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posted a review of Boofy - In My Head. 2 months ago
B-lines from Hades. Heavyweight, forward thinking dubstep that'll stir up a hurricane in your sub-woofers. All four tracks equally good and equally essential.
posted a comment on Second Phase - Mentasm. 2 months ago
[quote=8892sales] There is a chance that Mentasm might've been produced or at least in the middle of being produced since 1990 but released in 1991, that's depending on who one wants to believe. More brief discussion here ... See full review
posted a review of Heckmann* - Outrage EP. 2 months ago
Percussive led hooks swarm all over the title track; all the while doused in a huge, throbbing, brooding sub-bass that'll rattle your internal organs on a big system. Magnifico.
posted a review of Drax - Drax One. 3 months ago
Four blinding tracks; some of which are a reminder of what trance used to be. 'Transduction' is the best one for me: an acid riff monster, with some brutal percussion crashing all around it.
posted a comment on Phuture Assassins - Future Sound (Two Bad Mice Remix). 3 months ago
Love 'African Sanctus' which is exactly as AskeladdenBlack describes; it quoting the Gospel of Matthew 16:26/Mark 8:36/Luke 9:25.
posted a review of Thomas P. Heckmann - Body Music Remixes. 3 months ago
Four blistering reworks, all of which do suitable homage to the originals; but a special mention must be given to CJ Bolland, who it's good to see back and on great form. If you're not hearing these at your local club night, then you need to go somewhere ... See full review
posted a review of Shinedoe - Mutant Frequencies. 4 months ago
Mutant Frequencies: Chugs along very pleasantly; with aspects of it reminiscent of Heckmann's Sodom & Gomorrha: a ... See full review
posted a review of Robert Armani - 98. 4 months ago
Bonus track is Armani's best ever work; a funky sägezahn beast punctuated by claps, round which the bassline twists and slithers.
posted a comment on James Ruskin - Sabre / Massk. 4 months ago
Sabre is a track that's so stunningly original and brilliant, it causes mental short circuits.
posted a review of Heckmann* - Tanzmusik. 4 months ago
Spectacularly superb album from Mr. Heckmann; with ten trax of pounding techno brilliance, from the sägezahn poundings of the title track, the Age echoing 'Sodom & Gomorrha', to the all round danceable ... See full review
posted a comment on Second Phase - Mentasm. 4 months ago
Misleading editing. I doubt that Renaat was referring to Energy Flash when making his comments; it just gives the doc a dramatic flow.
posted a comment on Thomas P. Heckmann - Body Music. 4 months ago
Your taste is your own, and is no less valid than mine or anyone else's. However, as quite a simple person, a lack of complexity doesn't phase me. I just want to dance. 😁
posted a comment on Mike Ink - 4 Remixe Für Andreas Dorau. 5 months ago
Thanks for that correction. Very much appreciated. I'll edit the original comment.
posted a review of Ultrahigh - The Revenge Of The Maya Gods / Teotihuacan. 5 months ago
'Maya' quite simply has the greatest intro in music history*. Two minutes that lead into another six of fog horns and squelch. Awesome techno from supremely talented producers.

*Highly subjective opinions may vary.
posted a comment on Turntable Overload - T.T.O.. 6 months ago
I have a copy. It's the Made on Earth white label version (Fantasy UFO mix).
posted a comment on Welt In Scherben - Das Ende Vom Lied. 6 months ago
It is Mr. Barrett. TPH has also tributed him by recording under the Syd pseudonym.
posted a comment on Damon Wild & Tim Taylor - Bang The Acid. 7 months ago
Not got much to add to what's already been said about this monster tune that tore down the walls back in '95; except, that if there's one tune in all the world I wish Thomas Heckmann would ... See full review
posted a review of Thomas P. Heckmann - Body Music. 10 months ago
We’ve had the starter, now for the main course, and what a feast it is: 14 tracks that grab you by the balls and run straight for the dancefloor. EBM funk, acid ... See full review
submitted Thomas P. Heckmann - Body Music. 10 months ago
posted a review of Various - Molekül 12. 10 months ago
Heckmann's track is full on '92 acid nostalgia, with a 303 loop that's well in your face, reminiscent of Proper, ... See full review
posted a review of Thomas P. Heckmann - Body Music Album Teaser. 10 months ago
TPH introduces his forthcoming album with three red hot tunes, ranging from the sägezahn mentalism of Zeitmaschine, through electro and crazy techno. The best release of 2018? Only till the album's out.
submitted Thomas P. Heckmann - Body Music Album Teaser. 10 months ago
posted a review of The Smiley People - It Makes Me Haaappy. about 1 year ago
The 'Happy Happy Mix' is the superior of the two; straightforward, simple acid with very satisfying frequency changes, all over a kick and cowbell I'm sure have been sampled from Phuture's ... See full review
posted a review of Heckmann* - Backlash / Global Native. about 1 year ago
'Backlash' is a "superb bass-heavy" track of sägezahn mentalness, with the buzzing b-line overlaying another hooky, funky one. Lots of phasing and fx as accompaniment; this will always sound awesome.
posted a comment on Stasis - Sound Of Stas. about 1 year ago
You mean you don't want to spend one million pounds for it? ;)
posted a review of Heckmann* - Acid Seduction 4. about 1 year ago
'Acidicted' is the track people were going nuts about when it was heard in Mr. Heckmann's set at Unpolished several months back. One of the best acid tunes of recent ... See full review
posted a comment on Nachtstrom Schallplatten. about 1 year ago
Some of the finest quality techno comes from this label, whose consistent high standard makes it a worthy successor to the great ... See full review
posted a review of Terrace - Straight Trippin'. about 1 year ago
'Illegal Moves' is a dementedly paranoid sägezahn track that meanders all over, and is total genius. The other five tunes are less mental, but still unhinged, making this one of Djax's best releases (and that's no mean feat).
posted a comment on Floorplan - Let The Church EP. about 1 year ago
Highest quality Gospel tech-house with an important message, from a long standing legend. You expect nothing else from this man.
posted a comment on Andreas Kremer vs. Grimes - Lifeform Activity. about 1 year ago
Love the B2 Grimes track; with its machine, robotic qualities, and weird vocal.
posted a comment on AFX* - London 03.06.17. about 1 year ago
No, blame the sellers. How can any vinyl be worth £440?
posted a review of Welt In Scherben - Eisen Im Feuer. about 1 year ago
I love Welt In Scherben releases: (i) Because sägezahn is my favourite style of techno, and WIS releases are mainly that; (ii) Because every single track that's been released under this name has been an absolute scorcher. Therefore, it's something of a ... See full review
posted a review of DJ T-1000 AKA Alan Oldham - Ratchet Traxx . about 1 year ago
Ghetto tech on BPitch? Perhaps I shouldn't be surprised, as it's a top drawer four tracker from a legend of techno. Not as fast, nor as nasty as, say, the Dance Mania stuff; but nasty enough, with ... See full review
posted a review of 30drop - The Time Of Cruel Miracles LP. about 1 year ago
I'm not usually that keen on techno albums. There are some notable ... See full review
posted a review of Thomas P. Heckmann - Acid Seduction 3. about 1 year ago
The complete acid madness that TPH is renowned for, from the train tribute of 'Nozomi 303', to the EBM glazed 'Halcyon Days', to the squelchy fun of 'Black Dope' and 'Acidulent'. The usual fine attention's been applied to the percussion as well as the ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Solstice Black Compilation #02. over 2 years ago
The two Thomas Heckmann contributions are the gems on here; especially Astrogator, which consists of the tough, sägezahn rhythms you expect when he records under this moniker. Shame it's not on vinyl.
posted a comment on Jörg Henze. over 2 years ago
The scene's all the poorer for Mr. Henze's current absence from it. One of the best producers around.
posted a review of Return Of The Living Acid - Twin Tub. over 2 years ago
The title's an homage to Larry Heard, whilst the riff's [Twin Tub's] an homage to Siouxsie And The Banshees; being a huge rip of Happy House. Legendary release from a ... See full review
posted a comment on Duane And Co.* - Hardcore Jazz. over 2 years ago
Proper fucking House music. "Dance with sweaty underpants. Dance. Dance."
posted a review of Heckmann* - Fist Up High EP. over 2 years ago
Elite grade four tracker from Mr. Heckmann. A side consists of two signature sägezahn scorchers; so if you liked his Wavescape releases, buy this. VSK delivers a great remix on B, well worthy of the 12. Whilst the original is slightly more ... See full review
posted a review of Various - Chemistry Audio EP. over 2 years ago
Four finest cuts of techno; nice and chunky, with the Eastern flavour of 'Snake of the Ganges' being the tastiest slice. David Meiser is a real talent.
posted a comment on Dave Clarke - Red 2. over 2 years ago
Gonk's the one for me (fatty). Detroit samples, acid and mad excitement.
posted a review of TD5 (2) - Future Classics E.P.. over 2 years ago
Environment Sensor: beautifully atmospheric, with a simple acid line, film(?) sample and vox repitition. For some reason, it [the intro] puts me in mind of a scientific research ship out in the middle of the ocean (that, or an alien planet).
posted a review of Vohkinne - Bathed In Dust. over 2 years ago
All tracks are excellent, but I bought this mainly for the Patrik Skoog remix, and its blippy, machine music vibe. Wetwork wouldn't be out of place on Trope Recordings back in the 90s. Really good stuff, all round.
posted a review of Nicely - My Wife Rants On EP. over 2 years ago
After hearing Pineapple Rülisch on the 808 State show in early 1996, I genuinely thought it could be a new Age release from Thomas Heckmann. It's in that vein: exciting, squelchy acid that takes both mind and feet on a journey.
posted a comment on No Artist - Discogs Sandbox Release™. over 2 years ago
Can't believe I'm the first to comment on this. Highest end sandboxing that never seems to age.
posted a review of Terrence Dixon Pres Population One - Temporary Insanity EP. over 2 years ago
What an awesome release this is. A1 is one of those choice cuts of Detroit techno that'll have you freaking on the floor when you hear it in a club. Lovely old school tinge to it. A2 has a more mellow vibe that's ideal for listening at home; with its ... See full review
submitted Vohkinne - Bathed In Dust. over 2 years ago
posted a review of Heckmann* - Acid Seduction 2. over 2 years ago
If you liked Mr. Heckmann's 90s acid releases, then you'll love this. Four top end 303 tracks, full of madness and squelch. 'Acid To The Future' is the one I like the most, with 'Machine Banger' not far behind with its raw energy.
submitted Heckmann* - Acid Seduction 2. over 2 years ago