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posted a comment on In Camera - IV Songs. 3 months ago
On my copy the labels are switched. Is this unusual for this release?
posted a comment on Barbi & The Kens* - Just A Gigolo. 5 months ago
Is there any difference between the A and B-side? To me they sound exactly the same.
submitted Koto - Jabdah. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Perro - Out Of Money. over 3 years ago
the record has switched labels, so 'It's So sad' is on side 1
posted a comment on Toxic (31) - Talkin' to myself. over 4 years ago
My version is a Belgian release on the Blue Feather-label, with different artwork.
posted a comment on Perro - I Don't Want You No More. over 5 years ago
Released in the summer of 1984 and produced by Raymond van het Groenewoud.
posted a comment on Pression Fun - Out Of Your Mind. over 5 years ago
According to 'Joepie'-magazine (june 17, 1984) was the band formed in 1982 and they released their debut single in june 1984. Fretten Brouwers is guitarist.