I love: downtempo, deep house, acid jazz, trip hop, rare grooves, IDM, abstract hip hop. Not a DJ, just an obsessive collector. How cool is that, eh?

By the way, if you're interested in something from my collection, I suggest haunting eBay.
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Blue States - Trinity Tapes
submitted Blue States - Trinity Tapes. about 1 month ago
submitted Akari - Akaricentricc. 2 months ago
submitted Ken Uchida - Phase Three. 2 months ago
submitted Ken Uchida - Phase Two. 2 months ago
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Blue States - World Contact Day
submitted Blue States - World Contact Day. 3 months ago
Robag Wruhme - Avo Thal EP
submitted Robag Wruhme - Avo Thal EP. 7 months ago
Pnu Riff - Between The Downs
posted a review of Pnu Riff - Between The Downs. 11 months ago
Pnu Riff’s BETWEEN THE DOWNS is mostly a compilation of various EPs and 12”s on Holistic Recordings, but it’s a great way to showcase Paul Butler’s vision of eclectic jazz. The drums and piano of “Comfy Club” invite the listener to sit down and enjoy... See full review
Alter Ego - Alterism
posted a review of Alter Ego - Alterism. 11 months ago
ALTERISM is the remix accompaniment to Alter Ego’s second album, DECODING THE HACKER MYTH (in the US, the two were packaged together), and as such, the beats come back with a vengeance. Planetary Assault Systems takes his rhythmic aggression out on... See full review
Alter Ego - Decoding The Hacker Myth
posted a review of Alter Ego - Decoding The Hacker Myth. 11 months ago
Alter Ego’s second album, DECODING THE HACKER MYTH, starts with the chilly percussion of “Cyax, Pt. 1” before it shifts to angular harmonies between the strings and bass. “Cryonics,” meanwhile, seems to ride the IDM wave with its spare percussion and... See full review
Marc Romboy & Ken Ishii - Taiyo
posted a review of Marc Romboy & Ken Ishii - Taiyo. 12 months ago
Marc Romboy and Ken Ishii join forces for TAIYO, and the soothing start of “Gosa” might fool you into thinking that they’re taking things easy, but as the elements grow thicker, the melody ripples forth, with Ishii’s famous stabs of electronics.... See full review
Thomas Fehlmann - Böser Herbst
posted a review of Thomas Fehlmann - Böser Herbst. 12 months ago
Thomas Fehlmann shows no sign of slowing down, and on BOSER HERBST, his latest for Kompakt, he continues his looped explorations of sound, starting with the piano and hiss of “Vergessen,” while ”Karnickel” offers a woodwind in its place with brief... See full review
posted a review that has since been deleted. 12 months ago
Efdemin - New Atlantis
posted a review of Efdemin - New Atlantis. 12 months ago
Efdemin moves to his new home on Ostgut Ton for his fourth album, NEW ATLANTIS, and he continues his efforts to merge abstract ambience with electronic elegance. The hymn sung on “Oh, Lovely Appearance of Death” is given a solemn background. But “Good... See full review
Efdemin - Decay
posted a review of Efdemin - Decay. 12 months ago
Efdemin’s third album, DECAY, starts with the twinkle and thump of “Some Kind of Up and Down Yes,” an almost minimal track punctuated by odd vocal samples, while “Drop Frame” goes deeper. A heavier beat takes over “Transducer” that soon lends itself... See full review
Groove Armada - Song 4 Mutya
posted a review of Groove Armada - Song 4 Mutya. 12 months ago
SONG 4 MUTYA (OUT OF CONTROL) was undoubtedly the highlight of Groove Armada’s SOUNDBOY ROCK, and on this single, they offer up two remixes. Kissy Sellout gets things even perkier, but at the cost of mangling Buena’s vocals. Linus Loves keeps the... See full review
Groove Armada - White Light
posted a review of Groove Armada - White Light. 12 months ago
WHITE LIGHT is the shadow side to Groove Armada’s BLACK LIGHT, leaning more into the electronics. The acid and handclaps of “Warsaw,” for instance, soon give way to the rock energy or the original but without its other trappings. The same holds for... See full review
Mano Le Tough - Trails
posted a review of Mano Le Tough - Trails. 12 months ago
After the convincingly strong CHANGING DAYS, I was looking forward to Mano Le Tough’s follow-up, TRAILS. I was surprised on my first listen: the album as a whole is less reliant on the beats, and is more abstract overall, as with the sweeps and layers... See full review
Mano Le Tough - Changing Days
posted a review of Mano Le Tough - Changing Days. 12 months ago
Mano Le Tough’s debut album, CHANGING DAYS, could theoretically be classified as ‘indie dance’—it’s intensely personal but without giving up the rhythmic element—but its production shows a shine and thoughtfulness that helps it stand out. The opener,... See full review
WhoMadeWho - The Plot
posted a review of WhoMadeWho - The Plot. about 1 year ago
THE PLOT sees WhoMadeWho expand their instrumental range, starting with the woodwinds of “TV Friend” before Tomas Høffding’s vocals starts right on the ‘no’s,’ while the title track delves into some glam rock with an interesting electronic break at... See full review
WhoMadeWho - Knee Deep
posted a review of WhoMadeWho - Knee Deep. about 1 year ago
WhoMadeWho shift over to Kompakt for their third album, KNEE DEEP, and if anything’s gotten deeper, it’s the beats. “There’s an Answer” has a more insistent rhythm that shifts slower for the chorus, while “Every Minute Alone” channels the spirit... See full review
WhoMadeWho - Brighter
posted a review of WhoMadeWho - Brighter. about 1 year ago
BRIGHTER, WhoMadeWho’s second album on Kompakt, starts with the synth-pop of “Inside World,” bringing Høffding’s vocals right into focus. But the piano chords on “Running Man” show that they’re able to bring more thoughtful compositions to the fore as... See full review
Who Made Who* - Synchronicity
posted a review of Who Made Who* - Synchronicity. about 1 year ago
After a hiatus from Kompakt, WhoMadeWho return with SYNCHONICITY, an album of collaborations with other artists. They’ve grown fully into their electronic leanings, with the instrumental “Dream Hoarding” opening the album on a moody, meditative note... See full review
ADULT. - Anxiety Always
posted a comment on ADULT. - Anxiety Always. about 1 year ago
Are they paying you by the word to write this drivel?
WhoMadeWho - WhoMadeWho
posted a review of WhoMadeWho - WhoMadeWho. about 1 year ago
The Danish trio WhoMadeWho’s self-titled debut kicks off with the disco funk of “Rose,” and you know exactly what you’re in for. “Space For Rent” and “Small Wonders” make room for the twang of a slide guitar, or some tamboras to contrast the guitar... See full review
Jimpster - Silent Stars
posted a review of Jimpster - Silent Stars. about 1 year ago
The keys that kick off “Migrations,” the first track off SILENT STARS, shows Jimpster once again engaging his jazzy side before letting the groove kick in, and “Yansa” follows, building to a head with its increasing strings. “Sylvanshine” starts with... See full review
Jimpster - Porchlight And Rocking Chairs
posted a review of Jimpster - Porchlight And Rocking Chairs. about 1 year ago
After the more sedate AMOUR, it seems as if Jimpster might be keeping to that feel as the mellow "Jasmine Dragon" kicks off PORCHLIGHT AND ROCKING CHAIRS, and the gentle strumming on "Dance Of The Pharoes" only emphasize this more as it edges into an... See full review
The Herbaliser - Remedies
posted a review of The Herbaliser - Remedies. about 1 year ago
As an early signing to Ninja Tune, The Herbaliser's debut, REMEDIES, has a strong hip-hop influence, mixed with plenty of jazzy flourishes, if the scratching and horns on "Intro" weren't enough to convince you. "Scratchy Noise' leans into its bass,... See full review
Louie Austen - Heaven's Floor
posted a review of Louie Austen - Heaven's Floor. about 1 year ago
Louie Austen's tracks have always relied on the contrast of his Rat Pack-channeling vocals with electronic music -- a fun combination that the opening track, "Heaven (Is In The Back Seat Of My Cadillac)" lends into with its party vibe. "Open Up Your... See full review
Jimi Tenor - Sähkömies
posted a review of Jimi Tenor - Sähkömies. about 1 year ago
Jimi Tenor's debut, SAHKOMIES (named after Puu's parent label Sähkö) got re-released on Warp once they had picked him up as an artist, and it shows all the hallmarks of Tenor's work: the retro sound of "Theme Sax" suggests a lounge sensibility, and... See full review
Morgan* - Flying High
posted a review of Morgan* - Flying High. about 1 year ago
This second single for Morgan's FLYING HIGH sees him channeling the summery vibes of Air with some tinges of surf guitar, and Jadell adds some nice, mellow breaks to it, enhancing the mood with some Rhodes. The acoustic version strips everything down... See full review
Billie Ray Martin presents Sonnenstahl - Crime & Punishment
posted a review of Billie Ray Martin presents Sonnenstahl - Crime & Punishment. about 1 year ago
Billie Rae Martin continues dabbling in drum 'n' bass with her second EP as Sonnenstahl, CRIME & PUNISHMENT. "Systems Of Silence" introduces a dark edge that's soon buoyed by her vocals, while "Crime Of Passion" has a peppier step to it from the... See full review
Billie Ray Martin - The Soul Tapes
posted a review of Billie Ray Martin - The Soul Tapes. about 1 year ago
It's always a good thing when artists exercise their muscles instead of sticking with the same thing, even if their efforts don't always succeed. Such is the case with Billie Rae Martin with THE SOUL TAPES, as she moves from dance diva to soul singer.... See full review
Biggabush* Presents Lightning Head - 13 Faces Of Lightning Head
posted a review of Biggabush* Presents Lightning Head - 13 Faces Of Lightning Head. about 1 year ago
Bigga Bush (here under his Lightning Head guise) is well-known for his electronic takes on Jamaican dub, and 13 FACES OF LIGHTNING HEAD offers a taster's choice of it. "The N.P.G." brings on the horns, accompanied by a simple, layered guitar, and... See full review
Aril Brikha - Safe & Sound, Part II
submitted Aril Brikha - Safe & Sound, Part II. about 1 year ago
Aril Brikha - Safe & Sound, Part I
submitted Aril Brikha - Safe & Sound, Part I. about 1 year ago
DSP* - In The Red
posted a review of DSP* - In The Red. about 1 year ago
Dynamic Syncopation's second (and final) album goes IN THE RED, full of funky breaks and hip-hop style right from the get-go with the deep and groovy "Systematic" to contrast the mysterious funk and female M.C. fronted "Where Is It." A rhythm bass... See full review
Various - Perfect Remixes Vol. 3
posted a review of Various - Perfect Remixes Vol. 3. about 1 year ago
DJ Tiësto is here to make you dance, and on PERFECT REMIXES VOL. 3, he pushes his progressive trance agenda onto his fellow music makers for further dancefloor domination. Balearic Bill's "Desintation Sunshine," for instance, gets a darker mix, while... See full review
Dave Tarrida - Paranoid
posted a review of Dave Tarrida - Paranoid. about 1 year ago
Dave Tarrida's debut on Tresor, PARANOID, starts with the sharp oscillations of "Stop the Ride," and thunders onto "Humatics," which is just as driving, but not quite as ear-piercing. The percussion takes a slight tribal feel on "Blood Simple" and... See full review
Alix Perez - 1984
posted a review of Alix Perez - 1984. about 1 year ago
Alix Perez's debut album, 1984, offers a little bit of everything for drum 'n' bass heads: the dark sci-fi intro of the title track gives way to warm abstract breaks, while "The Cut Deepens" maintains the darkness all the way through, punctuated by... See full review
Andy Votel - All Ten Fingers
posted a review of Andy Votel - All Ten Fingers. about 1 year ago
Andy Votel uses ALL TEN FINGERS for this album, a pleasing entry into his brand of left-field combination of rock and electronics. "Komedahead," for instance, pays homage to the famed soundtrack producer, while "On Dogs!" and "Gentleman Thief" offer... See full review
Bogdan Raczynski - Alright!
posted a review of Bogdan Raczynski - Alright!. about 1 year ago
Bogdan Raczynski tries to prove that everything's ALRIGHT, with his final album on Rephlex. Broken up into 8 parts, the album takes hyper-frantic approach to the drum programming and rubs a nice sheen of classic rave and IDM sounds on top of it. ... See full review
Dom & Roland - No Strings Attached
posted a review of Dom & Roland - No Strings Attached. about 1 year ago
Dom & Roland continues his classic style of techstep with NO STRINGS ATTACHED, from the dark growling of "Mind Feeders" to even more aggressive "Tajitsu." And while "Ice Age" isn't quite so in-your-face, it has enough menace to match the other tracks.... See full review
Pizzicato Five - Overdose
posted a review of Pizzicato Five - Overdose. about 1 year ago
Pizzicato Five's sunny brand of Japanese retro-pop reaches OVERDOSE levels on this album, with the one of their biggest hits taking the cake here: "Happy Sad," a vibrant piece of pop that put them on the radar of hipsters around the world. But... See full review
Everything But The Girl - Corcovado
posted a review of Everything But The Girl - Corcovado. about 1 year ago
Everything But the Girl make a quick trip to Brazil to cover Antonio Carlos Jobim's CORCOVADO with some drum 'n' bass backing. But the Knee Deep mixes put the track firmly in the Latin house camp, replete with horns, and DJ Marky & XRS bring their... See full review
Tracey Thorn - Out Of The Woods
posted a review of Tracey Thorn - Out Of The Woods. about 1 year ago
Tracey Thorn's first solo album after the dissolution of Everything But the Girl seems, with the vocals and strings of "Here It Comes Again," to avoid the electronics that marked EBTG at end of their run. But her album actually draws on a deep well... See full review
Victor Davies - Hear The Sound: Remixed
posted a review of Victor Davies - Hear The Sound: Remixed. about 1 year ago
Victor Davies' third album gets reworked on HEAR THE SOUND: REMIXED, featuring a global mix of househeads and downtempo gurus. The title track gets some Latin percussion, courtesy of Louie Vega, while Domu offers some chunkiness to "Would You Believe... See full review
Gerardo Frisina - Note Book - A Journey In Sound - The Remixes
posted a review of Gerardo Frisina - Note Book - A Journey In Sound - The Remixes. about 1 year ago
On NOTE BOOK, Gerardo Frisina shows off his remixing skills as well as releasing some new tracks. His take on Dizzy Gillespie's "Swing Low, Sweet Cadillac" brings the Latin flavor in full force, while Toco's "Guarapiranga" gets a stripped-down samba... See full review
Gerardo Frisina - The Latin Kick
posted a review of Gerardo Frisina - The Latin Kick. about 1 year ago
For his third album, Gerardo Frisina goes on THE LATIN KICK, though you could argue he's always been there. His jazzy leanings are still there, but he's also more invested in keeping a mid-tempo house beat under his tracks. Right from the kick drum on... See full review
Gerardo Frisina - Hi Note
posted a review of Gerardo Frisina - Hi Note. about 1 year ago
Gerardo Frisina's smooth Latin jazz continues apace with HI NOTE, which kicks off with the warm vibes of "Inviolatin," a horn-driven groover. The rhythms here skew faster, flavored more with breaks, as on "Joyas," than his more sedate earlier... See full review