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Spoon - The Music of Spoon
submitted Spoon - The Music of Spoon. over 4 years ago
Nilüfer Yanya - EP1 & EP2
submitted Nilüfer Yanya - EP1 & EP2. over 4 years ago
Louis XIV - Louis XIV
submitted Louis XIV - Louis XIV. over 5 years ago
BØRNS - Blue Madonna
submitted BØRNS - Blue Madonna. over 5 years ago
Chief White Lightning - Chief White Lightning
submitted Chief White Lightning - Chief White Lightning. over 5 years ago
Fiona Apple - Tidal
submitted Fiona Apple - Tidal. over 5 years ago
Morphine (2) - Good
submitted Morphine (2) - Good. over 7 years ago
Prince & The Revolution* - Paisley Park
posted a comment on Prince & The Revolution* - Paisley Park. over 9 years ago
What causes the discoloration or colorization of this picture disc? My 'A' side has turned brown.
Prince - The Black Album
submitted Prince - The Black Album. over 9 years ago