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posted a review of Taksi. 2 months ago
How talented are these two guys? Everything they did was nothing less than awesome. Every single track.
Pole Recordings
posted a review of Pole Recordings. 2 months ago
Highest quality label that has its eyes on the future rather than the past; and eschews the neotrance, commercial 'euphoria' that certain other labels are stinking up the scene with at the moment.
Interface - Toytown E.P.
posted a comment on Interface - Toytown E.P.. 11 months ago
'Junior Space Cadet' is eight glorious minutes of lunatic aciiiiiiiiiid and sparse percussion that pitches you into that same euphoric trance state where the early acid took us. Total gay abandon.
Liaisons D.* - Heartbeat
posted a comment on Liaisons D.* - Heartbeat. about 1 year ago
Future FJP: The Thunderdome, Miles Platting; Hacienda, Whitworth Street West; Konspiracy, Fennel Street. I also believe there was something on the A side as well.
Sonic Solution - Quest
posted a review of Sonic Solution - Quest. about 1 year ago
'Music' deserves the accolades it gets, but, for me, 'Quest' entirely eclipses it; and, if you need to know the reason: it's those bleeps and that solid techno vibe that are the entirety of its construction.
DJ Skull - The Graveyard Orchestra Remixes
posted a review of DJ Skull - The Graveyard Orchestra Remixes. about 1 year ago
The original's proper house music, and cannot be remixed in my opinion. Nevertheless, Random XS do a great attempt—producing a tough, driving, techno banger that makes you want to leap around with a big, lunatic grin stuck to your face.
Various - Fuck The Superclubs E.P.
posted a review of Various - Fuck The Superclubs E.P.. about 1 year ago
'Scorpion Pills' = the best tune of 2021 so far. Absolutely bursting with the sort of superfunk that's a characteristic of Wavescape 22, this is a real arse moving, head... See full review
Alignment (2) - Infinity
posted a review of Alignment (2) - Infinity. about 1 year ago
Bought this on repress, primarily for 'Alienist'—which is a real riff beast—but also for the title track; as they're both dark, peak time killers that'll keep any dancefloor sweaty and full.
Bileebob - Call Me
posted a review of Bileebob - Call Me. about 1 year ago
Take the 'DNA' of Prince, sprinkle it into Mad Mike's, stir well and cook on a medium heat in a Detroit oven. Michelin Star stuff.
Thomas Krome - Shockabuku Volume 2
posted a comment on Thomas Krome - Shockabuku Volume 2. about 1 year ago
Dancing to this is why God gave me legs. An absolute perfect storm of darkness and funk.
Roog Unit - Nu Rebels Club E.P
posted a review of Roog Unit - Nu Rebels Club E.P. about 1 year ago
Two of the finest talents around produce one of the finest releases around; 'Edge 2' being especially good, as there's so much going on throughout, with its bloops (not bleeps) and percussion.
Various - Gemstones Emerald
posted a review of Various - Gemstones Emerald. about 1 year ago
Spectacular sägezahn from Thomas Heckmann again; with deliberate skippy bits and jangly bleeps. The rest is more industrial, dark and also excellent. Dig deep and purchase.
UR* - Codebreaker
posted a review of UR* - Codebreaker. about 1 year ago
B2 is sick, dark and sinister machine funk that's trance inducing. Long overdue for an appearance on Telekom Electronic Beats' B-Sides feature.
Brad Strider* - Bradley's Beat
posted a review of Brad Strider* - Bradley's Beat. about 1 year ago
I wish that I could believe that this was released in 1991: as it'd have stood out like a fifteen inch cock amongst all the Belgian 'nosebleed' of the time; bringing with it a nice touch of subtly. However, as with WGYSS and Iron_Shirt, I... See full review
Oscar Mulero - Tormenta EP
posted a review of Oscar Mulero - Tormenta EP. about 1 year ago
Superb 'forward thinking' techno from Spain; comprising of trippy, rough squelches and some nicely subtle percussion. To quote Jockey Slut from way back: the future has a pulse.
Insider - Destiny
posted a review of Insider - Destiny. about 1 year ago
'Mentasm' driven madness on both sides. I love techno like this: all frequency changes that take you on a foot shuffling journey. Some people might call this monotonous—I say: 'fuck you'.
Leo Anibaldi, Robert Armani - Magic Tricks
posted a comment on Leo Anibaldi, Robert Armani - Magic Tricks. about 1 year ago
808 State show, Sunset 102, 18th February 1992: Darren Partington calls 'Syntex' a "tune and a half", and one 'that takes you back to 1988/89'. His way of making clear what we all know: that... See full review
Kerrie - Before Calm EP
posted a review of Kerrie - Before Calm EP. about 1 year ago
Most Excellent four tracker from Eastern Bloc's own. The finest European influences meet Chicago acid and get beaten and thumped into exciting new shapes. True value for money.
Double Trouble - Gimme Some More
posted a review of Double Trouble - Gimme Some More. about 1 year ago
The Bass and Dub mixes are the two to check here. Excellent borrowing of the iconic riffs of Testone and [url=]Acid... See full review
Various - Acid II Sound Of The Underground
posted a comment on Various - Acid II Sound Of The Underground. about 1 year ago
'Ain't It Funky' is one of Fast Eddie's finest tunes; up there with the likes of Acid Thunder—even if not quite surpassing it. Flap those arms and... See full review
Mr Lee* - Pump Up Chicago
posted a comment on Mr Lee* - Pump Up Chicago. about 1 year ago
Ditto. But I've never been able to understand what he says after "at the jungle".
Two On Acid - Two On Acid
posted a review of Two On Acid - Two On Acid. about 1 year ago
Say Again: one of the best tracks ever produced. Anywhere. Bleepy and robotic like a dancing mainframe.
A.G.E.* - Strange Out Sight E.P.
posted a review of A.G.E.* - Strange Out Sight E.P.. about 1 year ago
'Infinity' is a pounding piece of 303 madness that seems to be exclusive to this release; with its psychedelic acid and trippy percussion combining to dance on the endorphins. The live version of 'Spectral Emotions' is an interesting variant on its... See full review
Justin Berkovi Presents BTrax - Black & Orange E.P.
posted a comment on Justin Berkovi Presents BTrax - Black & Orange E.P.. about 1 year ago
The A side is my own personal favourite Justin Berkovi tune of all time. Superbly funky and freaky, it's a huge pleasure to dance to; and you will dance—even if you're dead.
TPH / WJH* - Wildwechsel
posted a review of TPH / WJH* - Wildwechsel. about 1 year ago
A deceptively laid back sägezahn track, that's both relaxing and energetic—a sort of languid riot—making it useful both at peak and towards the end of the night. I love those frequency changes.
Electro Nation - We R Electro Nation
posted a review of Electro Nation - We R Electro Nation. about 1 year ago
The chilled bleeps of 'Pluto's Demise' are my own personal highlight of this release. Its nice, relaxing, retro vibe drags a pleasant sensation up the spine.
House Hallucinates - Prisoners Of Ecstasy
posted a review of House Hallucinates - Prisoners Of Ecstasy. about 1 year ago
The 'House Mix' is the perfect combination of acid and piano to have the dancefloor bouncing. Whilst the 'New York Hardcore Mix' is chunky synths and police siren; all of which will have the same effect. Teutonic excellence again.
Corrado Izzo - The Golden Age Interpretations [Part Two]
posted a review of Corrado Izzo - The Golden Age Interpretations [Part Two]. about 1 year ago
The Sandbenders track at 33 rpm becomes a haunting, melancholic, mournful trip; one that sounds so good, I want it to be the music for my funeral. The best strings this side of Adagio.
Housetime Records
posted a comment on Housetime Records. about 1 year ago
That's a fair question, as the only evidence I can offer is the link to the mix. That's circular I know, but I'm trusting enough to take the word of whoever compiled the mix; especially as I'd have expected someone to challenge the inaccuracy by now... See full review
Justin Berkovi - Rich Bitches & Superstuds #1
posted a review of Justin Berkovi - Rich Bitches & Superstuds #1. about 1 year ago
All four tracks on this release are excellent, but I'm so in love with 'Antarctica' that I completely ignore the other three. Deep, sensitive and danceable is the most concise description. Check out the mini crescendo near the end; and if you ever... See full review
Hell - Totmacher
posted a review of Hell - Totmacher. about 1 year ago
Music For Films is a druggy, smokey basement jam. DJ Hell's finest moment.

Agree with those sentiments one hundred per cent: it's an absolute epitome of deep, eerie and paranoid. Hell means bright in German—this is its... See full review
Housetime Records
posted a comment on Housetime Records. about 1 year ago
The track is Ess & Dee - A.C.I.D. Washed. The Vimeo link should cue straight to it.
Housetime Records
posted a comment on Housetime Records. about 1 year ago
Number nine hasn't been entered into the database yet, but can be heard here:

The list for the mix is here:
808 State - In Yer Face
posted a comment on 808 State - In Yer Face. about 1 year ago
Absolutely correct. 808 State span this on their Sunset 102 show in July 1990, not long after its recording. They spoke all over it, of course, to avoid people taping it instead of buying. 😁
Heckmann* - Stardust / Slotmachine
posted a comment on Heckmann* - Stardust / Slotmachine. about 1 year ago
Hooks fly in all directions on this gem of a title track. A joy to dance to—and a great riff on that Heckmann signature sound.
Together - Hardcore Uproar
posted a comment on Together - Hardcore Uproar. about 1 year ago
If it was the Unit 7 party on the 4th February, then here it is:

Though I'm not sure if you mean the Nelson party on the 24th.
Age - Strange Insight EP
posted a review of Age - Strange Insight EP. over 2 years ago
I rinsed 'Third Sphere' upon buying this; it being an acid journey par excellence. Your feet will follow the mind's course being traced by the 303 squelch and trippy moog drifting like mist. The denouement of 'Strange Insight' and the downtempo... See full review
Coldcut Featuring Lisa Stansfield - People Hold On
posted a review of Coldcut Featuring Lisa Stansfield - People Hold On. over 2 years ago
A more deeply contrasting 12 is hard to find. Hitman & Her bollox on the A side, that makes me wanna puke; one of the finest British—or anywhere for that matter—acid house tunes on the B, that's a credit to the scene—and is perfect for a dark,... See full review
N-Joi - Anthem
posted a review of N-Joi - Anthem. over 2 years ago
Never mind the handbags: here's 'Malfunction'. Coming from that era of British techno characterised by thick, chunky synths—an era that was brief, dated quickly, but was bloody exhilarating—this track is the only good reason to buy this twelve: unless... See full review
X-102 - Flyby
posted a review of X-102 - Flyby. over 2 years ago
This is worth getting just for the incredible 'Mimas', which was previously only available on vinyl here. Jeff Mills' finest moment for me: as it's... See full review
The Sandman - Psychosis
posted a review of The Sandman - Psychosis. over 2 years ago
Heard this on Mix Factory's Sunset 102 show on the Sunday—went out and bought it at Eastern Bloc the following Saturday. In between was an almighty scramble for a pen and paper so I wouldn't... See full review
Heckmann* - Release The Pain
posted a review of Heckmann* - Release The Pain . over 2 years ago
Chunky sägezahn techno with filter effects that sounds incredible on a big system. Spotless production as always; you should be hearing this everywhere that's worth its salt. Geil.
Last Rhythm - Last Rhythm
posted a comment on Last Rhythm - Last Rhythm. over 2 years ago
No need for a RECAP of what's been already said about this all time anthem, but, if you're DJing an old school night and want to send the old folks home with a grin across their faces, then make the last tune of the night this one.
Various - Infidel Selection Volume II
posted a review of Various - Infidel Selection Volume II. over 3 years ago
Scorching hot sägezahn track from Herr Heckmann; with a 'drill' bassline and a Parrot Torture synth squawking away, determined to be heard. I'd love to have this on... See full review
Motion Unit - Motion Unit Vol. 1
posted a comment on Motion Unit - Motion Unit Vol. 1. over 3 years ago
Sorry to hear that, as this is one of the best acid records of all time. Super funky; super squelchy; super fun.
Mike Ink - 4 Remixe Für Andreas Dorau
posted a comment on Mike Ink - 4 Remixe Für Andreas Dorau. over 3 years ago
Many thanks for the information. I'll re-edit my original comment to reflect this.
Various - Overdreams
posted a review of Various - Overdreams. over 3 years ago
Here's one to tickle your g-spot. Four top quality productions from top quality names. Thomas Heckmann provides a gritty, grinding track which is a further evolution of his sound: this is sägezahn revised—sägezahn plus. WarinD & Huren's contribution... See full review
Thomas P.Heckmann* - Bone Breaker EP
posted a review of Thomas P.Heckmann* - Bone Breaker EP. over 3 years ago
What a brutal release this is. 'Bonkers' is appropriately named: mad acid, but not any of the pallid imitations of Chicago's past that you may be familiar with: rather, a fluttering, squishy, gurn inducing stomper. 'Breaking Bones' is like a high... See full review
Exit 100 - Liquid
posted a comment on Exit 100 - Liquid. over 3 years ago
The punk sample at the beginning of 'Bubble One' was added without Mr. Heckmann's knowledge or permission. The Bandcamp version (where I got this info from) has this omitted.
Thomas P. Heckmann - Body Music
submitted Thomas P. Heckmann - Body Music. over 4 years ago