theFBi on this one. I support Giegling as much as I can and releasing a small batch of vinyl only releases works well when you are a small label, but their fanbase has increased significantly since they started. It's just not ... See full review
posted a comment on DJ Seinfeld - Season 1 EP. over 2 years ago
I doubt it. Lobster are really good at judging demand and repressing as required so would expect anyone who wants to grab this will be able to.
posted a comment on Avalon Emerson - Pressure / Quoi. over 2 years ago
The price gouging on this one is insane. Still copies around for this at normal prices.
posted a comment on Prince Of Denmark - 8. over 2 years ago
Totally agree. The price is fine for 8x vinyls, but no audio samples is just bonkers. They put out samples for the Mind Over Matter compilation only last month, why not for a massive release like this one?
posted a review of Delsin. over 2 years ago
Quite simply the finest label of all time for me. It's interesting seeing nanobot's review from 2004 mentioning the unbelievable consistency, that has continued non-stop since that point. If you buy a Delsin record on sight, you know it's going to be of ... See full review
posted a comment on Traumprinz - Into The Sun. over 2 years ago
Yep, just locked my reservation in. Big ups Giegling for making this repress happen.
posted a comment on Traumprinz - Diva. over 2 years ago
B2 samples Midway - Set it Out, which was also used by Omar-S a few years back on
posted a comment on Alexanderkowalski* - You Think You Know? (Funk D'Void Remix) / Emtec (De-constructed By The British Murder Boys). over 2 years ago
This review is absolutely perfect haha. BMB Remix is killer.
posted a comment on Traumprinz - Diva. over 2 years ago
I call bollocks. Of course they will release this to online distributors, in particular via the Giegling webshop. They have done this with every Traumprinz release.
posted a comment on TUC - Victoria Park. over 2 years ago
A top class EP overall, but Oaks is absolutely supreme.
posted a comment on DJ Metatron - 2 The Sky . over 2 years ago
2 Bad is one of my favourite tracks I have heard over the last year or two, it's the only reason why I bought this record on sight. The rest is solid to passable at best, but I don't care. I had to have this one tune on wax. In your comment about the ... See full review
posted a comment on Convextion - 2845. over 2 years ago
Bought on sight without listening to a single sample and yet again Convextion delivers one of the best Techno LPs in years.
posted a comment on DJ Sotofett / SVN (2) - Current 82 (12 Mix) / Dark Plan 5. over 2 years ago
Current 82 (12 Mix). I think we are looking at track of the year here folks. Absolutely sublime.
posted a comment on Convextion - 2845. over 2 years ago
I think he is talking about the 2x ripped CDs he burnt of older Convextion albums and got confused about track names.
posted a comment on Kris Wadsworth - Uranus 444. over 2 years ago
444b. Absolute weapon. Extra words needed apparently. WORDS. Please enter at least 1 more.
posted a comment on Bjarki - Б = B. over 2 years ago
A quality all round LP and As You Remember is absolute class.
posted a comment on Sandwell District - Feed-Forward. over 2 years ago
This release is definitely my worst case of sleeping on a record in history. The whole package was selling brand new for approx £28 which sold pretty quickly and I noticed the last few copies available on Boomkat were selling at £35. I scoffed at the ... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 2 years ago
posted a comment on Joe R. Lewis* - Lost In Tracks. over 2 years ago
So funny. Looks like this was the poor guy who dropped £342 on a record repressed a few months later.
posted a comment on Jupiter Jax - Urban Legends. over 2 years ago
Another top notch cut on the Deeptrax label. Lovely atmospherics with just the right touch of that Detroit flavour. Already becoming one of my favourite imprints, keep doing what you're doing.
posted a comment on Nthng - 1996. over 2 years ago
Can confirm I molested all the furniture in my house and I haven't even hit the club yet.
posted a comment on Coastdream - Sunny Breeze. over 2 years ago
I just picked up my copy today at Phonica, so it should be available at all good outlets now.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 2 years ago
posted a comment on Donato Dozzy - That Fab. over 2 years ago
What a superbly functional record this is from the Italian Stallion. Reminds me of those early 2000's locked groove plates but at a more palatable speed. Techtresor layers perfect over just about every cut you have in your library, with just the right ... See full review