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Aussie Music collector, from Hilltop Hoods to Frank Sinatra to N.W.A. and Ozzy Osbourne and back to Den Harrow and Moby. Chuck in some Midnight Oil and The KLF and you have my collection.

I was moderator now I'm a Voter and as such open to questions regarding my votes. Please use the Contact form and keep it nice. I haven't used my potty mouth on the site yet and don't want to have to start.

Hilltop Hoods
Awaiting a new album

Raise 'em Beers
S Devo

Working on:
Midnight Oil Adding all CD releases
Cold Chisel Adding all CD releases
Queen Adding all Australian releases
Hilltop Hoods Completed - Awaiting New Album
[Invalid Artist] Completed.
Martin/Molloy Completed.
Sunscreem Completed, cleaning up submissions.
What I've done:
500th Release added: State Of The Art
450th Release added: Dum Da Dum
400th Release added: Living Doll Finally found it!
350th Release added: Absolutely Everybody
300th Release added: Redneck Wonderland
250th Release added: Flat Chat
200th Release added: He Got Game
150th Release added: 7 Seconds
100th Release added: Wave Aid The Tsunami Relief Concert
50th Release added: Born To Reign

BTW sorry nothing is For Sale and I don't make MP3's (besides who would want this crap except me?)

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posted a review of Cold Chisel - Chisel. over 13 years ago
If you were asked to take two releases from each country onto the Discogs Ark, then this would have to be the first one to take from Australia. There are no lame tracks and every Aussie can sing along to at least half the album. With Jimmy Barnes ... See full review