Home DJ with HardTechno, Industrial, DnB & some Britcore interest. Started spinning DnB-tunes around 2002, later turned more to hardtechno & industrial sounds.

Favorite Producers/DJs : Bad Company, Technical Itch, Dylan, Twisted Anger, Dom & Roland, Source Direct, Kryptic Minds, Limewax, Counterstrike, SPL
DJ Amok, Weichentechnikk, Waldhaus, Jason Little, DJ Hammond, Miss Joana, Boris S, Felix Kroecher, Robert Natus, Arkus P, Seema, Jeff Amadeus, Switchblade, Tomash Gee, DJ Greg Notill, Peaky Pounder, The Outside Agency, DJ Daisy, Laurent Ho, Tieum, Manu Le Malin, DJ Producer, Hellfish .....

As you notice some records are for sale. Check it out, 95% is still in excellent or new condition !

People I've done business with before & i can recommend or vice versa:

.... & some more which nicks i forgot.