Nothing in my collection is for sale. And I have neither the inclination for, nor the interest in, trading CDR burns or ripping MP3s. Thankyou.

I was a discogs moderator in all genres prior to the conversion to teo's Version 4 (aka More Entries, More Sales, More Money, Less Mods). I was originally drawn to discogs because of the stringent approach to accurate data, ensuring if you saw it on discogs, it was almost certainly accurate. The management's move away from this emphasis on accuracy, under the guise of making users "happy", as well as its use of banning to stiffle dissent until it became overwhelming, has affected the validity of this site as a comprehensive database and made a mockery of its claim to be community-based. As it stands, discogs is no longer a community, but rather a group of individuals foolish enough to contribute to it and thereby line the pockets of its ungrateful owner and lousy software developer.

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Various - Wake Me Up When Its Over !
submitted Various - Wake Me Up When Its Over !. over 8 years ago
Jan Hellriegel - It's My Sin
posted a review of Jan Hellriegel - It's My Sin. over 17 years ago
Jan Hellriegel's "It's My Sin" is very much an album of its time; if not earlier. At the time, before the female singer-songwriter boom of the 90s, Hellriegel seemed quite unique, and lead single "The Way I Feel" was a breath of fresh air that sounded... See full review