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submitted Avraham Fried / Psychic TV - Unknown / Beyond Thee Infinite Beat (Ravemaster Mixes). 5 days ago
submitted Utah Saints - Something Good. 6 days ago
submitted Orbital - Orbital. 9 days ago
posted a review of Trisomie 21 - T21 Plays The Pictures. 10 days ago
Dreamy, atmospheric, adventurous. Very expressive. An overlooked masterpiece of the era.
posted a review of Front Line Assembly - Virus. 10 days ago
Still enjoyable, many years later. Though "Provision" is the strongest of the three singles present here, I still find "Virus" charming, but a bit sillier—and it didn't age as well sonically. As always, his lyrics are a self-serious pastiche of genre ... See full review
posted a review of Dessau - Exercise In Tension. 10 days ago
Decent enough rock-tinged industrial (and occasionally pseudo-EBM) styles, but nothing particularly stands out about it. The vocals are adequate, the beats and rhythms are as well. The guitars don't always quite fit, especially in terms of the chord ... See full review
posted a comment on The Shamen - L.S.I. (U.S.). 11 days ago
Yeah, I get it. It was to cover all possible dance markets/DJs. But the song certainly didn't translate well to this sort of club sound.
posted a comment on R. Kelly. 15 days ago
No, I'm not. How does that even make rational sense as an equivalency? I give up on you; it isn't worth wasting my time in trying to debate with someone who isn't capable of holding their own.
posted a comment on 3 Men Gone Mad - You Try. 19 days ago
Thanks, Dunc! I definitely love it. :) Feel free to add band photos and photos of the individual members.
posted a review of 3 Men Gone Mad - You Try. 19 days ago
Charmingly rough, mid-tempo indie dance. It has a nice, repetitive, somewhat ethereal groove that anchors it despite the cheesy drum machine sounds and slightly amateurish programming. The second track is a sort of dub version, with chopped and echoing ... See full review
submitted Alvvays - Antisocialites. 23 days ago
posted a review of Kurt Russell - Kurt Russell. 28 days ago
I just heard Kurt's cover of "Sugar Sugar" for the first time...it isn't bad, exactly. This is an amusing artifact.
submitted Twenty One Pilots - Blurryface. 29 days ago
posted a comment on 3rd Bass - Derelicts Of Dialect. about 1 month ago
Anyone have an mp3 of the vinyl-only track "Check Yourself"? I'd love to get a copy if you do, drop me a message. Thanks!
submitted The Accüsed - The Return Of Martha Splatterhead. about 1 month ago
submitted The Accüsed - More Fun Than An Open Casket Funeral. about 1 month ago
submitted Various - Wax Trax! Records (The Compilation Tape). about 1 month ago
submitted Revolting Cocks - Beers, Steers & Queers (Remixes). about 1 month ago
submitted Rush - Caress Of Steel. about 1 month ago
submitted Dolly Parton - Heartbreaker. about 1 month ago
submitted The Residents - (Instrumental Exerpts From Their Epic Recording) God In Three Persons (Original Soundtrack Recording). about 1 month ago
submitted Pet Shop Boys - Behavior. about 1 month ago
submitted Fela Anikulapo Kuti* & Egypt 80 - Beasts Of No Nation. about 1 month ago
submitted The Hollow Men - Cresta. about 1 month ago
submitted Sharkbait - Blowtorch Face-Lift. about 1 month ago
posted a comment on MCA & Burzootie - Drum Machine. about 1 month ago
It's great and all, but if you truly think "there has never been a record that sounds even remotely like 'Drum Machine'. Nearly twenty years after its release, it remains one of the sickest, most brilliant electronic records ever made", then you need to ... See full review
submitted Skinny Puppy - Cleanse Fold And Manipulate. about 1 month ago
submitted The KLF - 3: A.M. Eternal (Live At The S.S.L.). about 1 month ago
posted a review of The Stairs - Mexican R'n'B. 2 months ago
Honestly, I would never have heard these guys if it wasn't for Spacehog covering "Right In The Back Of Your Mind" in 1996. I just picked up the 3-CD deluxe reissue, it's fantastic!
submitted The Dandy Warhols - Tafelmuzik Means More When You're Alone . 2 months ago
posted a review of Various - Election (Music From The Motion Picture). 2 months ago
The Spacehog cover of The Stairs' "Right In The Back Of Your Mind" is pretty damn great, and this is the only release it was on. It almost—but not quite—matches the utter garage rock + MC5/Stooges-style awesomeness that is the original 1992 version by ... See full review
submitted Negativland - Escape From Noise. 2 months ago
submitted Merle Haggard - Merle Haggard's Greatest Hits. 2 months ago
submitted The Ohio State University Marching Band - Strike Up The Band. 2 months ago
submitted Madonna - Like A Virgin. 2 months ago
submitted Sausage - Riddles Are Abound Tonight. 2 months ago
submitted Prong - Beg To Differ. 2 months ago
submitted Cure* - Wish. 2 months ago
submitted Skylock - Skylock. 2 months ago
posted a review of R.E.M. - Monster. 2 months ago
I'm not sure what the point of the 2019 remix is/was. It seems much less interesting than the original mix, overall. I had a bad feeling when I first heard the new version of "What's The Frequency, Kenneth?" and it sounded really bland compared to the ... See full review
submitted BTB (3) Featuring Street Mob (2) - Bounce That Booty Baby. 2 months ago
submitted D' Image - Don't Forget My Love. 2 months ago
submitted UNLV (Unfortunately No Longer Virgins)* - Bone It. 2 months ago
submitted Various - Pop Faction Audio Compilation Cassette (Pop Faction 018). 2 months ago
submitted Carriers (5) - Peace Of Mine / Daily Battle. 3 months ago
submitted Mother Love Bone - Mother Love Bone. 3 months ago
submitted EPMD - Strictly Business. 3 months ago
submitted B.C.D. (Behind Closed Doors) - I Gotta Find Me A Freak. 3 months ago
submitted Back Porch Blues - Back To Basics. 3 months ago
submitted Willie Nelson - Half Nelson. 3 months ago