I like records.

Used to really like discogs, seems like you can't take a shit without them changing the format, pointless and boring, they've made a real balls of the website, thankfully some good people still knock about in the forums. Scrap that, the forums are now dead as fuck.

Sell a few bits, rated a load of them over the years but trying to rejudge a lot of the records these days.

And the comments over there are from a different time.

Unlikely to do mp3 things, far too much time involved for no reward.

V4 is utter shit, it's really spiralling towards a big bag of septic turd.

To the cunt that has deleted some of my not so serious comments, you're a cunt.
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posted a comment on Andy Stott - Never The Right Time. 4 days ago
Absolutely gutted I didn't know there was going to be a 7 included with an Arthur Russell rework.
posted a comment on Various - PC Music Volume 1 & Volume 2. 4 days ago
Indeed. I've only just discovered it. I had some of them put on dub plate back in the day. QT would have been a touch too. Anyway, glad it made it to plastic.
posted a comment on Low Island - Ricardo Villalobos Remixes. 5 days ago
I could be talking through my hole here, but I have a feeling that this could be one of those Ricardo bits that'll gather steam as a bit of a cult favourite. Whenever he remixes "non electronic" bit with vocals they tend to be large and more fun.
posted a comment on Andrés - Praises. 5 days ago
Yeah, hate to agree but it is a bit stiff price wise. Especially as the B-side is something we've heard bare times. It is what it is. Supporting the Detroit crew I guess. Plastic is getting pricey. C'est la vie.
posted a comment on Slow To Speak - Elektion Propaganda. 12 days ago
Anyone got some paper stuck in their pressing? I have a little chunk at the start of Celestial Choir.
posted a comment on Damiano von Erckert - In Case You Don't Know What To Play. 16 days ago
I think this album has some girth. I could be wrong but I'm sure there is a KDJ spoken word sample on "Tribute To A Hero". I have a pretty big KDJ collection but I can't instantly place it, maybe I'm too lean and drunk to think. There are a bunch of... See full review
posted a comment on Pépé Bradock - Rhapsody In Pain. about 1 month ago
This is soooo weird. Very Pepe of course, but a real adventure in terms of "story". It's dead creepy but it still works. I'm not sure how well it would be received on a dark dance floor but fuck it, it's different.
posted a comment on The Police - Voices Inside My Head (Ashley Beedle & Harvey/ Roger S/ E-Smoove Mixes). 2 months ago
This is the kind of quirky angle that makes Harvey so much fun. Him and Ashley have made such a piece out of this. I've not listened to it in ages, but it has angles. It just works. It's hard to listen to Sting's voice without feeling slightly corned... See full review
posted a comment on Hot Chip - A Bugged Out Mix. 2 months ago
Anyone know if the Greco Roman track is exclusive to this mix?
posted a comment on The Velvet Underground & Nico (3) - The Velvet Underground & Nico. 3 months ago
Is this the one that went for mad money, possibly on ebay or something?
posted a comment on Pocketknife & Cousin Cole - Tambourine Dream. 3 months ago
Horseshit. The idea that this has been removed from the marketplace is ridiculous.
posted a comment on LCD Soundsystem - Losing My Edge / Beat Connection. 4 months ago
What colour is the original? All the pics etc. I got my copies long before the repress came out. I is mad confused. I'm sure I have the first presses. Output and DFA. Just asking. Will have another go. When does it jump normally? I don't have the... See full review
submitted D.K.* - The Ancient Kingdom. 4 months ago
posted a comment on Le-Edits Records. 4 months ago
The box set is taking ages to come out. Any ideas why?
posted a comment on Various - Untitled. 5 months ago
Usual high quality stuff. Shame it cost so much and was so limited. Was it even sold through record shops? Anyway, glad to finally have it. It's quality.
posted a comment on Bullion - Heaven Is Over. 5 months ago
Only 4 tracks on the download code, that the case?
posted a comment on Richard Sen - This Ain't Chicago (The Underground Sound Of UK House & Acid 1987-1991). 5 months ago
Cover photo by Dave Swindells, as featured in the Ibiza '89 book.
posted a comment on New Order - Elegia / 5-8-6 / The Him. 5 months ago
Again, mail me if you have this for sale. The whole bootleg / blocked from sale thing on here seems very random. Plenty of boot / unofficial releases remain for sale on the website. Feels like this gang have been singled out more than others. Are New... See full review
posted a comment on Maurice Fulton Ft. Peggy Gou - Earth EP. 5 months ago
Sounds very much like Maurice did pretty much everything on this. It's very his sound. Just my thoughts.
posted a comment on Peggy GOU. 5 months ago
I hate to agree, but I can't really feel anything positive about her. I liked her at first, she seemed kind of interesting. But as time has gone by it just seems as if she is far more interested in posting pics of her Gucci suits etc. Her fashion... See full review
posted a comment on Matt Karmil - Reverse Peephole. 5 months ago
And of course the title is a reference to Seinfeld as well. How slow of me.
submitted Esoteric (6) - Esoteric Ways EP. 5 months ago
posted a comment on Daft Punk. 5 months ago
Bloody hell, dial it down people. They haven't made music in ages. And one could argue it was a long time since they made anything that great. i am skeptical, I think this is part of something else.
posted a comment on Theo Parrish - Wuddaji. 5 months ago
Theo's stuff is still pure top tier class. Like many artists he's moved away from sampling and making "pure" music and it means there is a certain level of recognisability to his music. I love everything he does, and his vision is again "pure". There... See full review
posted a comment on Daft Punk. 5 months ago
Is it breaking up or just not making music together anymore? Homework etc was a long time ago. Meh. Seems like a savvy marketing ploy.
posted a comment on Ruthless Productions - The Latest Lick E.P.. 5 months ago
Repress may be on the way. Words words words words.
posted a comment on Redskin Records. 5 months ago
How many of these are going to get the old repress action? I've picked up one, another incoming in March apparently. Curious as to how many of them will / can be reissued.
posted a comment on India Jordan - For You. 5 months ago
Wow, I think I saw this on Finn's end of year list. It's in a similar vein / feeling to his stuff; and Denis Sulta possibly. So much fun. If you like that kind of thing this needs to be picked up. Pure smiley energy. So glad I sat and went through my... See full review
posted a comment on Moodyman* - Taken Away. 5 months ago
Get it now before it's blocked. I'll buy the original when it comes out for WHATEVER price but it has been almost a year. This will do as a filler till then. It sounds alright.
posted a comment on Deez Nuts - Ultimate Bass Jams Vol. 2. 5 months ago
Would love to hear this so I know whether it's what I'm after. I swear I saw Theo Parrish play this at Plastic People and it sounded mental. In his true style he wouldn't let me see the record. So i may have misread it in the darkness. A mystery to... See full review
posted a comment on Moloko - Pure Pleasure Seeker (Todd Edwards Mixes). 5 months ago
This record is just immense. I'm a huge fan of Todd and Roisin. Loads of flexes here. I only just noticed the "Promoloko" on the cover. Cute.
posted a comment on DJ Boring / Magma* - Winona EP. 5 months ago
Very true. But I cant help but feel one of the things that also held it back was that it was great in mixes and to listen to, but often lacked the same punch on the dance floor. Not all of it of course, but some of it was just a little too abstract... See full review
posted a comment on B From E - PORNO TR-XXX. 5 months ago
Glad I picked this up day one. Finn had it on one of his monthly RA charts. Was a slow grower. It didn't seem like there was any heat on it when it was released. The sales history as per usual isn't worth a fuck. On a side note, anyone else noticed... See full review
posted a comment on Sade - SAD Edit 01. 5 months ago
Not so sure, it has a lot of the "vibe" his other records had. Lo-fi "outsider" house. Loads of those records had that kind of feeling. I reckon it's supposed to sound like that, but I could be talking out of my hole.
posted a comment on Death Grips - Exmilitary. 5 months ago
Yeah, got no complaints, sounds all god to me. Juno seems a decent place to pick up their bits, the unofficial presses anyway.
posted a comment on Siouxsie* - Into A Swan (Remixes). 5 months ago
Essential Andrew remix. Didn't ever seem like it was put out in big quantities. What a shame as I think it's one of his most dance floor friendly grooves, oozing sexiness. Grab one if you're a Weatherall fan. Half tempted to get a second copy. Big up the Guv. See full review
posted a comment on Pepe Bradock* & Michelle Weeks - Distorted Echoes. 5 months ago
Yeah, this is a really underrated record, and underrated Pepe record. It's got a real nice straight up soulful vocal that doesn't normally appear in his tracks. I think it's hench. Mans should be checking it more, and it's cheap. Check it.
posted a comment on Various - World Series 12" Game No 2. 6 months ago
Yeah, the Maurice tune just gets better with every listen. I was watching for ages and just went for it. Amazing balance of his style. Love it. Knowing my luck it'll get pressed up on some other comp as soon as I've bought it. Just like the Alice... See full review
posted a comment on 2 Lone Swordsmen* - Stay Down. 6 months ago
If anyone has just a cover for sale please vibe me. I need just it, I have the plastic.
posted a comment on DJ Sprinkles - Bassline.89. 6 months ago
I thought Frank Ski was the original of "Whores in This House" as used recently WAP.
posted a comment on Finn Johannsen - Discogs Mix 002 - Finn Johannsen. 6 months ago
Shame the other mixes from this night aren't up on here. Was the first big Discogs party I think.
posted a comment on 3 Chairs - 3 Chairs. 6 months ago
Ok, thanks. I've only ever had the plastic so I've not checked the old CD. In theory I'm not missing out on much. Fair do's, good for them making some digital money.
posted a comment on 3 Chairs - 3 Chairs. 6 months ago
Is the second disc new stuff or Theo stuff? It's hard to work out. I see Instant Insanity. Any help useful.
posted a comment on Alter Ego - Gate 23 (Lost On Arrival...). 6 months ago
Is the title a reference to the TV show Lost? Does Gate 23 have any other significance?
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 6 months ago
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 6 months ago
posted a comment on Ersatz (2) - Motor Body Love. 6 months ago
I thought Harvey Bassett was the drummer in this band.
posted a comment on Arthur Russell. 7 months ago
Yeah, exquisite trolling. Even if his music isn't to one's taste, it seems shortsighted given the relatively wide range of music he made while stuck in his apartment dying.
posted a comment on Ricardo Villalobos - What's Wrong My Friends?. 7 months ago
Agree one of his later highlights, before his tunes did start to take on a certain common flavour.
posted a comment on Elkie Brooks - Only Love Can Break Your Heart. 7 months ago
Sampled by the great Moodymann to immense effect. Check it.