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Proud Discogs seller & RSD indie store. postage USPS
PLEASE READ b4 messaging us. thanks .
notice we set out prices less than most sellers
so don't be cheap and ask for a "deal".

U.S. Shipping For Single LP/12"/10"/7"
USPS with tracking #number
Media Mail: $5.00 w/tracking # I did list some product with a set shipping price. Since Discogs went to "AUTO POSTAGE". we have to go with the changing times. So USA LP's will ship for $5.00 Media mail w/tracking #. We really pack our LP's to an extreme. Read our feedback.
Discogs has ruined the manual set shipping prices. WE DO NOT DO PRIORITY MAIL !
Disregard all shipping prices on our listings. (discogs has gone Hi-tech and has overridden the manual shipping prices we set in the comments/listings.

U.S. Shipping For CD's:
Media Mail: $4.00 w/tracking #
The automatic set shipping by Discogs is not as accurate as the old manual upload. So postage may vary. not my rules.

Postage is all over the place so we do not do International even Canada, anymore.

If you want to track your package,
put the tracking # in Google search select USPS and you can see your package across the USA and so forth.

ON SENDING PHOTOS of our product to you.
Don't attempt to e-mail us and ask us to sell offline also if you want a "DEAL" be upfront and say so on Discogs messenger. Don't be sneaky and do it on g-mail and go around Discogs marketplace savvy? BIG NO-NO. If an item is sealed and a stock copy, you do not need a photo.
We stand behind our grading policies.
we do not charge extra for boxes or packing.
we even are putting corner protectors on some of the fatter packages. very cool.

Your order will be packed inside 2 old LP covers for protection.

-OPEN THE WHOLE PACKAGE 1ST. Please Open the whole "shrink wrapped" package. Yes we shrink wrap your order b4 we pack it for protection. Why not?
AGAIN for the newbies to Discogs. welcome !
Please OPEN the whole package ! lol. bc we shrink wrapped your LP very well protected between 2 old used LP covers. "Lawrence Welk" so forth. Savvy. read our feedback.
Our packing is awesome!

We can not guarantee a sealed record contains a download code. Just because the discogs listings says it contains one doesn't mean there will be one. Please read discogs comments on the page before ordering as most times if there is an issue with DL cards it will probably be mentioned there.

Also a note on picture discs, we do our best to protect every record that comes into the store but sometimes the plastic sleeve these discs come in are shipped to us wrinkled etc. We do our best to describe each item thoroughly but be aware that these brand new items are often sent to us with this small issues.

orders will be canceled for non-payment AFTER 5 DAYS. sorry
unless you message us and say getting paid Friday".
If I message you & say "will ship as soon as payment is received" (which really means the postman is about to come and I CAN get it in the MAIL today).

Serious Buyers Only.

Thanks for shopping reporecord
see our website here
come visit when Charlotte, NC USA
#reporecord- FB Repo Record
Discogs is the Best site for selling Vinyl period.
we love our customers.

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