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posted a comment on Aleksi Perälä - Boom Blaster. over 3 years ago
Broken link.
posted a review of Yppah - Eighty One. over 5 years ago
Absolutely beautiful, many of these songs are very moving. D. Song, for example, has a spectacular vocal section and goes from a rather average song to utter catharsis in less than 3 minutes flat. Congratulations and a huge thank you for this work of art.
posted a review of Skeetaz - Off. over 6 years ago
This album is excellent! Crazy in your face twisted blasting ruffled brain warps in smooth luscious deep full grinds that will make your ass move in some uncontrollable but pleasurable way... aaaah yes
posted a review of Architect - Consume Adapt Create. over 7 years ago
For those who wonder what this album is like, the other reviews on this page make it seem as if we have some 'Venetian Snares' kinda sound going on here, with something extremely original, and fast.

This album is good, but it certainly isn't ... See full review
posted a review of Cutterblade - Cutterblade. over 11 years ago
The absolute best record in my collection. Zones are established, subtle guitars pluck in and out textures of flowing movements inside beats and tones. Mood is thick and rythmical. Mind is carried away in a mantra of clicks, basses and echos. Absolutly ... See full review