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posted a review of Prinzhorn Dance School - Prinzhorn Dance School. over 4 years ago
Immediately tedious. Boring. Derivative of all the worst qualities. And it goes downhill from there. This would be merely embarrassing as poetry; as music, it's torture.
posted a review of Gary Martin - Another Place. over 6 years ago
Disc One of this set is some of the cheesiest faux funk I've ever heard. It's basically elevator music. Disc Two, however, is one of my favorite tech house mixes of all time. I'm surprised that they don't repel each other and explode out of the CD case. ... See full review
posted a comment on The Sabres Of Paradise - Sabresonic. over 7 years ago
My favorite "acknowledgment" of all time is printed on the back: "THE SABRES OF PARADISE would definitely NOT like to thank God!"
posted a review of Pet Shop Boys - Nightlife. over 7 years ago
I felt extremely betrayed by this album. Up to 1999, I had at least liked virtually every PSB song; most of them I loved. There are maybe two songs on this album that I can stomach. The production credits for Craig Armstrong explain things a little, but ... See full review
posted a comment on The Chemical Brothers - Dig Your Own Hole. over 7 years ago
By far my favorite song of theirs. It all went downhill after this album.