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Nervous Records
posted a comment on Nervous Records. about 1 year ago
A mix is online on Youtube
Find a selection of the label
DJ Speurt - Make It With The Muzak
posted a comment on DJ Speurt - Make It With The Muzak. over 3 years ago
Contains a sample of the song DANCE DANCE DANCE by Chic
Rodriguez Jr. - Baobab
posted a review of Rodriguez Jr. - Baobab. over 4 years ago
Second album of Olivier Mateu alias Rodriguez Jr, artist from France who presents us in 2017 a second album 'Baobab' on the Berlin label Mobilee.

Artist we just discovered while surfing the net in search of good sound. Well it is with pure pleasure... See full review
A Guy Called Gerald - Tronic Jazz The Berlin Sessions
posted a review of A Guy Called Gerald - Tronic Jazz The Berlin Sessions. over 14 years ago
Ninth album by Gerald Simpson on the label Laboratory Instinct, just four years after the release of the album "Proto Acid The Berlin Sessions" on the label. An artist steeped in music for quite some time, since the first album was born in 1989... See full review
Anthony Rother - Popkiller
posted a review of Anthony Rother - Popkiller. over 14 years ago
Fifth album released in 2004 by Anthony Rother, "is an album well Popkiller complete with beautiful piece dancefloor, just listen to" Father "to understand the meaning of the album. Probably the song of this album, we love both the songs and play all... See full review
Reboot - Shunyata
posted a review of Reboot - Shunyata. over 14 years ago
With a debut EP released in 2007 on Cadenza, this is the first album Frank Heinrich aka Reboot coming out on this label, or 3 years later. What will he be surprised?

A beautiful album between Minimal Techno and sweet, we are cradled by notes and also... See full review
Marsmobil - (Why Don't You Take) The Other Side ?
posted a review of Marsmobil - (Why Don't You Take) The Other Side ?. over 14 years ago
It begins with a gentle melody in the sweet voice of Roberto Di Gioia. We could immediately think of a pop album a bit simplistic, but not anything like that. This is an album of more MarsMobil, the artist does not stop making music and we began... See full review
Monolake - Silence
posted a review of Monolake - Silence. over 14 years ago
Monolake's first album that we're going to talk about the site, and the sixth album from a fine list, we love this style of music, at once captivating and very involved.

Music that want this very mental for many delirious at home. We will probably... See full review
John Lord Fonda - Composite
posted a review of John Lord Fonda - Composite. over 14 years ago
We are talking about quite a record but not often mixed compilation. While doing so a sprain and discover all that there. Selected and mixed by John Lord Fonda. A French artist that we love well, his album is a gem in Techno.

Let's go back a little... See full review
Ian Pooley - Meridian
posted a review of Ian Pooley - Meridian. over 14 years ago
This album, we put a little time we get it. The reason is that little Ian Pooley, we know after his album "Since Them" released in 2000.

This is the second album by the artist in 1998 and took it out before talking about another, all starting with... See full review
Sysyphe - Running Up That Hill
posted a review of Sysyphe - Running Up That Hill. over 14 years ago
Back to the source, with the first album Trance Philip Contamin Sysyphe alias that is released by Hadra Records last April, a marvel, especially when you do not fall asleep. Why? Just because his album is entirely Downtempo, Ambient. That is the... See full review
Baths - Cerulean
posted a review of Baths - Cerulean. over 14 years ago
Would you take a bath music with us? With Will Wiesenfeld aka Baths, we are plunged into a musical experience much experimental, a little of what we hear on Warp Records, but this album was released by American Anticon.

A melodious music accompanied... See full review
The Alps (2) - Le Voyage
posted a review of The Alps (2) - Le Voyage. over 14 years ago
Branch plains of France for a leisurely stroll along the new album The Alps. The third release and second album we find the group, we liked the ambience of the previous one, so expect to resume again the same pleasure to listen to this album.

"The... See full review
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