Hello Vinyl Maniacs!
I'd used to have this domestic distro/label specialized in HC/Punk, plus some Metal, Experimental and other weird stuff, from the early 90s.
As seller (i'm private "hobby seller"), usually i ship the day after payment has been booked, sometimes the same day to. I'm also into trading records, but i focuse only on stuff i'm really after, not everything. Beside of the list i have for sale on the Discogs marketplace, i have some more not listed stuff (sort of "choice items"), for trade only. Sometimes i also get rid off stuff from my own bunch, if i think i do not listen to it anymore, as it's become very difficult listen to all the amount of stuff stapled, after so many years staying behind it.
As a vinyl addict myself, i will do anything possible to ship vinyls safe, always using new specific cardboard mailers, in the way to avoid terrific surprizes when stuff gets delivered.
One thing i avoid for sure is overgrading records (i hope my feedback confirms this!) wich i really find an inflationating bad habit, also in this marketplace, and i know how disappointing it is when people got some trashy fleamarket (with all respect for sure!) items who was listed as "NM"...
Feel free to message me if you have any question open, and please read the shipping details before ordering.

Also available a bunch of T-shirts, mostly new, listed below.
Feel free to contact me for any kind of question or suggestion (you can also write at: blackflashrecords@gmail.com), and when in Berlin i will welcome you at the HQ or eventually arrange a meeting for trades or stuff.

T-Shirts list for sale/trade -- legend:
B = Black
W = White
Bp = With Backprint
Sp = Sleeveprint
XL or (S) = Sizes

New shirts:
Arts "Vault of heaven" by Antikillers/YA (S), #ed tag(9/33): multiprint on B.
Bitter American "7inch design" (M) : Gold on red.
Black Cobra "Logo"(L): silver on B; "Tentacles" & "Wolves" (both L): color on B.
Civilized "Negative Reflection" by Antikillers/YA (M), #ed tag: multiprint on B.
Crass "Field" (L) : B on nature.
Cursed: "Sheeps" (L): W on B; "He goat" (L): red on B.
Double Negative "Logo-split" (M): B on red.
Face Down In Shit "NPON" (XL), Bp: yellow on B.
Fucked Up "Generations" (M), Bp: black on orange.
G-Anx "Logo" (XL): W on B.
Hypnotics "LP backsleeve" (M) : Red/B on W.
Infest "Mankind" (XL): W on B.
Logic Problem "Euro-tour" (M + XL), yellow on grey.
Loser Life "Anarchy" (L): B on W.
Look Back And Laugh "Gig" (L), Bp: white on black.
Middle Class "Out of vogue"(M): black on yellow.
Neon Christ "Parental" (M) : B on grey.
Pulling Teeth "God free Youth" (M), Bp: color on blue.
Riistetyt "Lager" (S) : W on B.
Silvester Anfang "Ritual" (L) : W on B.
Skeletonwitch "Beyond the Permaflex" (S): color on B.
Sleep "Dopesmoker" (L), Bp: color on black.
S.O.B. "Logo" (XL): W on B.
Sourvein "Crow" (XL): silver on B.
SUNN 0))): "Black One" (M); "Grimm Robe Demos" (XL); "Oracolum" (S + M + L); all Bp, W on B.
The Ropes "Went gone/YA" (M): W on B.
Thrones "Bunny" - L or XL Bp: black/blue/silver on grey.
Wasted Time "Skeleton" (M + L): W on B; "Town" (M + L): grey on B.
White Cross "7inch logo" (S) : W on B.
Wolves In The Throne Room "Southern Lord" (M), Bp: gold on B.
Wretched "Lotta..."(L + XL); "Combattere..."(L + XL): W on B.

--- 2 diff. orig. Pushead-art (via Chaser/RIP): ---
"Skeletal" (L) still sealed, black on orange: full sized print!
"Septic Death" (XL) still sealed, white/black on black/blue, Bp: full sized print!

Used shirts (EX conditions, except noted):
Cada Um Tem "A tatuagem..." : W on B (M) - cheap!
Cocciolone "Mai piú..." B/Red on W (XL) - trashed but historical!
DK "Too drunk to fuck" : Red on B (M) - as new!
"Gegen Nazis!" : B on Grey (L) - very worn, old school print!
Heresy "Logo" (M) : W on B.
Ill Repute "What happens next" (S) : W on B - as new!
Madhouse: W on B (L) - trashed but cheap!
Meteors "Back in the jungle" : Orange on B (XL) - as new!
Misfit Society "Never follow" : W on B (L) - as new!
Motorhead "Ace of spades" (M) : W on B - as new!
Packebush HC/Punk Fest "2006": W on B (S), as new!
Pete At The Starclub "Reverse": W on B (S), as new!
"Potsdam": Silver on Bleu (M) - as new!
Signal Lost: W/Grey on B (L).
Straight Ahead "Lion" (M) : B on W.
Urban Waste "Logo" (M) : W on B - as new!
With Full Force HC/Punk Fest "2004": Color on B (L), as new.
JZO Sweatshirt w/Bp: W on B (L), as new.

Prizes may vary from item to item (i.e.: Wretched shirt is 10€, a Pushead one is way more expensive/best offer).
I've also done some baseball-caps with spray-painted logos (Infest, Fear, No Comment, ...), if you like.
Feel free to ask for more infos!
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Dark parts embossed?!... my copy of this has a totally flat sleeve... or what is with embossed meant?
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Does anybody know if the black vinyl versions is ever been repressed?
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It's very interesting how only certain editions/versions of this boots get deleted, not all ... does anybody know the sense of this?
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does anybody know what "bryesch" means? (just curious...) 2 more words
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Looking for the insert (or a good copy) of this: contact me by possibility, thanks in advance!
posted a comment on Torche - Torche. about 1 month ago
Is the cover image on the black vinyl edition of the first pressing completely different than all the other versions? (as on this images) Also of the other color versions of that same pressing?
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Is this edition identical to that of the 1st press?
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So what's the difference with that other entry?!... (2 more words...)
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Somebody please explain me the sense of this sort of releases...
posted a comment on Boris (3) - Pink. about 1 month ago
uh!... confused again...: how can i discerne between an "icy-pink" '07, and "normal" pink '06 pressing? (the only thing i'm sure is that's not translucent...) Thanks in advance!
posted a comment on Negazione - 1983 Pre-Early Days. about 1 month ago
If anybody has a copy of this for sale or trade, please contact me. Thank you!
posted a comment on Baroness - Second. about 1 month ago
Is there some way to recognize the 1st from the 2nd black vinyl press?
posted a comment on 5° Braccio / Disper-Azione - 5° Braccio / Disper-Azione. about 1 month ago
Pretty sure this has not been released in Italy (perhaps Japan?...), as the song title "moda mierda" is incorrect (mierda is spanish, merda italian). Anybody has more infos?
posted a comment on Sheer Mag - Sheer Mag III. about 1 month ago
Thank you, i think it's just terrible pop. pop. pop. plop (i had to put at least 10 words...)
posted a comment on Youth Brigade - Sound & Fury. about 1 month ago
That tablecloth is amazing but, if this contains an insert, why don't include a image of it, in this entry?
posted a comment on X (5) - Los Angeles. about 1 month ago
So this has a fold-over jacket?!... and what does "with artwork printed directly on the cover" mean?... (where is the artwork printed otherwise?); please clear me up!
posted a comment on Vorkriegsjugend - Die Letzte Schlacht. about 1 month ago
Does anybody has infos about a version of this (same labels), with alternate cover? Thanks in advance!
posted a comment on Punch (13) - Punch. 2 months ago
Is'nt this called "splatter" vinyl usually? And what's "camo"... camomille?
posted a comment on Hüsker Dü - Everything Falls Apart. 2 months ago
What are you listening to usually, to the Beach Boys?!... Techno?... Ah, i got it: reggae!
posted a comment on Career Suicide - Signals E.P.. 2 months ago
I've found 3 different formats of this stamped-labels version: one within the pocket sleeve, another has the fold-over sleeve, an the last with both of the sleeves (insert is larger and slightly different than on the.standard edition).
posted a comment on Magic Circle - Magic Circle. 4 months ago
Only 1000 copies pressed in total?!... and still this bunch for sale?!... can that be true? ('wondering as this is kind of hyped band)
posted a comment on Direct Control - You're Controlled. 4 months ago
Is there also a version with the corrected title (= without sticker) on the backsleeve of this?
posted a comment on subtracttozero - subtracttozero. 4 months ago
Does anybody has infos about the other 12" from this band? (it's on the same label, sort of emo experimental, very good!)
posted a comment on Deep Wound - American Style. 5 months ago
On my copy of this, only one of the labels are white, the other has "deep wound A 33 demo 1982° inprint. Are all copies like this? (i'm asking because, as the description says "white label", usually it's supposed that both of them are, or not?...)
posted a comment on Violence Creeps - On My Turf. 6 months ago
Lyric insert?!... My copy does'nt have one, can somebody put an image of it?
posted a comment on Sheer Mag - Sheer Mag III. 7 months ago
oh i've tried to told 'em but for some reason they did'nt agree...
posted a comment on Black Sabbath - Vol. 4. 7 months ago
Why is the "Master of reality" release of this same series (CLACD 198 vs CLACD 199) listed as an UK release, and this as France? - Kind of confusing...
posted a comment on Black Sabbath - Master Of Reality. 7 months ago
Is this the version with "Made in France by MPO" printed on the disk?
posted a comment on Black Sabbath - Paranoid. 7 months ago
My copy is slightly different from this: barcode is 0 16726 60072 1, also the layout on rear and the number on the spine are different (6007-2). Creative Sounds printed on CD along with the usual stuff and "Made in Germany". Does somebody has more infos? ... See full review
posted a comment on Yuppicide - Live In Bad Durkheim 30/04/1992. 7 months ago
There's another similar tape (same tour, Firenze/Italy date) put out in that days by a french guy on his label called Bel Variety, who did a whole series of cool cassettes including Born Against, Econochrist, Spitboy, etc. - does anybody has some infos ... See full review
posted a comment on Indigesti - Sguardo Realtà. 7 months ago
Hello there! I have a copy of this, but on yellow paper. Cassette is a generic TDK D60 without any label or what else. Purchased at "Stoopid records" in San Francisco in 1994: i suspect this is a bootleg, does anybody has infos or images to add to this ... See full review
posted a comment on Dead Kennedys - Frankenchrist. 8 months ago
the utility of re-listing the same entries...:
so what ?! ...
posted a comment on Anti-System - No Laughing Matter. 8 months ago
Looking for the booklet insert: willing to pay cash, thank you!
posted a comment on Spazz / 25 Ta Life - Spazz / 25 Ta Life. 8 months ago
I have a copy of the Edison press on orange (-solid) wax: anybody infos about?...
posted a comment on Formaldehyde Junkies - ...Are A Total Wreck. 8 months ago
is'nt this a separate entry if it contains different material from the master release?
posted a comment on Extortion (2) / Jed Whitey - Extortion / Jed Whitey. 8 months ago
Supposedly the vinyl color on this edition is random: mine is on black wax (#20), directly from label.
posted a comment on Raw Nerve - Midnight. 9 months ago
Is this supposed to be on black vinyl? (or why is there an extra entry?)
posted a comment on Iron Lung - White Glove Test. 9 months ago
I've just realized that there's two different editions of the US pressing on black wax: one has only the Iron Lung label on spine (no Prank), same as on the color versions. Supposedly one is the repress: anybody has some infos?
posted a comment on The Germs* - Lion's Share. 9 months ago
There's probably more than one pressing of this, an older (90's?) with heavy tip-on jacket, and a more recent in standard sleeve. Anybody has more infos?
posted a comment on J.F.A., Sin 34 - JFA/Sin34 split. 9 months ago
Compilation?!... - If it's the case why don't specificate it in the entry?
posted a comment on Kaaos - Totaalinen Kaaos EP. 9 months ago
Are'nt the labels on this not equal as on the earlier pressings? (green/white + white/blue on photo side?)
Please enlight me!
posted a comment on Raw Power (2) - Screams From The Gutter. 9 months ago
The necessity of re-listing the same records part ... :

posted a comment on Neurosis - Aberration EP. 9 months ago
I have a copy with Berkeley address, no label logo above it, "January 1989" release info, and the same runouts as this (with "Re1°). Sleeve is on paper.
Anybody more infos?
posted a comment on ANS (2) - The Pool L.P.. 11 months ago
Can it be that ALL the copies jumps on a song?!
posted a comment on Der Stab - Tracers / It's Grey. 11 months ago
Does the insert come with all the copies? (I've purchased one thru a distro and it hasn't...)
posted a comment on Question (3) - Insanity. 12 months ago
. . . the necessity of re-listing the same records . . .
posted a comment on Laughing Hyenas - You Can't Pray A Lie. 12 months ago
is there really a difference between this and the other EU list?
posted a comment on Discharge - Why. about 1 year ago
Can it be that it's a bootleg? The labels are very unpixeled compared to the other pressings... who knows?
posted a comment on Bad Brains - Bad Brains. about 1 year ago
thank you! - would be very interesting know more about this.
posted a comment on Neanderthal (2) - Fighting Music. about 1 year ago
Thanks for the infos! - Can it be that the RP came with both inserts?