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Will Crocker
posted a comment on Will Crocker. about 1 month ago
He's a good friend and on FB if you'd like to look him up and say hello. His joy is his four kids!
DJ Porny - Me So Horny (Jumpstyle Edit)
posted a review of DJ Porny - Me So Horny (Jumpstyle Edit). over 15 years ago
It's true that this song is seen by some dance music connoisseurs as simply mindless fluff, but it was also the hit tune of Amsterdam's Koninginnedag 2007 - and anthem stuff for sure in almost all the bars - gay and straight. So while it might not be... See full review
New Order - Guilt Is A Useless Emotion
posted a review of New Order - Guilt Is A Useless Emotion. over 17 years ago
There is rarely a release where each and every track is an outstanding mix - such is the case with this release. Each mix puts forward a different aspect and energy level on the album version. I want to point out my favorites which are the Morel... See full review
Roxy Music - Angel Eyes
posted a review of Roxy Music - Angel Eyes. over 17 years ago
One of my absolute favorite pieces from the Disco era. Perhaps because there is so much crossover potential and a perfect blend of the synth'ed spacey disco sound with the pop rock sound of Roxy Music itself. Extremely rare, but if you ever have a... See full review
Rasheeda (2) - Georgia Peach
posted a review of Rasheeda (2) - Georgia Peach. over 17 years ago
I am not a big pusher of Hip-Hop, but this is one of those very special tunes that every DJ should be aware of. It has a catchy hook, groovy rhythm and haunting melody. The lyrics are the epitome of filth and fun and will capture the dance floor at... See full review
The Beloved - Sweet Harmony (Northern People Remix)
posted a review of The Beloved - Sweet Harmony (Northern People Remix). over 17 years ago
Outstanding bootleg of The Beloved's Sweet Harmony. Minimal sampling of the vocals about half-way through verifies to the audience that indeed this is Sweet Harmony! It is only hinted at from the beginning by the unmistakeable synth baseline - surely... See full review
Various - Twist This Pussy 2003
posted a review of Various - Twist This Pussy 2003. over 17 years ago
So far I feel that this is the best of the Twisted Pussy CD series. Very well thought out, smoothly mixed, lots of overlays and subtle blending. The shots of the pussies throughout this series provide an extra incentive for cat lovers. Certainly one... See full review
Alicia Keys - Diary (Hani Mixes)
posted a review of Alicia Keys - Diary (Hani Mixes). over 17 years ago
This disc is, hands down, my favorite of 2004. Extraordinary production and remix - particularly Hani's Extended Club Mix. The vocals, lyrics and electronic horns, phased within the breaks, fill these nine minutes with heart-filled emotion and... See full review
Mike Lewis
posted a review of Mike Lewis. over 18 years ago
Michael joined Trocadero Transfer during and after the Bobby Viteritti and Trip Ringwald period. Michael's style was different from the high energy sets normally heard at the Troc. He could imaginatively spin superior music that was never heard before... See full review
posted a review of Obsession. over 18 years ago
Obsession is unique in providing a high-quality retro sound and renewed connection to the Disco era... a time when the music and the party resonated happiness and good times. Some of the biggest Disco hits have been redone by this artist who has... See full review
John 00 Fleming* - Le Voyage E.P Parts 3 & 4
posted a review of John 00 Fleming* - Le Voyage E.P Parts 3 & 4. over 18 years ago
For me Finnished is the winner here... so great... especially when pushed up a bit. Like a hundred synthesized non-threatening killer bees descending on you and pushing you on to more. A very sexy, grinding, nasty beat with a euphoric almost spiritual... See full review