UK Garage / Jungle / Drum 'n' Bass collector:

I have been collecting UK Garage records since about 1997 onwards but I turned to Drum 'n' Bass when the UK Garage scene became too commercial around 2002 and transformed into the 'Grime' scene.

I still collect UK Garage records between the years of 1996 - 2000, so if you have anything on my 'want list' or anything you think I might be interested in, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Scott Norman
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posted a review of The Streets - Don't Mug Yourself. over 15 years ago
It's all about the High Contrast remix of 'Has It Come To This'. As a drum 'n' bass lover and UK Garage / Speed Garage lover this is the ultimate as it is a mix of Double 99's 'RIP Groove' and The Streets 'Has It Come To This' with a high tempo and... See full review