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posted a review of Ridgewalkers Feat El - Find. over 5 years ago
Andy Moor has really taken an otherwise boring, run of the mill vocal trance track and turned it into something quite worthwhile with his deep, rolling synth line throughout the track. This song recently popped into my head after years of having not ... See full review
posted a review of Billy "Daniel" Bunter & Andy Farley / Jon Doe - Hard House - NRG E.P (Part 2). over 5 years ago
I just listened to an old mix I'd made in 2002, which was void of any Hard House aside from this and just had to stop by and drop a review. The track Fantasy is simply nasty!! 5/5, just a slammin track with numerous layers, a really nice breakdown and ... See full review
posted a review of Leo Kottke - 6 & 12 String Guitar. over 13 years ago
Kottke is one of the true talents of acoustic guitar alive today. This, his debut album featured no intrusive vocals or "geese farts on a muggy day" as he likes to put it, and some of the most amazing guitar playing ever to be heard. It is unfathomable ... See full review
posted a review of DJ Marky · DJ Patife · ESOM · feat Fernanda Porto - The Brazilian Job. over 14 years ago
The melding of Bossa-Nova and Drum and Bass on this record is unparalleled, and the Cosmonautics Mix is phenomenal. This record reaches a level of production typically absent when combining such a classic song of old with modern technology. When the ... See full review
posted a review of Sasha & Maria* - Be As One. over 14 years ago
Brilliance. Very un-Sasha like, and rumors have spread that this is in fact the work of a then young BT whose "co-production", Heart of Imagination appears on the flip-side. While I don't know if that is true, the song has a lot more to it than the ... See full review
posted a review of Red Light District - Did You Hear Me?. over 14 years ago
The Reverend’s speech on this album is an all-time classic. Absolute pure 100% televangelical comedy! And I quote "Now let me tell you something. We are still beautifying God's house, and I need 100 people to write me this week, and send in a little ... See full review
posted a review of BT - ESCM. over 14 years ago
ESCM is BT at his best. Released at a time when his sound was still fresh, and he wasn't pumping out remixes every other week. An excellent follow-up to IMA, and a great demonstration of the diversity of his passion for sound. The track "Content" is a ... See full review
posted a review of Hooj Choons. over 14 years ago
In my opinion a label that represents all that trance should have remained. Hooj Choons always seemed to have a knack for releasing tracks that were deep, emotional and story-telling while avoiding the pop-like evolution of trance as a whole. Such ... See full review