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posted a comment on Harmony & Xtreme - X-Amount / Wicked & Bad. 10 days ago
How's the repress sound? I assume it's worth it, regardless - as originals go for too much.
posted a comment on Harmony & Xtreme - X-Amount / Wicked & Bad. 10 days ago
Good looking out - on want list for ages. Major tings for '94 - you know the score. Buy the original but you pay more. Goes to bandcamp - walk out the door. Turn it up and they fill the floor.
posted a comment on The Kosmik Kommando - Universal Indicator Yellow. 26 days ago
Absolutel madness - especially for '93. O.1 and O.2 are killer acid gems - not of your regular ilk. This is pure Rephlex mindphuqy. D1 is a more stripped down dark acid cut with a screaming noise - proper. D2 is a more liquidy acid gem - for the X or... See full review
posted a comment on Omar Santana With The Brooklyn Bandits - Do What You Want / Acid 1990. 26 days ago
B1 Acid version is where it's at. Proper Acid/Hip-house/Piano House. Absolutely worthy, early Omar Santana action. Buy under 10 bucks and you'll have a fun record many don't have...or have forgotten about. Werk it in the mix and keep the dancefloor... See full review
posted a comment on Sensory Elements - Vol 1. 26 days ago
Like Disco Elements Vol 1 - this is a very well rounded, bang-for-the-buck EP. Classic era Deep House at its finest. Proper chords - pads - and drum syncopation. Sensory elements - as opposed to the more Disco elements on the other EP. Holds it own... See full review
posted a comment on AFX* - Hangable Auto Bulb EP.2. about 1 month ago
PLEASE REISSUE THE 2 EPS. PLEASE - the 2 Hangable records are amazing and are tragically expensive and should be available to those that want to spend and support the artist and label. Thanks. Long overdue.
posted a comment on Tronik House* - Straight Outta Hell. about 1 month ago
Back to Hell mix - all U need. Sub bass madness and dark vibes over a great breakbeat. Detroit going in on this one. Turn some heads as this is loud and powerful.
posted a comment on Danny Elfman - Clive Barker's Nightbreed (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack). about 1 month ago
My promo copy has an upside down gold embossed promo stamp on the back parallel and on top of the bar code. The front has a red/rectangular HYPE STICKER saying: Grammy Award Winning Composer Danny Elfman.
posted a comment on F.O.X. - Boing. about 1 month ago
A pounding gabber/hardcore techno cut that samples Kraftwerk. This particular record copies several other records in the same vein - and even one with the same name. In the context of when it came out - it's a pretty fun, over-the-top boingy pounder.
posted a comment on U.S.U.R.A.. about 1 month ago
I have to say, it's pretty amazing that this currently (on discogs in 2020) clocks in on 569 compilations! Wow!
posted a comment on Comateens - Get Off My Case. about 1 month ago
An obscure tune with a Disco Not Disco vibe to it. And a little synth solo. Not a great song - but it is a fun oddity and does work on the dance floor when you have the right scenario.
posted a comment on Crazy Joe* & The Variable Speed Band - Eugene. about 1 month ago
Disco Rock - from 80 or 81 - on a HUGE disco label - a strange oddity. Kind of a novelty record - and not a bad (funny) video. I mean it's bad - but it's good. Snap this unknown EP for a cheap price and play it a few times.
posted a comment on Oingo Boingo / Mötley Crüe - US Festival '83 Radio Special. about 1 month ago
Amazing! Thanks for informing me about the set - I'm blown aways that I never knew about this - I worked at a record shop that sold rare items and I'm a huge Boingo fan. I attended the US Festival as a teen - I still have the program magazing. What a... See full review
posted a comment on Inspired (2) - It's A Small World / The Bare Necessities. about 1 month ago
When disco records had no shame and would cover some of the weirdest things to disco-fy. Especially movie songs. Granted, there were decent Star Wars and Close Encounters disco records. Here we have a record that I would file next to C is for Cookie -... See full review
posted a comment on Autechre - Cavity Job. about 1 month ago
Absolutely - their early raw material is still my favorite. At least Lego Feet and the bonus stuff was FINALLY reissued. This is overdue and they'd sell plenty.
posted a comment on Ikko (2) - Night In Blue. about 1 month ago
You said it. I was present for many a time Doc dropped this bomb. And when you carry something this explosive and wait for the right time - you can murder people - in a good way :) Especially, when almost nobody had it. I'd try to get the artist or... See full review
posted a comment on เพลิน พรหมแดน - กลัวดวง. 2 months ago
There should be a reissue. I would do it if I could afford to. It would sell. I want a copy so badly. At least the title track is on Youtube. But I want the entire thing - thanks for the info, William. I just bought the remastered version of Locust... See full review
posted a comment on DJ Zinc - 138 Trek. 2 months ago
Timeless classic at 138 bpm...also done at dnb tempo at 174 iirc. Uses a the high-pitched Star Trek noise - hence, the title. Never gets old - still play it.
posted a comment on The Crucibles - The Letter / I Need You So Bad Baby. 2 months ago
B-side is a solid afterhours house jam (something Strictly Rhythm put out a lot of in the early 90s). Deep chords and piano and a classic Fonda Rae vocal sample. Worthy of the fair prices it goes for as of 2020. Buy it and play it.
posted a comment on Frankie Bones - Call It Techno (Remixes). 2 months ago
Twin Hype - For Those Who Like To Groove groove workout/re-edit with added samples and stuff. Worthy, as that Twin Hype jam is the sh!t. Big ups to BONES! Flipside is the bomb - combines several cool classics like Age of Love and Orbital's Chime and a... See full review
posted a comment on Sawtooth - Sawtooth E.P.. 2 months ago
Secret weapon electro breaks record - highly recommended - one of those obscure gems you can be pretty sure nobody else has in their bag when you show up ;)
posted a comment on Clarence (6) - Hyperspace Sound Lab. 2 months ago
Good looking out. Having a copy of both, one can extend the cut and work it out proper.
posted a comment on Drexciya - Hydro Doorways. 2 months ago
An wonderful EP of pure Drexciya - an artist who often had tracks that were too short for some DJs but of course you could always buy doubles and mix your own extended version. Or make your own bootleg version. Otherwise - in and out and leave 'em... See full review
posted a comment on Annette / T-Coy - Dream 17 / I Ain't Nightclubbing. 2 months ago
Both tunes from the classic NORTH compilation - both tunes (as all but 1 on the NORTH 2xLP) are by T-Coy.
posted a comment on The DJ Producer - The True Creators. 3 months ago
As sampled by LFO ;) (at least 10 words must be entered)
posted a comment on Most Wanted* - Calm Down. 3 months ago
Proper breakbeat rap dance for the late 80s - using The Commodores' "Assembly Line" break. Rap vocals in the vein of uptempo rap at the time - written to be an uptempo dance/break dance tune - on a dance label (Fever Records) - not a serious rap tune.... See full review
posted a comment on Macc And dgoHn* - Some Shit Saaink. 3 months ago
Very PARADOX sounding drum programming - creating soundscapes with eerie background sounds. There's only a handful of artists that have properly pulled off this sound. I wish there was more. It's perfect formula - tearout jungle drums and moody... See full review
posted a comment on RAC - Diversions. 3 months ago
A pure WARP record. Harking back to 1990 WARP vibes imho. These tracks stand out as they are not what was happening in '94 - but timeless. All the tunes grow on you. Production is great - and hearing the vinyl loud in a warehouse will give people a... See full review
posted a comment on Kid Acid - Motatorious / Moment Of Clarity. 3 months ago
Great acid record. Both sides are absolutely worthy with the the A-side being the acid scorcher most picked it up for. But I was sold originally due to the also banging electro/acid gem on the flip. Holds up well today - buy it - if you can find it.
posted a comment on Orbital - Mutations. 3 months ago
Thanks for the info - very worthy note as some CDs suffer from this and others don't - depending on pressing plant and other storage factors. I've found it happening more often on my UK import CDs (as I live in the US) compared to my US CDs - again -... See full review
posted a comment on Mental Overdrive vs. Outlander - Disto Disco. 3 months ago
Disto Disco is a decent slow burner - the syncopation is very Detroit and has nice strings in the background and harmonic keys. It's a very good break-down cut in a set - subtle and solid. I found myself playing this more than expected over the years.
posted a comment on Manasyt / Sync 24 - The Subsiding EP. 3 months ago
GREAT EP! Clandestine is a winner - great cut - with a gritty analog bass noise that commands attentions and leads this electro/break with serious urgency. Raw Entrance is a subtle dark electro groover with a Reese-style bassline. The Warg is very... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Greatest Launches Vol 1. 3 months ago
Absolutely AWESOME compilation. Full of techno classics. The 4x vinyl is very DJ friendly - this is serious bang for the buck. I've owned it since it dropped and it filled in several blanks from Missile releases that I hadn't picked up. Very worthy as... See full review
posted a comment on The Pump Panel - Ego Acid !. 3 months ago
As an L.A. DJ and party goer - I can say I also heard it a lot in L.A. the underground - and it was worthy. I picked it up very early on - and couldn't believe that it eventually crossed over into the POWER DJs' bags ;) - that's when I stopped playing... See full review
posted a comment on Choci & Nuff Spunk - Phantastic Orgasms. 3 months ago
Picked it up only a couple years ago - I like it more now than I may have when it originally dropped. It has it's own vibe and it stands out as a 1-of-a-kind little gem - it's vintage '92 no matter how you slice it and it's pure old skool. Not the... See full review
posted a comment on Melrob - Incessant Sound / Loopdaloop. 4 months ago
Underrated record - Incessant Sound is a great mid-90s vibe, organic pounder that is great for both indoor and outdoor sets - love the (American style) phone dial tone sound that runs throughout. Been a secret weapon for years - people always ask what... See full review
posted a comment on Nick Woods - Don't Let Me Down, The Ballad Of Billy Budd. 5 months ago
I've got a completely different label on my copy on Joey Records cat# 103 - black and white label with a big JOEY in black - on white - down 1/3 of the left side - and the rest of the label is black with white info.
posted a comment on 20/20 - Sex Trap. 6 months ago
MY copy with red on black cover (not blue) - has Jack's Got a Problem as track 1. It's the Enigma one - not German. So, yeah.
posted a comment on Charanjit Singh - Synthesizing: Ten Ragas To A Disco Beat. 6 months ago
Needs another repress - more of us out here that need a reasonably priced copy. Thanks!
posted a comment on M.A.N.I.C. - I'm Coming Hardcore '96. 7 months ago
Classic hardcore breakbeat Tenno right here. Rolling breaks with a funky live drum break loop. Shaft guitar riff as also heard on Know How by Young MC.
posted a comment on Church Of Extacy - Untitled. 7 months ago
Classic underground techno jam from the rave daze. Andy Griffith sample "ha-haaaa oowie - I am ready!" You fill me up - ay ecstasy! Proper over-the-top tune. Think Eon Spice - or James Brown is dead - BUT - this holds up better because it's wacky and... See full review
posted a comment on Jega / Kid Spatula - Unity Gain / Hard Love. 7 months ago
Interesting - thanks! I see Weatherall's name in the credit - great to know - RIP AW.
posted a comment on Kool & The Gang - Get Down On It / Summer Madness. 7 months ago
AA Side successfully samples Kool & The Gang's classic "Summer Madness" -- I've never stopped playing this hidden gem on the flipside of this secret weapon record. Recommended if found for decent price ;)
posted a comment on Newton - Club Class EP. 8 months ago
Great EP - all cuts worthy in their own way. Think 91 - not 92 - this was top shelf when it came out - but lesser known and serious bang for the buck as of March 2020. Screamer is a breakbeat hardcore with female wailing vococals. The Laws Of Motion's... See full review
posted a comment on Jane (4) - It's A Fine Day. 9 months ago
I have a white label of this record - bought it in Los Angeles in 1992. Both labels are white and on 1 side somebody wrote A Guy Called Geraldo with blue ball-point pen. Curious if the writing was done before it arrived at my record store and if any... See full review
posted a comment on House Master Baldwin* Featuring Paris Grey - Don't Lead Me. 9 months ago
I was about to buy a marked down sealed copy (also for the Nexus 21 version not on my old original) not knowing the quality and I was weary it was not a legit pressing. The label looked much more shady and generations old, dark-colored (but not black)... See full review
posted a comment on R.T.Z. Belgium* - Dance Your Ass Off. 9 months ago
This was crossover, EARLY pop rave music - it served the exact purpose in the context it was created in. As already mentioned - it was '91 - tunes like this and "James Brown is Dead" had a novelty aspect to them but they did go over well on the dance... See full review
posted a comment on Major Problems - Oral Surgery. 9 months ago
I bought this for the B-side originally - hardcore and over the top tunes (for the time). Now those tunes seem dated but I like the A-side and glad I have"Gum Disease" as it's a product of 1991 and something that will never be duplicated again - a... See full review
posted a comment on K.A.O.S. - I Can't Stop. 9 months ago
I agree and - of course - if produced in HIS studio - it has an overall production value that's built into everything from the electricity outlets to the equipment to how the equipment is tethered together - to overall production - in general. So I... See full review
posted a comment on Underground Resistance - Sonic EP. 9 months ago
What an EP for 1990. Serious bang for the buck and extremely diverse tunes. The very Detroit sounding Orbit is my fave. Eye of the Storm is thick and layered and crazy good. Predator takes "bleep" in another direction. Buy it. Play it.