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posted a comment on Ravel* - L'Orchestre Des Concerts Colonne*, Pierre Dervaux (2) - Boléro – Rapsodie Espagnole. about 1 month ago
Good version of Ravel's Bolero(got it only because of that), and Raspodie Espagnole is pretty good too.
posted a comment on Richard Hayman & Walter Sear - Electronic Evolutions. 9 months ago
There was also a digital release of this( it's available on iTunes, and Beatport, was rereleased in 2013).
posted a comment on The Residents - Duck Stab. about 1 year ago
This might not be the best response, because I don't have any other copies, but the copy I have isn't super noisy(especially compared to other vinyl records I've bought), and it has a pretty good bass. The waveform doesn't look really compressed(I ... See full review
posted a comment on The Mighty Moog - Everything You Always Wanted To Hear On The Moog (But Were Afraid To Ask For). over 2 years ago
I highly doubt that this originally came out in 1967, since the two titles it references are from after that(Switched on Bolero, which it was also released as, is a reference to Switched on Bach from 1968 and the main Everything You Always Wanted To Hear ... See full review
posted a comment on Elvis Costello - This Year's Model. over 2 years ago
This comes with a download code? I got a copy and it didn't have a download voucher in it.