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posted a review of Medeski Martin & Wood - Combustication. over 13 years ago
Actually more "acid jazz" than acid house". Very groove drivin and well felt music on this cd. Especially the feel of "Latin Shuffle". Billy Martin does some nice drum work on that!
posted a review of Frankie Bones - Baseball Fury. over 14 years ago
I like side A of this. The rhythm of the hi-hat on "Baseball Fury" mixes good with several things, and the track is nice and bouncy. "All the way Home" is different but yet still cool. It's a nice change of pace. I love all of the samples from the ... See full review
posted a review of Black Lung - Gizmo. over 14 years ago
I love the gizmo track. It's funky bassline mixed with the electric surge noises going from side to side just sounds cool. Plus the parts where it builds up into the really high pitch metallic sounds, when mixed right, can be intense. Great track!!!
posted a review of DBX - Losing Control. over 14 years ago
Definately a classic example of great minimal techno. Losing Control with its fluid deep vocals sounds good with almost anything. The whole record's simplicity makes it great.