Aqua Regia - Hot Love 3 & 5 robob

July 6, 2016
Wow! Makes me even more curious. You 'just found a copy recently'? Can you 'just find one more' for me then?
Or did you get it for free back in the day when you released on Irdial?
Even though, I will always love Irdial, one of my definite favorite labels.

Ross 154 - Until My Heart Stops... robob

June 30, 2016
"The second release on the M>O>S record label could have been part of Hollands rich techno-history, if released when the tracks were made. Dating back as early as 1993, these two tracks come straight out of a plastic bag full of SA90 tapes in Ross154's bathroom (thats where he plays his music LOUD) and a cardboard box filled with cassettes rediscovered while moving Aroy Dee into his way too expensive spacious loft in the historical centre of Amsterdam.

Anyway, it all fell into place on a Christmas-diner at NWAQ-headquarters where these gems hit the speakers throwing Peel into a manic fit and Aroy jump out the front door puking his guts out in a format which would have made the Pizza Hut sue for copyright reasons. Fortunately, this wasn't about the music but about the chef, and all was forgiven in the end. It took some effort to polish these tracks so they could be released (I don't think Dexter will talk to us ever again) but here they are, bright and shiny!

'Until my heart stops...' is probably the older of the two, and has survived the humid environment of the mystical washing facilities rather well. I guess he likes to shower long, but never too long. 'Kaoz' is a small part of the now infamous My old piano sessions at the hangout of Haarlem DJ-collective Kaoz Connection, which where heavily inspired by KLF, The Orb and J-J-J-jack fever. Named after the always-present Diana Ross evergreen 'My old piano' on 33rpm these sets they were a pretty mad mix of live electronics and odd tunes, and always ended in either a neighbourhood riot or a civilized police-request. Unfortunately most of these sets are lost forever, but somehow someone managed to press record while the 154 was doing some serious knob twisting.

Too keep it short, heres some old shit for new times. Enjoy! "

Ross 154 - Until My Heart Stops... robob

June 30, 2016
edited 10 months ago
Did Rush Hour sold these mispresses to Decks then? Because it's for sale there now:

Jay Haze - Limited 1 robob

September 24, 2015
Highly underrated! Fantastic minimal tripmix.

Various - Re-Edits / Larry Levan Influenced Disco Dubs robob

December 11, 2014
A1 sounds a bit dim, with little treble. The other tracks sounds clean & clear, with more than enough body to rule the dance!

Andy Kolwes - Walk To The Moon robob

December 10, 2014
Thanks for the tip!
Love to see your new crib!

Paul Hartnoll - Patchwork Guilt as reviewed by robob

January 31, 2007
edited over 10 years ago
After the sad liquidation of Orbital (the greatest electronic band on the planet - period) on July 28th 2004, this 12" sees the return of Paul Hartnoll to the music scene. While brother Phil kept himself busy crossing the planet as a breaks DJ and producing as one half of Long Range, younger sibling Paul disappeared from view, locking himself away in a secret Brighton based studio.
His eagerly awaited first solo album will be released soon, but these two tracks are the first to emerge.
While Phil's productions lack identity and depth, these tracks have the Orbital signature written all over.
The heavenly atmospherics and multitonal synthwork clarifies the fact that Paul still is the better songwriter of the two brothers. 'Patchwork Guilt' could have been an unreleased track from the Blue Album, while my favourite 'Gloopy' would not be out of place on In Sides or The Altogether.
Hearing this for the first time gave me the same shivering of excitement as when a new Orbital album was released in the mid 90's.
Welcome back, Paul!


Richie Hawtin - DE9 | Transitions as reviewed by robob

November 17, 2005
edited over 11 years ago
Richie has done it again: taking musical minimalism to the next level by incorporating the endless possibilities of today's technology to the fullest.
Third part in the DE9 series, this is indeed a giant leap forward with regard to its precursor 'Closer to the edit'.
On the DVD, Richie explains the advanced process in simple words, so that even my mother can understand what he's talking about.
Musically, the individual tracks have been stripped to their bare essentials and then used to build new tracks like a brick wall; but I've never seen a plasterer do such a precise job > in fact, Richie is probably the only artist in the world who can make this happen!
As extra features you get the full 5.1 Surround mix, two video clips which in my opinion are a bit too arty-farty, and twelve minutes of his DJ set at Timewarp, with a really cool visual backdrop.
But the best feature is that while listening, you can exactly follow on-screen which tracks are flown in and out of the mix.

In short: this is where technology is today, with the best electronic music has to offer. The man still is number one.

Precision Cuts - Psychedelic Squeezebox / The Herta as reviewed by robob

July 31, 2005
edited over 11 years ago
This is the first and (so far) only release on Smartbreaks, Precision Cuts' own label.
"Psychedelic Squeezebox" was recorded in the "Big Room" studio and features some fairly far-out production techniques. These include recording a synced minimoog through a 50's Binson echo box through a Marshall stack guitar amplifier. The main breakdown sound is a stereo miked accordian played by all 3 PC members at once. Surely a first?
"The Herta" was recorded entirely using "Reason" software and is named after a sausage!
Both tracks are awesome party-crackers, situated at the deeper end of the breaks spectrum but with more than enough punch to lose yourself on the dancefloor.
As always with these guys the tracks contain a wide variety of original sounds with a healthy dose of FONK as the main ingredient.
If you have the opportunity to see them doing a live show, be sure not to miss it! (And find out where the after-party is, too!!)

Streets Ahead (2) - Red Lines as reviewed by robob

May 5, 2005
edited over 12 years ago
This has to be my all-time favorite record of which I know absolutely nothing about.
White label, unknown label, and I haven't encountered anyone else who has it ever.
Musical it's techno in general, but with ravey synths, haunting spiritual vocals, thundering breakbeats underneath but what really makes it stand out is the heavy clonking bass sound which in 1991 was unheard of, and well, still is today really!
Way ahead of its time, and in my box forever.

Sleeparchive as reviewed by robob

May 5, 2005
edited over 12 years ago
'Bout time someone gives this label the credit it deserves:
all releases are absolutely essential purchases if you like your techno minimal, stripped down and way deep.
The production is so clean and clear, it's scary.
I hear lovers comparing this to old-school Plastikman, and that's a massive compliment, but it's actually still much better than that.
My favorite still is release #1, but I'm playing all releases to death.
A worthy new entry in the minimal Hall of Fame, and a statue in Madame Tussauds to boot!

Various - Superlongevity 2 as reviewed by robob

January 14, 2005
edited over 12 years ago
One of the best mixed 2xCD's sets I have ever heard. Disc 2 is pure and simple madness. This journey starts out with an amazing track with incredible female vocals... and the ride gets better and better as time goes on. These CD's show the true power of the Perlon label. I haven't found one release that hasn't been just great. If you want something exciting and innovative, check out ANYTHING on Perlon. I love these guys... And this label.

The Necks - Sex as reviewed by robob

October 11, 2004
edited over 12 years ago
After a hard day's work or a weekend of drug-induced extravaganza, this is the perfect CD to unwind.
For me it works best on a cold winterday close to a soft knispering fireplace, but during sunset in a hammock at a tropical beach it equally does the trick.
Are you sitting comfortable? Now prepare yourself for an hour of PURE RELAXATION.
The track uses a minimal amount of elements from a piano, a bass and different kinds of percussion to create a musical palette which slowly but surely builds by adding a new element at just the right moments.
It's the ultimate hybrid of JAZZ and AMBIENT an sounds like an improvised JAMsession: by mixing these three words together I hereby invented a brand new musical style >
this is JAMBIENT !
One of my alltime favorite chillout CD's, now go buy it!

Sideshow - Slide EP as reviewed by robob

July 29, 2004
edited about 1 year ago
Sideshow is the alter-ego of Fink who releases on Ninjatune.
The Slide ep is his second for Simple, and offers us three tracks with different flavours.
Simple's trademark breaks aren't present here, instead we get the original mix of Slide, which is a lush, dub-infected summery housegroove, totally in place on hot beaches by adding a slide guitar to cool you down.
A2 is a orchestral instrumental downtempo delight called 'Buttaface'.
The real delight is on the flipside, where Canada's minimalist Mathew Jonson ( his Typerope ep from last year was one of the most played records in minimal circles ) takes the best elements of both tracks from the A side, adds his own deep groovy bassline, throws in some excellent high-hats, thus creating an absolute corker of a minitech track which certainly get lots of airplay this summer and beyond.


N.O.H.A. - Balkan Hot Step as reviewed by robob

July 9, 2004
edited over 12 years ago
A side was voted 'song of the year' on Gilles Peterson's
BBC Radio1 Worldwide show, and it's indeed something really special. It samples an Eastern-Europe folklore song,
which together with the zooming bassline creates a monster of a tune, crossing musical boundaries unheard of so far.
I just came back from a DJ-trip to Hurghada in Egypt, and even in the desert this was one of my biggest tracks, with euphoric reactions from both Arabic locals as well as the western tourists.

Abe Duque - What Happened? as reviewed by robob

May 26, 2004
I don't know who asked who, but the Abe-Blake combi is indeed a match made in heaven. Abe keeps the production basic with the Chicago oldskool as leading reference.
He thereby lowers the tempo and increases the groovyness compared to the other releases on this reliable and always
interesting label.
Blake Baxter's vocals are instantly recognisable and he
hasn't lost his trademark sex-factor after all these years.

My favorite is the B1 track, due to the irresistible
combination of Blake's lyrics "I got my mind made up,
come on, you can do it... anytime, tonight is fine" & Abe's
funky and devastating use of the 303.
A timeless record and serious contender for this year's
greatest hits listings.

Yellow vinyl is limited and quickly sold out,
but there's also a repress on black vinyl available.

Robag Wruhme / Metaboman - Zwei Maenner Im Split as reviewed by robob

April 28, 2004
The Robag Wruhme remix of 'Easy Woman' is a brilliantly melancholic and highly emotional piece of deepest minimal techno for afterhour listening. Personally I never met an easy woman, but I guess this is what she sounds like !
Gets a tear in my eye..., yes, THAT beautiful.
Thanks to EL-P for introducing me to this chill classic.

DJ Manny Groove - Back 2 Face U as reviewed by robob

April 28, 2004
The main mix is proper dancefloor bizniz, useful but with a
Gigolo-like noise which starts to irritate me after a while
; the dub mix however has one of the most drivin' kinda beat I've heard this year! Almost electro, definitely not sounding like a Harry Romero / Subliminal production, this is the cool ruff sound of NOW. Perfectly executed and a huge BOMB on my dancefloor. No BOSSA but lost of BAM !

Peabird & Tomahawk - Forbidden Fruit as reviewed by robob

April 17, 2004
Excellent album with some beats but mostly samples, radio-
or TV-advertisements, people talking about dope and lots of other weirdness.
Especially the choir of chickens singing Rod Stewart's 'Do You Think I'm Sexy' is hilarious and steals the show on every afterhour session.

Phonique Feat. Die Elfen - The Red Dress as reviewed by robob

April 14, 2004
Another great Tiefschwarz remix! Those boys can do no harm at the moment.
The melody reminds me of 'Petal' by Wubble-U from 10 years ago, gotta find that one for back-to-back play.
Both are real feelgood tunes, but of course the Schwarz
brothers add a nice little nasty touch to it, '04 style.
In the box! Will get lost of play in the summertime.

Themroc - Gold Is Your Metal as reviewed by robob

April 7, 2004
The Paper Faces remix of 'Gold Is Your Medal' is absolute class. Minimal, crispy, laidback and full of emotion, perfect for afterhour sets. Shame the tempo decreases at the end, making it impossible to mix it all the way through.

After this brilliant remix I'm quite obsessed with finding another great Paper Faces track or remix, but no luck so far. But my ears stay wide open...

Skatebård - Skateboarding Was A Crime (In 1989) as reviewed by robob

April 7, 2004
5 star rating only for the 'Sgnelkab' track, which is a totally beautiful techno track, moody and minimal in its approach, but with enough punch to cause serious damage on the floor. A devastating drive throughout, with heavenly tones after the break completing the picture.
Really lovely and more than worth buying the whole LP for.

The track was used by Andre Galluzzi on his 'Im Garten' mix-CD on Taksi.

Aldo Bender - Enlightenment as reviewed by robob

April 5, 2004
This 12" will be in my box forever for the "303 acapella".
The 'Acid Only'-mix is over five minutes of knob-twiddling on the famous TB303, freaked out to the max, perfect for three deck mixing and guaranteed to send the punters into an orgasmic frenzy. Acieeeeed!!!