electronica geek. please feel free to contact me on my wants or yours..my wantlist is merely a guide, wishlist if u like...if only i had the money!

Dont mind contact on trading or offers.
Also willing to swap anything on my sale list here for something suitable.
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posted a review of Taksi - Rundfahrt. over 12 years ago
Another great release from the man who can do no wrong in techno, Paul Brtschitsch. For those hypnotised by his awesome Venex release, this joint release with Andre Galluzzi similarly shines through the techno thump thump dross as 100% pure quality.
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posted a review of FortDax - Folly. over 12 years ago
An interesting blend of styles on this cd. Very melodic and capturing with haunting vocals from the Orient. Drifts into ambience but also can be driven along by lush synth lines, in a similar vein to Solvent. Worth tracking down.

posted a review of Morganistic - Fluids Amniotic. over 13 years ago
Luke Slater dons his dark techno guise to produce one of the most innovative techno albums out there. Still sounds as good today as it did when it blew me away a long time ago! Very intricate in places with complex layers, every listen brings something ... See full review