★★★ Shipping worldwide!!! ★★★
★DHL can ship up to 5 LPs at a flat rate‼★


■We can ship with store items!■
Closed on Wednesday

Due to the coronavirus, we are unable to ship to some countries, so please ask before you buy.
DHL shipping may be subject to an additional charge for remote delivery, depending on the location. (roughly plus 3000jpy)
If you ask me questions before you buy based on these things, I will answer them.

Please make sure that your paypal adress is correct!
I only ship when discogs and paypal have the same (correct)
adress set, this is prerequisite, also in the paypal terms, for safety!

A phone number is required for DHL invoice and Japan post office registered.
Some countries require a CNPJ/CPF Tax ID.

■The shipping cost is here.■
●DHL (With tracking number, about 3-8 days)
North America 4800jpy (up to 1.99kg)
South America 7000jpy (up to 1.99kg)
Europe (Except some few countries) 4400jpy (up to 1.99kg)
East Europe 7000jpy (up to 1.99kg)
Oceania 4400jpy (up to 1.99kg)
Asia 3600jpy (up to 1.99kg)
Southeast Asia 4400jpy (up to 1.99kg)
Africa & Middle East 6300jpy (up to 1.99kg)

*6 records and packaging weighs roughly 1.8kg.
Orders of 7 or more records will be 2kg or more, please contact us for shipping costs.

There is a remote delivery fee for delivery to some areas.
This is an additional 3000jpy charge.

◎For orders over 3kg (around 10 RECORDS), please leave a message as there are other shipping companies that can send cheaply depending on the country.

■You can check it out here.■

Please note that any sealed records are sold as-is. Any factory defects or issues with the vinyl are NOT the seller's responsibility. Once the item has been opened it is no longer in the same condition sold.

Please note that in the rare case of a return that return shipping is always at the buyer's expense and is not the seller's responsibility. This is not only my policy but also paypal's.

■Payment Information■
Accept Only Paypal.
*Payment please within 4days

RECORD SHOP rare groove
chuou-ku Nishi-shinsaibashi 1-9-28
Leestracture Nishi-shinsaibashi 202
5420086 Osaka
E-mail:[email protected]
OPEN 11:00~18:00 (WED CLOSE)

"rare groove records" opened in Osaka's America-mura(American village) in Dec 2007.
We have a wide selection of all musical styles and cater primarily to DJs.
You can listen to all of the records of inside the shop.
We can contact you in English.
Please come to "rare groove records" when you visit to Osaka.


■佐川急便 (沖縄のみ ゆうパック)



沖縄/離島を除く全国一律 1470円
沖縄/離島 1580円*ゆうパックでの発送となります。


[営業時間] 11時~18時(水曜日定休)
[TEL] 06-6657-4454
大阪府大阪市中央区西心斎橋1-9-28 リーストラクチャー西心斎橋202


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