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Aleph - Check It Up
posted a review of Aleph - Check It Up. 9 months ago
Cover photo (the woman) first appeared in The Face magazine fashion shoot, issue No. 96, April 1988. Credit from the magazine: Photography Juergen Teller, model is probably Sofia Koustis.
Marianne (4) - Passion
posted a review of Marianne (4) - Passion. 9 months ago
Another eurobeat sleeve that uses a fashion photo from The Face magazine. This time it first appeared in: Vol. 2, No. 1, October 1988 issue. Photographer is Richard Croft, and the model is Lisa Love from S'Express! Cropped blue wool jacket by Maria Cornejo. See full review
Mindy Love - It's A Shame
posted a review of Mindy Love - It's A Shame. 9 months ago
On the cover yet an nother fashion photo ripped from The Face Magazine, issue: volume 2, no. 3, December 1988. This time it's by photographer Eddie Monsoon, and the model is most likely Lisa Williamson. Gold knitted dress by Basia Skutnicka.
Susanne Meals - Forever
posted a review of Susanne Meals - Forever. 9 months ago
So many of the italo disco records featured fashion models on their covers. I do not know who the woman on this is, but the photographer is Andrew MacPherson. The semi famous pic was first featured in The Face Magazine, issue: volume 2, no. 3,... See full review
Various - Silver And Gold 02
posted a review of Various - Silver And Gold 02. 10 months ago
"Altafulla" bass line is a speedy version of the bass in Ohio Players' "Fire".
Sensomilla - I Believe
posted a review of Sensomilla - I Believe. 11 months ago
Hmm, this might be one of the earliest UK progressive house tunes ever? Sounds more like it could have been released in 1992. Quite deep and trancy, if you consider what else was coming out in 1990!
Bombalurina Featuring Timmy Mallett - Seven Little Girls
posted a review of Bombalurina Featuring Timmy Mallett - Seven Little Girls. 11 months ago
The main title track is a silly horrible tune better suited for the kindergarten kids, but "L.E.D." is a tongue in cheek bleep track in 1990 style. Both LFO and Tricky disco get "imitated" into a a single track!
Melvin Meeks - Chicago Frankfurt Connection
posted a review of Melvin Meeks - Chicago Frankfurt Connection. about 1 year ago
Nice surprise record, hadn't heard this until now. A-side tracks are FM-synth sound house, similar to those from the mid-90's like Boo Williams or Glenn Underground on Relief and Djax. B1 is disco sampling house tune and B2 is minimal Dance Mania... See full review
Darien (3) - Darien's Hit It
posted a review of Darien (3) - Darien's Hit It. about 1 year ago
Din Daa Daa is a DM styled funky remix of the George Kranz original.
MixxVibes* - Session #4 - The Final Chapter!
posted a review of MixxVibes* - Session #4 - The Final Chapter!. about 1 year ago
"Queen Pierre" -I guess- is some kind of poke at DJ Pierre and his wild pitch sound. "PMS" is flirting with the US Hard house & Dance Mania sounds of the time. If you want to rage some feminists, then play it. Others are just bored. This is a DJ tool... See full review
Dyva - She Can't Come Down
posted a review of Dyva - She Can't Come Down. about 1 year ago
This is one of the most haunting songs about death. Angel of Death, she can't come down, not just yet! One has so many things to do in life, all the things in the world to do, but time marches on! For me, this might be Dyva's best song. Top... See full review
The Person (2) - Magic $ EP
posted a review of The Person (2) - Magic $ EP. about 1 year ago
No, I dig this too, 4 stars from me :)
Dance Mania
posted a comment on Dance Mania. about 1 year ago
This label was on fire in the mid 90's. It wasn't uncommon to get 3-5 new Dance Mania records per MONTH, every month!

I remember calling my record shop and just said to my dealer "I'll take them all", every week. They were all white label copies... See full review
Mello D. - This Christmas (Rap)
posted a review of Mello D. - This Christmas (Rap). about 1 year ago
Perhaps the corniest record in Dance Mania catalog. It's not that bad, when you concider all Christmas songs are a special niche, either you love or hate them. Most of the time they are kitsch, and this is no exception. One wonders though what was... See full review
The Zebras - Paradise Garage
posted a review of The Zebras - Paradise Garage. about 1 year ago
God, I hope nobody thinks that this has anything to do with the legendary club Paradise Garage, because that's heresy!

Bad, mediocre pub rock with third rate S&M twist, not disco. Sort of poor mans wanna-be Kiss perhaps? "For your love" is the track... See full review
Dolbie D - Acid Mania
posted a review of Dolbie D - Acid Mania. about 1 year ago
Yes, there were inside-out reversed sleeves with other Desire records as well. Way to save money I guess.
Various - Hot Tracks - Series 2, Issue 3
posted a review of Various - Hot Tracks - Series 2, Issue 3. about 1 year ago
Few things about this release:

First, like some other Hot Tracks records I have from the early 80's, this one has occasional very sharp high frequencies cut in the grooves. I have NM condition records of this release, and the highs especially in... See full review
Tranzy T / Otis (8) - Give It Up / Dance With Me
posted a review of Tranzy T / Otis (8) - Give It Up / Dance With Me. about 1 year ago
Oh my God. "Dance with me" Sullivan mix is like some proto Murk boyz stuff, with infra-level bass and down pitched male vocals. If someone told me this was a Miami production from the early 90's, I would have believed it without hesitation.
Cybertrax - Flexor
posted a review of Cybertrax - Flexor. about 1 year ago
No! Absolutely no pitching down. What is it with you youngsters, can't take the heat of dancing your ass off to some trance BPMs? If nothing else, take the right drugs, uppers. No need to be stoned to enjoy these tracks. Oh, BTW: These tracks work... See full review
Frank De Wulf vs. T-Quest - Play
posted a review of Frank De Wulf vs. T-Quest - Play. about 1 year ago
Back in 1994 everyone was on the Basic Channel / Phylyps trak trip, so there were a lot of techno records utilising that metallic sound. This is a fine example.
Starflight & Gill Kane - Law Of The Land
posted a review of Starflight & Gill Kane - Law Of The Land. about 1 year ago
Productionwise the A-side takes all the elements from Fancy - Come inside (American remix), but it's not that good.
B-side instrumental is much more interesting.
Sequen-Sync - Electronic Dance Versions Of 1983 Hits
posted a review of Sequen-Sync - Electronic Dance Versions Of 1983 Hits. about 1 year ago
Whow! What a cool record. Cover versions of early 80's famous hits, but with a twist. The point is that there is heavy vocoder use in just about every track. "Jeopardy": I hate the original, but this puts a smile on my face. Stoner electro jamming par... See full review
Arkanoid - The Story / Artik
posted a comment on Arkanoid - The Story / Artik. over 3 years ago
"Artik (My pattern)" is a cover / remake version of The Original Video Clash by Marshall Jefferson and Lil' Louis.
Jessie Butler - Free To Be Me / Best Part Of A Man
posted a comment on Jessie Butler - Free To Be Me / Best Part Of A Man. over 3 years ago
Song's second writer Clarence Reid did a very naughty cover version of "Free to be me", using his Blowfly alias.
Sound On Sound Productions - Tribute To The Greatesss / Crowd Participation
posted a comment on Sound On Sound Productions - Tribute To The Greatesss / Crowd Participation. over 3 years ago
Hmmm, if this release really is from 1980, "Crowd participation" seems to be one of the earliest Hip Hop records to have scratching on it. It is quite primitive, but does the job as a percussive element. Also, the scratching it's panned left and right... See full review
George LaMond - Bad Of The Heart
posted a review of George LaMond - Bad Of The Heart. over 3 years ago
This 12" is basically the same record as Loose Touch's - Bad of the heart, that came few years earlier.

I was however surprised of the versions on B-side: "Bad Of The Heart (1990 Club Remix)" makes use of some 303 bass lines that made Barbosa &... See full review
Stadius* Featuring Vernell* - Treat Me Right
posted a comment on Stadius* Featuring Vernell* - Treat Me Right. over 3 years ago
Complaining about the sound quality? It's lo-fi house, what do you expect. It sounds absolutely normal for a record pressed in the mid-90's in Canada or U.S.
Fast Eddie*, Tyree* & Chic (2) - The Whop
posted a comment on Fast Eddie*, Tyree* & Chic (2) - The Whop. over 3 years ago
This borrows heavily from Thompson & Lenoir's ‎– Can't Stop The House from the same year 1987. The vocals are so and so, much more interesting are the mostly instrumental versions with echoed bleepy sounds and minimal drums. Especially "Whopa mental"... See full review
Bliss Inc. (2) - Radiant Reality
posted a comment on Bliss Inc. (2) - Radiant Reality. over 4 years ago
True dat. If there were prizes handed to the best recreation of some generic 90's techno or house, I'm sure this would be awarded. However, 100% recreation -imitation- has nothing to do with Techno, the music or the idea of the genre. There is a lot... See full review
The Mastermix - Another Day In Paradise
posted a review of The Mastermix - Another Day In Paradise. over 5 years ago
This is an OK cover version of the Phil Collins track. 3 stars. Typical early 90s mid-tempo breakbeat background and chill sounds and vocals. The vocalist sure sounds like Dora Carofiglio, I'm pretty sure it's her.
Fak Records
posted a comment on Fak Records. over 5 years ago
I think the supposed releases until year 2002 are a bullshit hoax. I live in Finland, been in the scene since '92, and I NEVER ever heard of these records in the 90's.
Never have I seen them in record stores, in friend's collections or around... See full review
Monna Lisa - Starway To Heaven
posted a review of Monna Lisa - Starway To Heaven. over 5 years ago
Italodance version of Zeppelin's classic. Either you hate it, despise it, or spin it as a cool satirical DJ to an audience that rolls their eyes in disbelief. It's all there; cheap "electric guitar" synthsounp, perky italovibe with the easiest... See full review
I Blagueur - Balla. ? .. No! .. / Ti 'D Bale ?
posted a review of I Blagueur - Balla. ? .. No! .. / Ti 'D Bale ?. over 5 years ago
Similar to early Pino D'Angio's stuff, especially to "Ma Quale Idea", the vocal raps on this are SO similar to Pino, that I had to check if he was the singer. The track is OK, nothing that special. More originality needed. I can image the boogie... See full review
Subliminal Aurra - A Decongestant For The Mind
posted a comment on Subliminal Aurra - A Decongestant For The Mind. over 5 years ago
There was a short period of time in the very early 90s when there was a bunch of these "hypno-house" records released. Like it was a mini genre. Some sampled actual hypnosis LPs intended for therapeutic use (Orbital - Deeper), some sampled movies with... See full review
Cloud City (3) - T.H.C.
posted a comment on Cloud City (3) - T.H.C.. over 5 years ago
I bet few of their friends bought shitloads of these nice but nothing that special 2€ records, waited for a while for the "DJ impact": A mix hit the Internets and BOOM! Some cash made of fanboys rush to buy their heroes' playlist records. Instead... See full review
Knight Action Featuring Sedenia - Single Girl
posted a comment on Knight Action Featuring Sedenia - Single Girl. over 5 years ago
The sound quality is top notch on this reissue. Pressed by MPO. The other side plays at 45rpm, D-rail side at 33rpm.
Ronald Langestraat - Searching
posted a review of Ronald Langestraat - Searching. over 5 years ago
Whow! Smooth! Very nice mixture of different genres mixed together: Jazz, latin, lounge, funk, latin and a bit of cosmic-vibes. This one has sort of timeless ethereal sound, funny considering it was recorded in 1984. With those instruments and a sense... See full review
Peu - Peu
posted a review of Peu - Peu. over 5 years ago
Jesus God... Like Aphex Twin once said: It's a thin line between taking the piss and being serious. This is one of those records. "Italo" sure... but with a finnish angst suicide twist. More wavey old skool italo circa 1983-84 this is, like Decadence... See full review
Brian Ellis - Mirror/Mirror
posted a review of Brian Ellis - Mirror/Mirror. over 5 years ago
Wow! I usually am a sceptic of any "retro"attitude of any new music, meaning that trend that the younger generation tries to emulate sounds and shit from the past. NOT with this release! Sure, the atmosphere and style is of that of imaginary laid-back... See full review
Fancy Rosy - Punk Police
posted a review of Fancy Rosy - Punk Police. over 5 years ago
I have to disagree with NWpunx's review of the B-side. It's obviously a piss take on disco music, and a decent one at that too. Sort of pre-wave collage, that mixes old school retro music styles with "funny" lolita-esque vocals, groovy synth sounds... See full review
Paul Parker - Don't Stop (What You're Doin' To Me)
posted a comment on Paul Parker - Don't Stop (What You're Doin' To Me). over 5 years ago
How about releasing a normal priced repress? Too much elitist attitude is killing this music scene.
Ania (4) - Ma'king Love...
posted a review of Ania (4) - Ma'king Love.... over 5 years ago
"On the telephone"... is rather basic wave pop tune, nothing special. There's tons of similar stuff out there. "Ma'king love" is more interesting, proper stoner disco for exclusive parties. Think of darkrooms, bath houses, sleazy bars etc.
Boo Williams Vs Glen Underground* - Boo Williams Vs Glen Underground
posted a comment on Boo Williams Vs Glen Underground* - Boo Williams Vs Glen Underground. over 6 years ago
How's the sound on this re-release, compared to the originals?
Daisy Glow - Daisin' The Glow EP
posted a comment on Daisy Glow - Daisin' The Glow EP. over 6 years ago
It's Discogs fishing. Some will bite, 'cause they young and don't know where to search.
Devastating Daryl - C (Jack To The Lost Chicago Reels)
posted a comment on Devastating Daryl - C (Jack To The Lost Chicago Reels). over 6 years ago
They were transferred from old reel to reels, that had been stored in a warehouse locker for a long time. I guess the muffled sound is present in the original master reels as well:... See full review
Dave Hammond - Take Me Higher
posted a comment on Dave Hammond - Take Me Higher. over 6 years ago
It's not that bad :D I guess they were going for that Jimmy Somerville vocal sound.
Esa Saario, Eino Virtanen Kuoro* - Desiderata
posted a comment on Esa Saario, Eino Virtanen Kuoro* - Desiderata. over 6 years ago
I correct myself: The text "Desiderata" was written by an american lawyer Max Ehrmann in 1927 :)
Black Bones (5) - Black Bones 3
posted a comment on Black Bones (5) - Black Bones 3. over 6 years ago
Any idea on the original of A1? Some late-70s / very early 80s U.S. disco with strong female vocals; "love potion", funky synths, string orchestration etc. Heard it years and years ago, can't remember what the hell it was...
Various - The Mood Mosaic 12 Mondo Porno
posted a comment on Various - The Mood Mosaic 12 Mondo Porno. over 6 years ago
Good Lord, a Bill Cosby track like this can be quite unnerving since his "dating habits" were exposed :/ Takes double meaning to a whole new level!
Hysteric - Life Is Cheap
posted a review of Hysteric - Life Is Cheap. over 6 years ago
Hmm, I usually don't bother commenting the prices on Discogs, but this needs en exception. Why the ridiculous over-the-top prices for such a mediocre record? The record is "OK" at best, the edits are basic, nothing to write home about. You can easily... See full review