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posted a comment on Manu Kenton. over 3 years ago
What is that... ?? The total collapse of techno music ... sad ...
posted a comment on Prince Paul - Booty Clap. over 3 years ago
The song and video clip just break off your ass ... great !!
posted a comment on Bryan Zentz - Guttertrax. over 3 years ago
"Sinus" is turbo techno bomb killer. Tease the most lazy ass on the dance floor... Great work ;))
posted a comment on DeepChord - dc14. over 3 years ago
Best DeepChord production ever. In Basic Channel / Chain Reaction style of '90...
posted a comment on Silent Breed - The Great Cornholio. over 3 years ago
The Great Cornholio is the best work of Heckmann. True underground style !!!
posted a comment on Joey Beltram - Instant. over 3 years ago
The best work of Juan Atkins career... sounds absolutly originally.
posted a comment on Vladislav Delay - Multila. over 3 years ago
Very weak position in the catalog of Basic Channel ... From this point you can observe the collapse of the real techno music. This continues until now ... There is the era of artificial sounds with laptops. All good things come to an end ;(
posted a comment on Martyn - Natural Selection / Vancouver. over 4 years ago
Excellent production, a very good feel of dynamics. You can hear the influence of Detroit techno and climates Chain Reaction.
posted a comment on Jonzon - Testosterone EP. over 4 years ago
Great release, perfectly captures the atmosphere of the mid-90s. B1 Genuine= can compete in early productions Chain Reaction. Mandatory position in the catalog of every fan of techno.
posted a comment on Maikl - Red Music. over 4 years ago
Great record, B1 Nattle Rash is one of the most original works techno ever. Good old underground vibe.
posted a comment on Santiago Salazar - Departure EP. over 4 years ago
B1 Turbulence (50 ml Mix) fantastic track, classic style takes me in '90