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posted a comment on Royal House - Can You Party (B-Boy Remix). 3 days ago
And Mantronix lifted it from the following release: Digital Space Effects - Fix Your Own Mix! (1984) ;-)
posted a comment on Prodigy* - The Dirtchamber Sessions Volume One. 20 days ago
There's actually three versions:
1. Breezeblock Session (Mary Anne Hobbs show on BBC Radio 1) - 13th Oct 1998 - the original (I have a high-res FM recording of it and it's amazing).
2. Promo Copy - similar to the Breezeblock but shorter.
3. Official Release See full review
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Glen21 and the interviewer are definitely English; not South African.
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A lot of techno did come out of Belgium; some of it great. But it didn't originate from Belgium.

SeriousTechno is correct in his answer to you.

Furthermore, Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson & Juan Atkins - The Belleville Three -... See full review
submitted Massive Attack - BBC Radio 1 & 2 Session. 11 months ago
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Shara Nelson was a guest vocalist; she was never part of Massive Attack the group. Just as Tricky, Horace Andy, Nicolette, Tracey Thorn, Elizabeth Fraser, Sara Jay, Deborah Miller, Sinéad O'Connor, Damon Albarn, Guy Garvey, Hope Sandoval, Martina... See full review
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The 20th July 1996 Phoenix Festival appearance had Deborah Miller perform on Safe From Harm and Unfinished Sympathy, so Case is correct to have suggested Debbie.
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Even more interesting that they did it in 1994 and in the intervening 25 years (2019 at time of commenting) just how many mixes of any musical genre have matched it? Matched it in terms of musical flow, track selection, technicality, impact and... See full review
posted a comment on Sasha And John Digweed* - Northern Exposure. about 1 year ago
lol too right.

My own copy of this, whilst in ok but well played condition, has John Digweed's signature on the front of it (and I've a signed Northern Exposure poster too). I wonder if it would go for more money ;-)
posted a review of Snap! - The Essential Mix Show. about 1 year ago
This BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix was first broadcast on 7th May 1995. It was Snap!'s second of three Essential Mixes. It contains some great early Trance records. The second half of the mix (the second CD) increases the BPM and it's get harder. A great... See full review
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Did anyone ever have the cassette tape that was mixed by Dr. S. Gachet that mixed all these tunes up? I have a recording of it on a tape (second transfer). Been looking for an original of it for years, but it's never turned up.
submitted Cassetteboy - The Parker Tapes. over 2 years ago
posted a comment on Paul Oakenfold - The Goa Mix. over 3 years ago
Trance music was around way before this mix. Check out some of the The KLF stuff ;-)
But Oakey certainly helped to raise the awareness of Goa Trance.
posted a comment on James Lavelle & Mo'Wax Crew - 60 Min's Of Mo'Wax Shit. over 3 years ago
It's almost certainly a Psychonauts mix: Pablo Clements, Paul Mogg and Lionel Knisnorbo (Lionel was an original Psychonauts member but afaik didn't ever make any Psychonauts content); these three did the amazing Essential Mix on 15th Dec 1996.... See full review
posted a review of The KLF - Lost At Trancentral. over 3 years ago
This is a great CD of never before heard mixes of well know KLF tunes, plus a nice remix at the end. It's also a professional looking release with a good looking cardboard CD sleeve and a printed CD itself.

Here are the tracks:

01 - What Time Is... See full review
posted a comment on Clint Mansell - High-Rise (Original Soundtrack Recording). over 3 years ago
They never want it to be released apparently. It was for film only :-/

I've a great quality version from a BBC Radio transmission (320kbps aac direct source).
submitted Dr. Dre Featuring Eminem - Forgot About Dre. over 4 years ago
posted a review of Pete Tong / Paul Oakenfold / Jon Carter - Essential Mix 4. over 4 years ago
Pete Tong and Paul Oakenfold's mixes are decent and enjoyable, but the stand out mix is from Jon carter. Head and shoulders above the other two with his eclectic Big Beat party style mix. Highly recommended.
posted a review of Various - Brit Hop And Amyl House. over 4 years ago
A genuine classic Big Beat mix and highly recommended; it features so many great tracks. An equally good Big Beat style mix is [url=]The... See full review
submitted Various - 10 Of The Greatest Comedy Sketches, Ever! (Volume One). over 4 years ago
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[quote=DOCTOR_DIATRIBE23] Is this a studio mix or DJ mix....??? I.e. Was this produced in the studio with over dubs and sampes OR was this actually mixed on two turntables..? It seems too tight a mix for a turntable mix.... But I agree with everyone... See full review
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