I haven't been very active on this site for over five years. I'm sorry if you contacted me during that time and did not get a reply. I'm currently reorganizing my collection and will be selling most of my vinyl as soon as I get organized. In the meantime if you're interested in any item drop me a line.


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posted a review of Francisco - Music Business. over 15 years ago
Unfold this record to find a game called "Music Business". This is no matter of speech. The packaging of this record is an actual playable board-game developed by a company called "Gioca Ganso". Wheather this company actually exists or has been made... See full review
posted a review of Shitcluster - Beyond A Joke. over 16 years ago
This is cult material, filled with eery sounds and very playfull. It reminds me of childhood times having fun with the record player by playing tracks backwards and changing speeds.
Dark turntablism?
Elvis never sounded so evil.
posted a review of John Carpenter. over 17 years ago
It's hard to talk about the musician John Carpenter without forgeting his films. He is a film maker who happens to make music for his own films, and that makes him a composer. It is important to stress that his music is never primarily thought as... See full review
posted a review of Vanity 6 - Vanity 6. over 17 years ago
If there's one album that defines electro-funkiness then this is the one. It combines three striking forces that happened to have met at one precise moment: Vanity 6 (Brenda, Vanity and Susan - starlets wannabe) as lead singers and allegedly... See full review
posted a review of Donna Summer - On The Radio - Greatest Hits Volumes I & II. over 17 years ago
If you thought that this was a great catch to help fill those Donna Summer/Giorgio Moroder gaps in your collection think again, this record is mixed. A soft mix, some songs are actually only cut onto the next and side D is unmixed but that's probably... See full review
posted a review of Miss Kittin & The Hacker - The Beach. over 17 years ago
"The Beach" is built around a sample from Gary Low's "I Want You".
posted a review of Rocking Distant Thunder - Ford Capri Driver / Behind The Green Door. over 17 years ago
"- My son, my son check this out check this out...
Yo! I'm gonna slow the track down so that his dumb illiterate ass can understand what's going on.
So, you with it?
-I'm ready.
-O.K ".

So starts "Ford Capri Driver". The track in question is... See full review
posted a review of Tamara - Superestar. over 17 years ago
This record was considered by Dance De Lux (Rock De Lux's anual dance music magazine) to be the only "electroclash" album produced in Spain in the year 2001. That is not saying much in respect to the quality of the record but it does points us in the... See full review
posted a review of Unknown Artist - 666. over 17 years ago
This release had me wondering for a long time. It really is a strange and wonderful release. These are no remixes. The tracks are classic bootlegs, i.e., one track placed atop another. Track A1 is Black Sabbath's "Symptom Of The Universe" mixed with... See full review
posted a review of Various - Digitalo.1. over 17 years ago
This is a beauty, a must have. 4 great classics delivered with an impressive sound quality. Seriously, I haven't heard such a good sound quality in years. Mastered by Don Grossinger, one of the best Mastering Engineer around, this is a release that... See full review
posted a review of Sascha Funke - Funkt. over 17 years ago
The A side on this release ("Now You Know") has got to be the best love song I've heard since "Unfinished Sympathy". It is really hard to make a rational comment about something that fiddles with your emotions the way this song does to me so I will... See full review
posted a review of Various - The Rebirth Of Cool. over 17 years ago
The Rebirth Of Cool was at the time when it was released a very fresh series. Now, it is History.
It is relatively easy to make good compilation albums in retrospect and for that Mastercuts is a great example. The people behind the Rebirth Of Cool... See full review
posted a review of Håkan Lidbo - Sexy Robot. over 18 years ago
Out of the vaults comes this little wonder. These tracks were recorded between 1981 and 1984 yet they sound as if they were recorded last month. Funky electro disco tunes where many came for inspiration. After listening to "Body Building" you'll be... See full review