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posted a comment on Hohokam - King. 3 days ago
Their best tune with a nice lead string synth and popular bassline that permeated lots of dance records of the time by New Order, Dead of Alive and even Divine. I discovered it as it was played at a club I regularly attended. Gary Numan produced it and, ... See full review
posted a comment on Ween - Even If You Don't. 3 days ago
Cornbread Red is a non-LP B-side. It's a relatively simple fiddle-laden (complete with solo) country song that has twang in the vocals. It's played in a serious manor. Seems like they wrote it quickly and it's not their best B-side - but it's Ween and ... See full review
posted a comment on Post Malone - Circles. 5 days ago
Pop song, hooky and melodic and very easy to swallow. He's got a pleasurable voice. This is NOT hip-hop - this is modern Top 40/radio friendly and chill. For people who like "safe music" that's clean and relatively easy listening - not challenging or ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Djhouser. 5 days ago
What exactly is the problem - lining it up? Is the pressing low levels - or pressed off or funny? Does it sound OK - please explain. Thanks.
posted a comment on Dyewitness - Observing The Earth. 12 days ago
Put the A-side on it's - but don't overlook the b-sides as they work great in the mix and aren't as dated or known as "Observing..."
posted a comment on David Bowie - The Man Who Sold The World. 14 days ago
I can attest that the audio on the boot is not very good. When I was young I didn't notice this much but I rarely played this copy as I had a later pressing too. I mostly bought it for the artwork, knowing it was a boot.
posted a comment on Aphex Twin - London 14.09.2019. about 1 month ago
PRESS IT UP! Longtime fans who still love vinyl - want to own and want to spend a reasonable amount on it. -Maybe make a public statement about a future release date. Thanks Richard! Fans want a proper release - even if a short run.
posted a comment on The Octagon Man - Vidd. about 1 month ago
RDJames just dropped Vidd in his Red Bull set -- yes this does have some of his vibes - Big ups J Saul Kane for keeping it real...and beyond real.
posted a comment on B-Art - Baby Wants To Ride (XTC Mix). about 1 month ago
Solid raunchy underground tune with gay tinge going on. But works in all environments underground. Make love don't fight - I wanna f*#k tonight. Bleepy Baby Wants To Ride melody bleeps. I like the old skool vibes of this '88 recording.
posted a comment on High Spirit (2) - Get Fucked. about 1 month ago
Not a hit but fun and works well in the mix -- has a vintage sound and stands up in a warehouse environment.
posted a comment on Return Of The Living Acid - Crazy Acid Shit. about 1 month ago
My copy does not have a sticker on the printed Chill outer-sleeve. Basic tune but fun and a quality DJ tool that goes well with Wortk That Muta F*#ker, etc.
posted a comment on Hysterix - Talk To Me. about 1 month ago
That's the 7 minute version - not the FULL 8 min version - but yes.
posted a comment on Beastie Boys - Show Vinyl Record 5 Misc. Breaks. 2 months ago
This is a show vinyl for the DJ for LIVE GIGS. In this particular case, somebody pressed up a bootleg of the show vinyl with a full-on picture sleeve and labels, etc. As a big fan and a vinyl DJ and turntablist, I bought it on sight when I saw it - ... See full review
posted a comment on Hex - Psychic Dentist EP. 3 months ago
Solid ambient dub type gem "Harmonic" on B.1 is a winner as stated in other reviews. I personally was drawn in by the Static Shield Bag the record is housed in. Love that. This is a record that captures a moment in time (90's electronic) where people ... See full review
posted a comment on Urin 8* - Bizarresque EP (I'm Gonna Get You Special Remixes). 3 months ago
A UK hardcore punky version of Bizarre Inc.'s I'm Gonna Get You - a novelty record. Funny artwork ripping off Altern 8 and changes in the label etc. make for a strange release that I never saw until someone referenced it years after it's release. Fun.
posted a comment on Eve Electro - Take A Bite. 3 months ago
Always loved this record but could never find it back in the day. Resorted to that Dance Classic DC001 record with yellow label with Narobi on the flip...that's still the only copy I own. Great tune that adds a little bit more as it progresses.
posted a comment on Mark Ernestus’ Ndagga Rhythm Force - Yermande. 4 months ago
Mesmerizing tribal rhythms, patterns and syncopation - love this album. Absolutely has a signature Mark Ernestus sound but with different drum (and other) textures. Turn it up and get lost. A perfect combination of his sound and acoustic and even vocal.
posted a comment on Carl Cox - Lets Do It. 4 months ago
The main sample Bass Kickin' Beats version of Roll it Up by Success n Effect.
posted a comment on Lhasa - The Attic / Sexxor. 5 months ago
Cheers for this - wanted it for so long and didn't want to pay up for sky high prices - big ups - happy camper on this long-overdue reissue.
posted a comment on Jeff Dam - Does It Really Matter / 194. 5 months ago
Came out around when Zinc's 138 Trek dropped - A-side works well in the mix with breaky jams of that nature.- chill breaks vibe - not over the top.
posted a comment on The Dust Brothers (2) - My Mercury Mouth E.P. 6 months ago
There must be more than 50 of the original pressing. People clicking they own it may easily be mistaken on which one they own - as the original and reissue pressings look alike on the surface (they just have different versions of that tune and a slight ... See full review
posted a comment on Bizzy B - Science EP - Volume VI. 7 months ago
That is incorrect - due to somebody's youtube post that screwed up the tracks. This posting of the tune is correct: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7WLIDfm9MkA
posted a comment on Fire On High - Float In A Dream Of Ex-Tc. 7 months ago
Seems like the number of beats in each version is parenthetically part of each track title - The A-side version being a little longer than the B1 version and thus slightly more beats - the B2 version is much shorter and has 378 beats ;)
posted a comment on Pierre's Pfantasy Club - Fantasy Girl. 7 months ago
Would love to know how the sound quality is on this boot.
posted a comment on Eddie Hazel - Rest In P. 7 months ago
This needs a vinyl release and not just in Japan - somebody make this happen! Fans will buy it and there's no better time than now.
posted a comment on Suburban Lawns - Janitor. 7 months ago
I've got a 10" acetate that a friend rescued from an estate sale. The man who passed away worked in the record business up through the 80s. Mixed withing a bunch of test pressings and various mediocre white label albums were a few acetates. To our ... See full review
posted a comment on Aquasky vs. Masterblaster - Shadow Breaks / Planet Earth. 7 months ago
Breaks with a swing to 'em during a time when UK Garage was popular. This is among the breaks at the time that were crossing over a bit.
posted a comment on Decal - Freekin' Empires EP. 7 months ago
A side is a 150 BPM driving jam in a Drexiyan vibe.
posted a comment on The Advent - Another Planet EP. 7 months ago
Another Planet was a regular staple in my electro bag - great stuff. Timeless.
posted a comment on 38th Street Featuring Libanne - Party. 7 months ago
Tommy Musto producing some early house with full-on DIVA vocals from Yvonne Turner. Dated sound in a good way. Diva vocals in a raw proper way. I believe this is a little under rated - and so are the records Yvonne Turner is involved with.
posted a comment on Chaos A.D. - Buzz Caner. 7 months ago
I was just trying to figure that out just now - thinking the same thing and not ever knowing, previously.
posted a comment on 2 Bad Mice - Remixes. 7 months ago
So great to hear something in this classic vein in 2018. Proper proper retro vibes here - top one.
posted a comment on Adam F - Stronger Than Ever 12". 7 months ago
Love this record. Classy production a level above many at the time. Light Years rolls out with a credible sound that others often failed to achieve. Sea is a solid B-side - as good as A-side - it's a bouncy smooth tune that I could see LTJ being jealous ... See full review
posted a comment on In Depth Perception - Entropy / Rhizome. 7 months ago
2 interesting Darkside jungle tunes from the early hardcore days. I'm a fan of this record as it's weird and different.
posted a comment on Soundlab (2) - Vol. 1. 7 months ago
Trying to figure this out, too. There were Trace/Ed Rush releases on Lucky Spin but... I assume someone who got wrong information years ago is pushing their wrong info and it's spinning out of control.
posted a comment on Acen - Close Your Eyes (Optikonfusion!) (Remix I) / Close Your Eyes (The Sequel) (Remix II). 7 months ago
Got a copy with the AA label on both sides of the record - otherwise, it's the same as the regular release with A side and AA side pressed (but with the AA side label on both sides).
posted a comment on The Tripper - Vol 1. 7 months ago
A combination hardcore rave tune made up of many key parts and riffs and keys from a bunch of classic tunes of the time. Big in it's own right - this is a CLASSIC slab of rave techno/breakbeat hardcore.
posted a comment on Dread - Quantum Leap. 7 months ago
Ridiculous early hardcore rave - hoovers galore on A-side. Crazy B-side "Energy" (?). The kind of raw, rule-breaking warehouse music I was seeking at the time. This particular record went next level - too much so on the flipside - but it didn't matter. ... See full review
posted a comment on Morgan Geist - Remnants. 7 months ago
Awesome EP from Morgan Geist and a window to the amazing sounds to come on Environ. I own an original and just picked up a reissue. Haven't compared the audio yet.
posted a comment on Outlander - TZ 1. 7 months ago
Similar melody riff as WTIL but does NOT sound like an actual sample. Add this to the many many artist tunes that ripped off KLF WTIL for a couple of years after it's release - it became the rave riff of all time. KLF actually put out a record featuring ... See full review
posted a comment on Rhythm For Reasons - Remixes. 7 months ago
My copy (FORM 12008) has a white and black printed Formation Records cover variation (not orange and yellow) along with the same information sticker.
posted a comment on M.S.Six - In The Jungle E.P. Remix. 7 months ago
A1 is a banger breakbeat jungle tekno choon "ooh I'm in heaven, baby" This was when things sped up to past 145 BPM and were extra fast compared to early '92. A2 busts out some Landlord stabs and a nice hallow bass. Both B-side tunes are more manic and ... See full review
posted a comment on J.D.S. - Reclassified. 8 months ago
Proud owner. Pressing sounds great - so privileged to have jumped on this from Los Angeles and been playing it ever since. 92/93 vibe hardcore breakbeat tekno jungle. Ruffneck biz.
posted a comment on Ruff Rider - Shaggy Riddims EP. 8 months ago
4 fast paced hardcore breakbeat tekno gems - from the golden era. Sub bass and manic breakbeats in a UK hardcore style - highly recommended - no filler - just killer.
posted a comment on Grooverider - The Prototype Years. 8 months ago
12x12 I assume, you mean. (I need to check if my promo has it - I can't remember)
posted a comment on Pigbag - Sunny Day. 8 months ago
Great, funky, Disco-Not-Disco" - file next to ESG and similar. My copy of TEES 12-05 (with picture sleeve) has a distributed by Stiff on the cover.
posted a comment on Johnny Dangerous - Beat That Bitch With A Bat. 8 months ago
My copy of the unofficial from '92 is light pink on at least 1 side - similar to 1 of the images posted. The pressing sounds great and I bought it over the counter in 1992.
posted a comment on Aphex Twin - Words & Music. 8 months ago
Extremely RARE! - And with exclusive interview/audio of RDJ. Completely amazed at the low price for this in March of 2019!!! This is easily worth $50 on promo only CD, in the market - as a collectible artifact with RARE INTERVIEW audio. RDJ doesn't do ... See full review
posted a comment on Disco Elements - EP Vol 1. 8 months ago
Absolutely, I'd be VERY upset had I not known about this EP and not owned it most of my DJ life. This is what I would call bang-4-the-buck --- timeless, killer jams. No brainer buy.
posted a comment on Chocolate Fudge - Stomp EP. 8 months ago
Sold 4-tracker with syncopated house that won't let U or your dance floor down. Solid and not expensive to beef up your proper house selections.