im a trance fan since 1997, my favorites style are : pure trance,melodic trance, uplifting trance, psytrance, tech trance progressive and vocal trance!!
together we can Trance 4 lifeeeeeee
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posted a comment on Enrico Sangiuliano - Biomorph. about 1 year ago
Amazing album indeed!!! with headphones you can really hear all the sounds, Sangiuliano create a masterpiece really complex and beautiful.
posted a comment on Roger Shah* & RAM (38) Feat. Natalie Gioia - For The One You Love. about 1 year ago
Amazing track! This is the real beauty of trance music,
posted a comment on Tiësto* - Clublife Vol. 5 China. over 2 years ago
Who is the crazy guy who label this crap like trance? Discogs fix that please
posted a comment on DJ Kalpa & Marino Stephano - Gonna Move Your Body / Dream's Harmony. over 5 years ago
Dream Harmony is so amazing!!!!! one of my favorites in my childhood, now i have 26 years old and still remains a masterclass record !!!!! thanks mariano for all your contributions to the trance scene, we miss you.
posted a comment on Ferry Corsten - Beautiful. over 5 years ago
one of the best tunes made by ferry!! this tune can't have a better name, really is Beautiful!!! 5/5
posted a comment on Airbase - Emotion. over 5 years ago
Airbase always has been a trance genius, more than twelve years and this tunes are powerful for any place!
posted a comment on Lovechild - Liberta. over 5 years ago
How many memories with this one! pure class indeed, nothing beats the classic Trance!
moonman's remix is my favorite by far,
posted a comment on Nathan Fake - The Sky Was Pink. over 5 years ago
what more can i say, the Holden's remix is magnificent, that's real progressive sound. Not the noise of nowadays labeled like progressive..
posted a comment on Tiësto* - Goldrush. over 5 years ago
The real sound of tiesto here. He was one of the greatest producer for its variety, melodic, banging, tech,progressive, all this kind of trance was his cup of tea, but now just produce cheesy house just for fame,
So we remembered him for tunes like this ... See full review
posted a comment on Dark Alliance - Genetic / Vibration. over 5 years ago
legendary techno tune!!!! so powerful and energetic, remains a smasher in any trance set,
posted a comment on Gareth Emery - The Saga. over 5 years ago
For the people who wants to hear the real saga and not this joke listen: Trancesetters - The Saga .
posted a comment on Delerium Featuring Jaël (Of Lunik)* - After All. over 5 years ago
The Svenson & Gielen Remix, is the real sound of vocal trance! not like the pop sound of nowadays.
posted a comment on Simon O'Shine & Ahmed Romel - L'Absente. over 5 years ago
no a single review? ok, for my this tune is a masterpiece of trance music history, so beautiful, so sad, really tell us a history here.
posted a comment on Mellow Trax - Mystery In Space. over 5 years ago
(DJ JamX & De Leon's "DuMonde" Remix) Hard Trance in all his glory!!!! 5/5
posted a comment on Barthezz - On The Move. over 5 years ago
Great classic, The Dumonde remix is my favorite, so energetic and "trancy"
posted a comment on Pedro Del Mar & Blue Tente - You Left. over 5 years ago
You Left (Ferry Tayle Universal Language Remix) is one of my personal favorites. so emotional and beautiful.
really is a tune who deserve more recognition. 5/5
posted a comment on Ferry Corsten Presents Gouryella - Anahera. over 5 years ago
One of the best tunes in the past few years,and the best of 2105 IMO. Perhaps has the basic melody of: System F - The Sonnet. But the other sounds are fresh and amazing's.
This tune really capture the beauty of trance music with the old sound that all ... See full review
posted a comment on Fred Baker - Sensation Anthem 2006 "Forever Friends". over 5 years ago
A real anthem of sensation festivals & trance music! now sensation has the most awful anthems, just cheesy banging sounds without emotions and love for the real beauty of music.
Truly a timeless masterpiece.
posted a comment on Dimension (11) - Origami. over 5 years ago
What an amazing melody, Don't have words to describe this tune, i just can say that is pure magic!!!
this one with anahera by Corsten are the resurrection of the old skool trance sound in this days!
the best tunes of this year by far!!
posted a comment on Georgia (4) - Ode To '99. over 5 years ago
one of the greatest tunes of all times, since he's creation in the 08 I try to listen this masterpiece one time per month.
really is a ode to the year 99 (one of the best years for trance music for sure),
this kind of sound is what this is all about ... See full review
posted a comment on Jas Van Houten - Heavens Gate. over 5 years ago
masterclass record!!! one of my favorites by far! 5/5
posted a comment on Tiësto* - Traffic. over 5 years ago
Dj Montana was one of the greatest pioneers in black hole recordings, and we know that he created awesome tunes and mixes.
And by far the traffic edit was his top work, much better than the original in my opinion,
posted a comment on Sasha - Airdrawndagger. over 5 years ago
More than ten years listening this album, and just wanna say that I wanna hear it for the next 80 years too.
So beautiful, and complex, really is a masterpiece of electronic music of this era.
I hope that he come back with this kind of inspiration and ... See full review
posted a comment on Lentos - Forget About Us. over 5 years ago
One of the best releases of coldharbour in the 2009, the original mix provide us a really cool melodic tune and the Barnes & heatcliff remix is a masterpiece of progressive trance music, awesome structure, really great beats and a full base.
highly ... See full review
posted a comment on Oliver Smith - Nimbus / Tomahawk. over 5 years ago
this is the best release in the Oliver Smith history, the two tunes are truly masterpieces of trance music!!
5/5 IMO ;)
posted a comment on Armin* - Communication. over 5 years ago
The original mix is a anthem of trance music. Since his creation was being a trademark of quality trance sound. And if you hear again the sound, year after year, will be astonishing, don't matter how many year has past, is always gonna be a legendary ... See full review
posted a comment on Pryda - Niton / Vega. over 5 years ago
Usually i'm kind of trance listener only, but they are tunes of house music than literally blew my mind, and this one is in that list.
Prydz knows how to create a amazing atmosphere with old school vibes and hypnotics sounds.
one of he's best productions ... See full review
posted a comment on Mark Norman - Phantom Manor / Rush. over 5 years ago
Really great tracks!! Phantom Manor is amazing for driving!
posted a comment on Mark Otten - Tranquility. over 5 years ago
The original mix is Mind-Blowing!!!
posted a comment on Rio Addicts - Crossroads. over 5 years ago
This tune is one of the best melodic/progressive trance tunes of the all times. the Probspot remix is great, but for me the original mix is the real masterpiece.

posted a comment on Paul Oakenfold - Come Together. over 5 years ago
Another blast of pure energy delivered by the good father of trance music!! really great vibes about this one,
posted a comment on BT - Skylarking. over 5 years ago
One of the most amazing tracks of all times!!! this tune has all the classic trance elements that we all love!!!!!
posted a comment on Corderoy - Sweetest Dreams (Remixes). over 6 years ago
the ferry corsten remix is Beautiful, the golden era of trance in all their expression.
posted a comment on Chicane Featuring Maire Brennan - Saltwater. over 6 years ago
I Can't believe it!! how is possible that this masterpiece don't have a single review??
this tune is an essential part of trance history, the hypnotic vocals, the beauty main melody,the powerful base,make of this a timeless track.
posted a comment on Brainbug - Nightmare. over 6 years ago
I have a lot of memories with this tune, one of the greatest trance anthems of all times!!!! maybe the biggest memory was listen this beauty at the Sensation megamix of 2002!
posted a comment on Balearic Bill - Destination Sunshine. over 6 years ago
By far one of the best classics in the history of trance music, both tunes (original & tiesto's mix) are completely mindblowing.
posted a comment on The Morrighan - Remember (To The Millennium). over 6 years ago
i don't have enough words, for describe how amazing make me feel this tune, is one of my favorite trance classic songs, because has the pure melody of the real trance and the vocals are astonishing, the lange remix is 10/10 too.
posted a comment on DJ Tiësto - Magik Six: Live In Amsterdam. over 6 years ago
I truly believe when tiesto listening this set, he cries and is embraced for the nostalgia. This live set, is one of the greatest trance sets in the all history, all the tunes are mind-blowing and the mixing its ountstanding!! My favorite moment its ... See full review
posted a comment on Revolution 9 - The Weapon. over 6 years ago
as diffas said, the Grinder mix is a masterpiece and a anthem for all trance music fans, the only thing than make it better, is if we listen with a higher bpm, for example i used to listen with a 145 bpm and this way sound like a pure trance classic and ... See full review
posted a comment on Tiësto* - Copenhagen (Elements Of Life World Tour 2007-2008). over 6 years ago
for me, this concert is the best tiesto's concert of all times, the mix is awesome and all the songs are truly masterpieces! the cd1 is just gorgeous, relaxing, vocal & melodic sounds & the cd number two has more energy, with a few tiesto's classics, for ... See full review
posted a comment on Sasha / Emerson* - Scorchio. over 6 years ago
this amazing progressive trance tune is one of my favorites songs of all times!
works for any time of the year and for any ambient in which you wanna hear it,
highly recomended 5/5
posted a comment on Armin™* - Blue Fear. over 6 years ago
Awesome EP. the three songs are amazing, the three tunes have powerfull sounds, cool bases, that means that has a amazing production made by Armin,
like the majority of the people my favorite tune is Blue Fear,first because was one of my first trance ... See full review
posted a comment on Cosmic Gate - Exploration Of Space | Melt To The Ocean. over 7 years ago
how I miss those days, in that time the music was created with passion and love for the trance genre. all the tunes in this Lp, are completly awesome
nowadays cosmic gate only produce electro crap music, just for the money i think...
but i always ... See full review
posted a comment on William Ørbit* - Barber's Adagio For Strings. over 7 years ago
By far the best remix of this amazing classic is the Corsten Remix,
ferry knows how to blend classical sound with pure trance,the result is a magnificient piece of art
posted a comment on Armin van Buuren - Sail. over 7 years ago
One of the top tunes made by van buuren, this kind of melodies explain why trance is so diferent at the other styles of electronic music,
Sail has everything to be an anthem, the main melody and the piano are beautifull, amazing ambient sounds & ... See full review
posted a comment on Robert Vadney - Fallen Angel's Symphony. over 7 years ago
The best tune made it by Vadney, the cup of the cream in here is: Fallen Angel's Symphony (Robert Vadney's 2011 Mix)
posted a comment on Various - A State Of Trance 500. over 7 years ago

this compilation has to be the greatest compilation made it by armada music.
For the state of trance 500 tribute, Armin choose the perfect djs for this mix. each and everyone put he's own sound and soul in their mixes, and this way they create five ... See full review
posted a comment on Lange - We Are Lucky People. over 7 years ago
this man is one of the few trance artists that stay in the roots of real trance sound,
even the vocal songs sounds awesome and not has the pop chessy sound that artists like dash berlin or even armin put in their tunes,
all the tunes has an amazing ... See full review