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Laibach - Wir Sind Das Volk
submitted Laibach - Wir Sind Das Volk. 2 months ago
She Past Away - Disko Anksiyete
submitted She Past Away - Disko Anksiyete. over 3 years ago
Black Merlin - Noi
submitted Black Merlin - Noi. over 4 years ago
Them Are Us Too - Remain
submitted Them Are Us Too - Remain. over 7 years ago
Robert Rich - Bestiary
posted a review of Robert Rich - Bestiary. over 16 years ago
Experimental composer Robert Rich has studied both computer music and Psychology at Stanford University. With a deep rooted interest in using music as a psychoactive stimulus, Rich weaves a tapestry of sonic effervescence that captivates even the... See full review
Hollydrift - Waiting For The Tiller
posted a review of Hollydrift - Waiting For The Tiller. over 16 years ago
Waiting For The Tiller offers experiments in serene minimalism that fill the hollow spaces the twisted mind yearns to fill. Each track subtly tells a tale of the uncertainty of the human condition, and the deep longing for spiritual awareness. Mathias... See full review