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posted a comment on Men Without Hats - Pop Goes The World. about 1 month ago
I've already fixed it . But you can do it when you realize there's an error by accident as well.
posted a comment on Soif De La Vie - Soif De La Vie. 5 months ago
Pirate vinyl - Mexican Press. Normally this kind of records are low quality and dont last too long.
posted a comment on Robbie Williams With Pet Shop Boys - We're The Pet Shop Boys. 12 months ago
How can a CDR costs hundreds of dollars? It should costs no more than 5 dollars, so far.
posted a comment on Dead Or Alive - Come Home With Me Baby. about 1 year ago
It looks like a not official item. They're not so bad when you pay 10 usd for them when new.
Absurd when they ask more than 20 usd, Insane when you see it on 100 usd...well, someone paid 547 usd on popslike.
That's what a call a robbery. The world... See full review
posted a comment on Various - The JDC Mixer Volume 2. about 1 year ago
This is not an official press. JDC never had a brunch in Mexico
posted a comment on Divine - Greatest Hits. about 1 year ago
Canadian press limited edition compilation 12 original extended versions remix

submitted Divine - Shoot Your Shot = Dispara. over 2 years ago
submitted The Trashmen - Surfin' Bird . over 4 years ago
submitted The Mission - Butterfly On A Wheel. over 4 years ago
posted a comment on Divine - Greatest Hits. over 5 years ago
Track 2 > Shake it up is the long 12" remix for real - 9:24 mins.
posted a review of Various - The Best Of "O" Records Vol. 1. over 5 years ago
Track 3 Divine Native Love is actually Native Love '84
added Mónica Naranjo - Fuego De Pasión to their collection. over 5 years ago
posted a comment on Hazell Dean - Searchin' (I've Got To Find A Man). over 5 years ago
Both sides are the same version, The 12" Megamix by Ian Levine
posted a comment on Corey Hart - The Singles (Part One 1983-1990). over 5 years ago
Track 3 Sunglasses At Night is the Extended 12" Version
posted a comment on Hazell Dean - Heart First. over 5 years ago
Track 13 Searchin' is hard to find on cd. Normally you can find the the 12" megamix, but this is the 12" version which is fantastic.
posted a comment on Various - Clasicos De Hits Collection. over 5 years ago
Every track is a special 7" edit version of 3:00 minutes lenght
posted a comment on Xmagneto* - Vuela, Vuela. over 6 years ago
Track 1 is the original album version 1991 / Track 2 is a 2001 remix as Xmagneto band
posted a review of Rick Astley - Whenever You Need Somebody. over 6 years ago
Side B1 Whenever You Need Somebody (Rick Sets It Off Mix)
Remix – Funky Sisters, The, Pete Hammond
posted a comment on Starship (2) - Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now = Nada Nos Detendra Ahora. over 6 years ago
Extended Version
posted a review of Spagna* - Call Me. over 6 years ago
Side A1 & A2 actually are the B side and tracks B1 & B2 is the A side of course.
posted a comment on OBK - Oculta Realidad. over 7 years ago
time 03:32
posted a review of Suzy Q - Computer Music. over 7 years ago
Side B Dub Version
posted a review that has since been deleted. over 8 years ago
posted a review of Robin S* - Show Me Love. over 8 years ago
Tracks 2 lenghts 06:30 and track three 08:43
posted a comment on Harajuku - Phantom Of The Opera. over 8 years ago
Track 4 and 5 must be the same, unless is a track list mistake. I have these 2 singles cds and it's exactly the same version with different
name. Probably if someone has this german single cd could confirm it...
posted a review of Hi Tek 3 Featuring Ya Kid K - Spin That Wheel (Turtles Get Real). over 8 years ago
I Think 7" pizza mix should be 3:44 y 12" pizza mix 6:07
posted a comment on Bangles - Eternal Flame. over 9 years ago
Track 3 "Walk like an egyptian" lengths 5:48 instead 6:48...
posted a comment on Milli Vanilli - All Or Nothing - The U.S. Remix Album. over 9 years ago
"Baby don't forget my number" lenghts 04:54 instead 07:55
and "Girl you know it's true lenghs 06:28 instead 07:35