During the 90's active as one of the leaders of English written electrozine called Crewzine (also mail-order catalogue and cassette label) dedicated to genres like EBM, industrial, dark ambient, darkwave, synth-pop.... Now active as a big fan, collector, supporter, occasional hobby Discogs contributor and reviewer of CDs in ambient, tribal and deep space genre.

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posted a review of Jarguna - Archetypes. about 11 hours ago
Jarguna "Archetypes" CDr

Solitary hums bridge with organic glimmers, while serenely ascending meridians guard above. Anciently mesmerizing tribal mantras carve primordially blossoming, yet enigmatically shimmering scenery. Subterraneanly perplexing ... See full review
posted a review of Kloob - Remarkable Events. 1 day ago
Kloob "Remarkable Events" CD

Ambiguously celestial meridians keep on helixing above, while tides of monochromatically reverberating stratums collide with piquant cyber-tech glimmers, before transmuting into briskly scintillating sequences. Gracefully ... See full review
submitted Elrox - Era. 2 days ago
posted a review of Steve Roach - Trance Archeology. 4 days ago
Steve Roach "Trance Archeology" CD

Languidly meandering cyber-tech glitters serenely arise, while remote synthetic tribal beats tenaciously gallop towards vigorously animated, mesmerizingly opiated, blossomingly intriguing and subterraneanly enthralling ... See full review
posted a review of Erik Wøllo - Infinite Moments. 8 days ago
Erik Wøllo "Infinite Moments" CD

Euphoniously soaring layers weightlessly ride atop, masterfully reinforced my distantly piquant glimpses, while forefront narrative reflections soulfully interact with contemplatively immersing meridians. Warmly sonorous ... See full review
submitted Loneward - Moongate. 9 days ago
submitted Venja - . 9 days ago
submitted Andrew Lahiff - Catching Light. 11 days ago
submitted Andrew Lahiff - Slow Paths Beyond. 12 days ago
submitted Andrew Lahiff - Inner Worlds Returning. 13 days ago
posted a review of Apollonius & Moment2Moment - Wonder, Harmony And Embodiment . 15 days ago
Apollonius & Moment2Moment "Wonder, Harmony & Embodiment" CD

Nebulously sweeping and dissonantly intriguing drones are tiding above, while contemplatively embracing tinkles sneak in along with inconspicuously permeating choirscapes and intangibly ... See full review
posted a review of Alphaxone - Edge Of Solitude. 15 days ago
Alphaxone "Edge Of Solitude" CD

Ear-tickling hissy flickers arise along with balmy organic symphonies, while voluminously expansive and intensely tiding drone horizons reveal all its monolithic grace. Tenebrously traversing stratums are permeated by ... See full review
submitted Phillip Wilkerson - Absolute Fields. 16 days ago
submitted Michael Brückner - Servant Of The Secret Fire (Drones, Atmospheres And Dreamscapes Vol. 1) . 17 days ago
posted a review of Matthew Florianz - Maalbeek. 22 days ago
Matthew Florianz "Maalbeek" CD

Solitarily nebulous and serenely nuanced drones permeate, guarded by gracefully choir-drifting meridians, intangibly ephemeral pulses and desolately humming winds. Intensely reverberating introspective curtains coalesce ... See full review
posted a review of Neu Gestalt - Controlled Substances. 24 days ago
Neu Gestalt "Controlled Substances" CD

Gossamery translucent array of synthetic glitches and pulses continuously ear-tickles, while auxiliary voice fragments keep on glimpsing along with mesmerizingly oscillating break-ups, ephemerally flickering ... See full review
submitted Neu Gestalt - Controlled Substances. 28 days ago
posted a review of Owann - State of Mind. 29 days ago
Owann "State Of Mind" CD

Sadly expansive vistas are permeated by meditatively engrossing narration before monumentally cinematic tides keep on magnifying. Longingly enveloping quietudes amalgamate with infinitely panoptic meridians, gracefully sonorous ... See full review
posted a review of Bruno Sanfilippo - Pianette. about 1 month ago
Bruno Sanfilippo "Pianette" CD

Nostalgically evocative piano narrations fully reveal its infinitely engulfing poignancy and lyrically blossoming palette. Tremendously enveloping sceneries, where introspectively intense grace ceaselessly juxtapose with ... See full review
posted a review of Jacob Newman - Biospherica. about 1 month ago
Jacob Newman "Biospherica" CD

Diaphanously microscopic glitches, biotically engrossing and balmily animated, persistently amalgamate with lushly undulating tapestries, while serenely monochromatic drone is guarding above. Tiding warmer organic ... See full review
posted a review of Robert Rich - Tactile Ground. about 1 month ago
Robert Rich "Tactile Ground" 2xCD

Pristinely organic ambrosia serenely floats and meanders above, while sadly poignant piano nostalgia permeate across. Clandestinely metamorphosing into voluminously sonorous horizons, where piquantly celestial ... See full review
submitted Anantakara - Momentum Lapses - Spots Of Suspended Time. about 1 month ago
submitted Galactic Underground - . about 1 month ago
posted a review of Experiments In Silence - Escape To The Skyline. about 1 month ago
Experiments In Silence "Escape To The Skyline" CD

Mesmerizingly intangible drifts guard above, while warmly soothing glimmers sneak in along with dreamy chant-driven reflections. Panoptically engulfing, enigmatically narrative, exquisitely luminous and ... See full review
posted a review of Phragments - Fratres. about 1 month ago
Phragments "Fratres" CD

Tenebrously monochromatic and delightfully magmatic meridians keep on free diving into crepuscularly fascinating depths, while illuminated by poignantly squeaking bowed or eerily plucked tapestries. Hypogeally thrilling sceneries ... See full review
posted a review of Charon - SHCH. about 1 month ago
Charon "SHCH" CDr

Reverberantly dissonant and introspectively desolate spirals keep on emerging and expanding, while intangibly sneaking, yet sharply ear-tickling fragments continuously percolate. Mesmerizingly diaphanous tinkles are guarded by ... See full review
posted a review of Drifting In Silence - Away. about 1 month ago
Drifting In Silence "Away" CDr

Warmly engulfing sadness, gracefully floating and sonorously expansive, is permeated by serenely flickering and balmily bouncing introspections. Intangibly galloping and piquantly cascading cyber-tech tapestries amalgamate ... See full review
posted a review of Telomere - Supergiant. about 1 month ago
Telomere "Supergiant" CDr

Transient nocturnal organics activate intangibly flickering sequences, exquisitely guarded by magnificently graceful and infinitely extensive choir-driven horizons. Monochromatically helixing and reverberately shivering ... See full review
posted a review of Martin Stürtzer - Seven Pieces For Synthesizer. about 1 month ago
Martin Stürtzer "Seven Pieces For Synthesizer" cassette

Warmly luminous contemplations invade, where gracefully rising, ebbing and drifting washes commingle with celestially longing vistas. Monstrously jaw-dropping and panoramically guarding meridians ... See full review
posted a review of Juha-Matti Rautiainen - Above Me Weeps The Sky. about 1 month ago
Juha-Matti Rautiainen "Above Me Weeps The Sky" CD

Serenely panoramic sceneries unfold, monochromatically resonant and wistfully expansive, while radiantly shimmering narrations clandestinely ascend and move to the foreground. A tide of intensely ... See full review
posted a review of Mathias Grassow - Ascending Rosespirals. about 1 month ago
Mathias Grassow "Ascending Rosespirals" CDr

Entering soulful drone oasis, where rising and ebbing introspective tapestries are gracefully guarded by monochromously gliding and monolithically unmistakable insignias. Tenebrously transporting and ... See full review
posted a review of Music For Sleep - Sound Installation For Empty Rooms. about 1 month ago
Music For Sleep "Sound Installation For Empty Rooms" CDr

Music For Sleep returns with another immersing gem, this time diving into serenely ambiguous realms, where steadily drifting and resonantly nuanced stratums exquisitely bridge with intriguingly ... See full review
posted a review of Madhavi Devi - The Truth Of Being. about 1 month ago
Madhavi Devi "The Truth Of Being" CD

Tranquilly expansive and contemplatively organic blankets coalesce with evocatively narrative quietudes, then inconspicuously metamorphosing into luminously euphoric zones. Choir-driven meridians ride atop, while ... See full review
posted a review of Crows Labyrinth - All Will Perish. about 1 month ago
Crows Labyrinth "All Will Perish" CD

Magnificently engulfing and monochromously piquant stratums bridge with arising hissy vertexes, menacingly infused cyber-tech voice glimpses amalgamate with subterraneanly perplexing resonations and intangibly ... See full review
posted a review of Steve Roach - This Place To Be. about 1 month ago
Steve Roach "This Place To Be" CD

Voluminously immense and enigmatically nuanced zones are guarded by warmly engulfing vertexes. Lighter, yet piquantly colored cyber-tech beacons constantly illuminate massively rising and ebbing darker, yet tranquilly ... See full review
posted a review of Jaja (3) - Path To The Stars. about 1 month ago
Jaja "Path To The Stars" CD

Heavy, monolithically monochromatic and intangibly tenebrous, yet multi-dimensionally transporting and warmly mind-bending drone stratums. Transcendentally illuminating choir-driven vertexes persistently sneak into sonorously ... See full review
posted a review of Lauge - Pusterum. about 1 month ago
Lauge "Pusterum" CD

Enigmatically nuanced expansions are exquisitely juxtaposed by shimmeringly introspective quietudes, gossamery ear-tickling traceries commingle with gracefully ethereal choirs and warmly embracing drifts, immensely infinite horizons ... See full review
posted a review of Phobos (11) - A Visual Presence. about 1 month ago
Phobos "A Visual Presence" CDr

"A Visual Presence", a collection of gems delving deeply into fascinatingly unfathomable depths, where gargantually engulfing and perplexingly subterranean drones are constantly permeated and magnified by ephemeral ... See full review
posted a review of Max Corbacho - Dreaming Spaces. about 1 month ago
Max Corbacho "Dreaming Spaces" CD

Long form magic by one of the undisputable Maestros of the deepest sonic meditations!!! With "Dreaming Spaces" we are entering voluminously immersing and intricately tenebrous zones, where spectacularly sinuous, ... See full review
posted a review of Riverrun - The Same Silent Hill. about 1 month ago
riverrun "The Same Silent Hill" CDr

Texturally reflective dronescapes masterfully transporting each devoted listener into poignantly expressive sceneries, where hauntingly immersing resonations perpetually commingle with hazily engulfing narrations, ... See full review
posted a review of Aglaia - Astrolabio. about 1 month ago
Aglaia "Astrolabio" CD

Fabulously transporting odyssey filled with transcendentally reverberating helixes, perplexingly piquant meridians, weepingly embracing reflections, balmily euphoric quietudes and biotically crepuscular flickers... Enter now ... See full review
posted a review of Juta Takahashi - Pleochroism. about 1 month ago
Juta Takahashi "Pleochroism" CD

"Pleochroism" is a truly masterful sonic expression, where warmly sonorous vistas are delicately reinforced by introspectively glimpsing beams and glistening subtleties, where monochromatically infinite and euphoniously ... See full review
posted a review of Sequentia Legenda - Five. about 1 month ago
Sequentia Legenda "Five" CDr

Glisteningly mesmerizing, invigoratingly infinite, gossamery ear-tickling and introspectively traversing Berlin School-driven sequences persistently commingle with celestially expansive, gracefully sublime and ... See full review
posted a review of Forrest Fang - Ancient Machines. about 1 month ago
Forrest Fang "Ancient Machines" CD

Exceptionally transporting sonic wizardry in carving abundantly blossoming and intriguingly enigmatic earmarks persistently permeated by infinitely delightful and peculiarly scented perfumes. Luxuriantly colored ... See full review
posted a review of Space Megalithe - Ancient Trances. about 1 month ago
Space Megalithe "Ancient Trances" CD

Exquisitely bridging enigmatically expansive drone insignias with intangibly engrossing Berlin School mesmerism and soothingly languid tribal artifacts...

66 minutes long "Ancient Trances" album comes in a cardboard ... See full review
submitted Rhucle - Predawn. 2 months ago
submitted Music For Sleep - Sound Installation For Empty Rooms. 2 months ago
submitted Chris Russell (6) - Destiny. 2 months ago
submitted Jeff Pearce - Archive 1 • Songs For The Gathering. 2 months ago
posted a review of Innesti - Parenthetical. 2 months ago
Innesti "Parenthetical" CDr

Delving deeply into exquisitely balm and intimately immersing terrains, where dreamily enveloping blankets meticulously commingle with gossamery organic quietudes, where infinitely monochromatic glides amalgamate with ... See full review