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Mad Maxx (3) - Just A Snap
submitted Mad Maxx (3) - Just A Snap. about 1 month ago
posted a comment on Exelization. 8 months ago
Exelization is one of rare projects that emerged since 2000 that has unique style that you can immediately recognize. Darker side of Goa Trance was never widespread, but those who tried to produce music in this style usually made a decent impact.... See full review
Various - Set: 17 - Iboga Trance Classics
posted a review of Various - Set: 17 - Iboga Trance Classics. 10 months ago
This is 3rd "Set" compilation where track "51" by Ace Ventura & Timelock has been released. After "Set: 12" and "Set: 15", it got released on "Set: 17" as well. And it's same original mix on all 3 compilations. While some labels like to recycle same... See full review
Vice (7) & Morten Granau - Potential
posted a review of Vice (7) & Morten Granau - Potential. 12 months ago
"Pressure" is a dark atmospheric remix of The Prodigy's famous track "Breathe". One of the best remixes of this track that I heard. From some reason artists and label decided to release it under completely different name with no credit to original... See full review
posted a review of DJ Xanex* - I-Party. about 1 year ago
One of the better compilations released by Nutek Records, especially because it has variety in styles. Best tracks: 2, 6, 7, 10.

Last track "Neutralizing Agent" was released in 2006 on "Solstice Black Compilation #02" by MX Experiments and credited... See full review
Various - Abstract Visions - Volume 1
submitted Various - Abstract Visions - Volume 1. about 1 year ago
Liquid Soul (3) - Hypnotic Energy (Further Remixes)
submitted Liquid Soul (3) - Hypnotic Energy (Further Remixes). about 1 year ago
Beat Hackers - Seed Of Life
submitted Beat Hackers - Seed Of Life. about 1 year ago
Sulima - The Future Consciousness
submitted Sulima - The Future Consciousness. over 2 years ago
Future Prophecy - Seeds Of Rage
submitted Future Prophecy - Seeds Of Rage. over 2 years ago
Various - Trance Form
posted a review of Various - Trance Form. over 3 years ago
This would be average Full On Psy-Trance VA compilation if it didn't contain two great tracks: "Addictive Solutions" and "Arabian Nights On Mescalin (Remix)". For me, these two tracks are without any doubt the best tracks that Eskimo and GMS ever... See full review
Shift (2) - Army Of Freaks
submitted Shift (2) - Army Of Freaks. over 3 years ago
Eguana - My Dreams
submitted Eguana - My Dreams. over 4 years ago
Various - Terraformer
posted a comment on Various - Terraformer. over 4 years ago
When it comes to Goa Trance, this is one of best compilations that came out this decade. Some tracks have 90's feeling, but still with modern production, such as Clementz's "Conquer Of The Universe". If it was credited as previously unreleased Astral... See full review
Cybered - Bunker EP
submitted Cybered - Bunker EP. over 4 years ago
In'R'Voice* - Metadreams Part 1
submitted In'R'Voice* - Metadreams Part 1. over 4 years ago
G.M.S.* vs. Systembusters - G.M.S. vs. Systembusters
posted a comment on G.M.S.* vs. Systembusters - G.M.S. vs. Systembusters. over 4 years ago
Remix is even better, it's available on Trance Form VA complication from 2004. Possible the best track that GMS ever produced.
Filteria - Daze Of Our Lives (Extended)
submitted Filteria - Daze Of Our Lives (Extended). over 4 years ago
Azax & Benson* - The Trance Machine
submitted Azax & Benson* - The Trance Machine. over 4 years ago
Vibe Tribe (2), Spade (3) - Blast From The Past (Live Edit)
submitted Vibe Tribe (2), Spade (3) - Blast From The Past (Live Edit). over 5 years ago
Vibe Tribe (2) & Spade (3) - Melodrama (Remix)
submitted Vibe Tribe (2) & Spade (3) - Melodrama (Remix). over 5 years ago
R.I.O - Shine On (Vibe Tribe Remix)
submitted R.I.O - Shine On (Vibe Tribe Remix). over 5 years ago
Vibe Tribe (2) & Spade (3) - No Survivors (Remix)
submitted Vibe Tribe (2) & Spade (3) - No Survivors (Remix). over 5 years ago
posted a comment on Koxbox. over 5 years ago
Nice review. Since I agree about everything you said about their Goa days, I will just comment about newer stuff.
- The Great Unknown is officially a Koxbox album, but in fact it isn't. There are two reasons for that:
1. It was meant to be released under... See full review
Azax & Upgrade (3) - Out There
submitted Azax & Upgrade (3) - Out There. over 5 years ago
Astrix - Type 1 (Harmonic Rush Remix)
submitted Astrix - Type 1 (Harmonic Rush Remix). over 5 years ago
Solstice Music International
posted a review of Solstice Music International. over 5 years ago
Various artists compilations released by Solstice Music always featured the well known groups and artists including Etnica, Koxbox, Total Eclipse, GMS and Synthetic that were each present on majority of them. Based on tracklists everyone would expect... See full review
Various - Second Flight: Turbulence
posted a comment on Various - Second Flight: Turbulence. over 5 years ago
I have to agree with maroko about one thing - this release is definitely historical. However, that's not because of its quality, but because it marks the beginning of the end of great Goa era that was succeeded by era of mediocre and non-creative... See full review
Greater Number - Metador EP
submitted Greater Number - Metador EP. over 5 years ago
ReTwin* - Dreaming World
submitted ReTwin* - Dreaming World. over 5 years ago
Loud (6) - Old Is Gold
submitted Loud (6) - Old Is Gold. over 5 years ago
Terraformers (2)
posted a comment on Terraformers (2). over 5 years ago
Stephane Holweck from Total Eclipse is probably the only well known Goa Trance producer besides Christof Drouillet from Transwave who ended up producing so called Night Full On (not to be mixed with Twilight style that originated in South Africa).... See full review
Various - SoulSeeker 1 - An International Journey Through Progressive-, Psychedelic- And Goatrance
posted a review of Various - SoulSeeker 1 - An International Journey Through Progressive-, Psychedelic- And Goatrance. over 5 years ago
This is without any doubt the best VA compilation that was released on MIDIJUM Records. While almost all compilations from this label contain at least few filler tracks (most of other progressive labels do the same unfortunately), no mediocre work can... See full review
Dogma 3000 - Dogma 3000
posted a review of Dogma 3000 - Dogma 3000. over 5 years ago
Dogma 3000 is an alias of Goa Trance project Dogma from mid-90s. As duo started exploring different styles, it made sense to chose new alias for this album. Style is closest to early days of Progressive Trance, however there are other influences as... See full review
Various - Set: 23 - Iboga Records
posted a comment on Various - Set: 23 - Iboga Records. over 5 years ago
Track 16 "High On Lucy" by Gaudium and Easy Riders was already previously released on Set 21 compilation, so it's surprising that same version of same track appeared again on newer compilation in same series.
Emok - Best Of My Sets Vol 11
posted a comment on Emok - Best Of My Sets Vol 11. over 5 years ago
Track 16 "Pressure" by Vice & Morten Granau contains melody from Prodigy's famous track Breathe. It should have been listed as a remix since that's a dominant element of the track, but unfortunately artists and label decided to use entirely different... See full review
Hux Flux - Cryptic Crunch
posted a comment on Hux Flux - Cryptic Crunch. over 5 years ago
"Dark Goa" and "Progressive Goa" are good terms to describe this style. You pretty much named majority of artists since that style was short-lived and not widespread. I would recommend you following two releases that definitely fit this... See full review
Shift (2) - Phoenix
submitted Shift (2) - Phoenix. over 5 years ago
Shift (2) - The Wolf
submitted Shift (2) - The Wolf. over 5 years ago
Hysteria (15) - Mass Mind Control Manual
submitted Hysteria (15) - Mass Mind Control Manual. over 6 years ago
Cold Project Featuring Opsy - Deep Downstairs
submitted Cold Project Featuring Opsy - Deep Downstairs. over 6 years ago
Cold Project - Noctilucent
submitted Cold Project - Noctilucent. over 6 years ago
Omegahertz - Deca
posted a comment on Omegahertz - Deca. over 7 years ago
This is big improvement comparing to previous albums. At least for me, they were extremely cheesy and annoying because of that despite some very good ideas. Even though new style is much closer to conventional Goa Trance, it still has some personal... See full review
Adrenalin Drum - Till Dusk
submitted Adrenalin Drum - Till Dusk. over 7 years ago
California Sunshine - Infinity
submitted California Sunshine - Infinity. over 7 years ago
Har-el Prusky* - Welcome To Goa
submitted Har-el Prusky* - Welcome To Goa. over 7 years ago
Har-El - Iron Dome
submitted Har-El - Iron Dome. over 7 years ago
Har-ElP.* - Wonderland
submitted Har-ElP.* - Wonderland. over 7 years ago
Schallusion - Morphologic Tales
submitted Schallusion - Morphologic Tales. over 7 years ago
Tropical Bleyage - Behind The Clouds
submitted Tropical Bleyage - Behind The Clouds. over 7 years ago