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posted a comment on Just-Ice - Cold Gettin' Dumb. 11 months ago
for me hip hop peaked with this record, now when i hear some wetwipe talking about how they deliver true raw hip hop, its never gonna stand up to this record so whats the point?
posted a comment on The 2 Live Crew - 2 Live Is What We Are. 11 months ago
Cut It Up is sheer joy - that classy break pattern on the 808, MC's bringing intelligence with the DJ homage rhymes, and the scratching laser sharp and integral to the track. Loved this back in the day, traipsed to London to get this LP on import
posted a comment on Mac Attack - The Art Of Drums. 11 months ago
DJ Cheese used to cut this up on some of his sets
posted a comment on Sly & Robbie - Boops (Here To Go) Remix. 11 months ago
i hope lots of people like the normal mix cos its a half decent song but we all here for the CK Mackintosh scratching and nothing is gonna change that!!!
posted a comment on Mantronix - Music Madness. 11 months ago
such an amazing progression in sound and production for the entire genre/ any genre.
posted a comment on True Mathematics - After Dark. 11 months ago
cmon, where's the love for this tune!!!!!! used to rinse both sides of this bad boy back in the day, sounds of the summer!
posted a comment on Seville Featuring Jazzy J* - Envious. 11 months ago
Great record with an almost Schooly D messy/ loose production style (scratching with out much xfader etc) not the most obvious target for Omar Santana's wild machine like edits but somehow it goes together really well. Nice to see how well its aged... See full review
posted a comment on Boogie Down Productions - Criminal Minded. 11 months ago
i recall studying it as a kid and thinking its some street coolness to deliberately put in errors to ''keep it real''.....if it were my homework its a straight F
posted a comment on Cygnus (5) - Liquid Sunlight EP. 11 months ago
Another astonishing release from Cygnus. Behold the amazing slice of driving electronic funk that is ''Crystals In Your Mind'' - old school electro crafted with depth and attitude. Its gotta be up there with the all time great electro tracks.
posted a comment on Reedale Rise - Paraffin Podcasts 007. 11 months ago
This is an absolute game changing performance and I have not stopped listening to it since release. Well done RR!
posted a comment on Pip Williams (2) / DeFeKT (8) - Modular Realms. about 1 year ago
An absolute giant 12, with Error in rep. clinching best track, but honestly take your pick. I tend to judge a lot of electro 12's against the quality and timeless appeal of this release.
posted a comment on Low Tape. about 1 year ago
Get to know Low Tape.....this guy is putting out some serious under the radar, underrated, underground electro.
posted a comment on Cream Soda (2) Vs. Roy Of The Ravers - Split Project #1. about 1 year ago
I think the two Cream Soda tracks are brilliant - chunky rollers, oddball, bags of fun - love it. Pairing them with ROTR is genius - a great EP
posted a comment on No Moon - Sirens EP. about 1 year ago
Title track is the one. An absolute killer electro breaks excursion. That bass tho! A wall of solid low frequency energy, no melodies, no pretence, no judge no jury. Will almost certainly have the promoter scuttling over bumping his gums about redlining lol. See full review
posted a comment on MSRG - Khazar EP. about 1 year ago
Very accomplished clean and genuine electro, addictive melodies and patterns, breathing new life into the genre without leaving behind the classic electro sounds and textures (think Electroids!) we all love and want. Very into this. A debut too! Cant... See full review
posted a comment on Kosh (7) - Null 212 . about 1 year ago
Pure high grade electronic funk, with depth. I would ideally want a second copy, as both a-side tracks deserve never to be played apart in a mix, so good are they.
posted a comment on Drax - Drax Two. over 2 years ago
Middle Earth is a beautiful track, warm emotional pads, bell like leads, organic bubbling synth and looping bassline.
posted a comment on Eo - Eo. over 3 years ago
The top track AD 2600 shapeshifts between lofty electro, then morphs into some crisp techno. All coated in epic ambient synth work. You dont often get that switch between styles, so those shuffling 909 hats sound really special when they come in... See full review
submitted OpziO - Now & Then EP. over 5 years ago
submitted OpziO - Now & Then EP. over 5 years ago
submitted OpziO - Invert EP. over 5 years ago
posted a comment on Various - Rhythm Zone Vol. 1. over 6 years ago
Nice comp! Heavyweight wax, sounds nice if you get a mint version. No slouchers on the production credits
posted a comment on The Railway Raver. over 7 years ago
I adore RR too. Its my most played Rephlex album by far. Automatic Tasty has a similar sound - - but as a purist, RR is the best at that minimal mellow acid uplifting sound.
posted a comment on T. La Rock* - Breakin' Bells. over 10 years ago
I cannot quite believe I'm the first to comment here on Breakin' Bells Omer Santana Mix. This mix is total future shock - great Mantronix beats viciously edited to perfection by Omar Santana, into a long and luxurious drum sample workout that really... See full review
posted a review of Chep Nuñez. over 16 years ago
Hopefully now the work of these razor blade edit artists (for want of a better name) will gain the recognition they deserve. Check out T La Rocks 'breakin bells' with Omar Santana's edits, Mantronix megamixes from the first couple of LP's. Then there... See full review
posted a review of The Shamen - En-Tact. over 17 years ago
a truly great LP/CD, even if you had never heard a peep from then again after this record it would still be fantastic. A totally varied and interesting listen all the way through, another classic from the good old early 90's!
posted a review of A Man Called Adam - The Apple. over 17 years ago
a classic masterpeice - cool production bring out some great house/ electronic sounds and soaring vocals. yup, another of the great classic LP's from the early 90's
posted a review of Neutron 9000 - The Green House Effect. over 17 years ago
A crystal clean bubbly techno LP that has a sound of its own. minimalist and electronic, it has an almost rephlex-like quality to it, with simple kraftwork melodies and was quite inspirational, now and 13 years ago!
posted a review of Renegade Soundwave. over 17 years ago
RSW was one a handfull of creative elements that carved out new sounds from the UK scene in early 90's. long before the jungle/D&B scenes, dust/chemical bros. and bigbeat, they were using heavy breaks and looped samples, as the main elements to the... See full review