"I like the stink of the streets. It makes me feel good. And I like the smell of it, it opens up my lungs. And it gives me a hard-on."
Noodles, in Once Upon a Time in America.

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PS: frustration of not having a record is a good thing in record collecting, like kid's frustration of not having the latest fancy toy is a healthy and positive thing.
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submitted Duncan - Ma Vie Mon Rap. about 1 month ago
submitted Djanis Le Sanguin - Requièm Pour Un Fou. about 1 month ago
submitted Yves Pruède, Jacques Niopel, Daniel Neuranter - Le Trio D'Anches. about 1 month ago
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submitted Lord Kendal - La Folie. about 1 month ago
posted a comment on Various - Pencak Killa II - Melayu Funk & Rare Groove From South East Asia. 3 months ago
The A side is a masterpiece of heavily groovy and funky tracks. Just press rewind!
The B side is more soul-focused IMO, but it still delivers! That's a compilation that is worth any penny.

Kudos to the label folks that made the world know about those ... See full review
submitted Various - Compilation M6 / Rockland. 3 months ago
submitted Charles Mingus - Jazz Composers Workshop. 3 months ago
submitted The Equals - The Best Of The Equals. 3 months ago
submitted Love International - Dance On The Groove (And Do The Funk). 3 months ago
submitted Giulio Di Dio - Giulio Di Dio. 3 months ago
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submitted CoSHMAR* & DJ First (2) - Spirit Soul 91 Présente Hip-Hop Classique Vol 1. 5 months ago
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submitted Jacky Galou - Le Chemin Des Amis. 5 months ago
submitted François Lombard Joue J.-S. Bach* & D. Buxtehude* - L'Association Cercle Kallistos Présente François Lombard A L'Orgue De La Chapelle Notre-Dame Des Dunes De Dunkerque. 5 months ago
submitted David Aubriand - Piano. 5 months ago
submitted Jean-Daniel Mercier - Edgar Détective Cambrioleur (Bande Originale Du Feuilleton TV). 6 months ago
posted a comment on P.J. Sten* - Dans Mon HLM. 6 months ago
Unverified info found on the net:

Ultra confidentiel 45 tours monoface une dizaine d'exemplaires) ; pastiche de la pochette & cover du titre de l'album "Marche à l'ombre" de Renaud

Obscure single-sided 7inch (around 10 copies). Cover of Renaud's "Dans ... See full review
submitted P.J. Sten* - Dans Mon HLM. 6 months ago
submitted Nicky Davidson - Billy, Oh Billy, Billy Boy / Cathy. 6 months ago
submitted Lieutenant Tortion and Posse Thieves - Untitled. 6 months ago
submitted Wil Malone - Les Bubblies - Dans Le Jardin. 6 months ago
posted a comment on Napoleon Da Legend* + DJ Doom (2) - Path Of A Warrior. 6 months ago
Agreed! And so glad to see Eddie Sancho name on the credits too (hip hop heads understand what I mean). Missing those releases from D&D Studios so much...
submitted Sun Ra And His Arkestra* - Media Dreams. 7 months ago
submitted Sun Ra - Hidden Fire (Volume 3 & 4). 7 months ago
submitted Stan Kenton - New Concepts Of Artistry In Rhythm. 7 months ago
submitted Sun Ra - When Spaceships Appear. 7 months ago
submitted Sun Ra - Days Of Happiness. 7 months ago
posted a comment on The Don Rendell / Ian Carr Quintet - The Complete Lansdowne Recordings 1965 - 1969. 7 months ago
"They have destroyed the reputation of record Store Day"... I cannot agree more, that's why I have stopped buying on Record Store Day for some years now... don't worry, you will survive it (frustration is healthy sometimes)

PS: if you DO mind the ... See full review
posted a comment on KAL- EL (2) - Astrodoomeda. 8 months ago
Absolutely not my type of music but I just liked the passion sweating from your comment, so shout out to you and for those who will wisely follow your recommandation.
submitted Brenda (30) - Sam Dynamite (Générique De L'Emission). 8 months ago
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