Music is like opposite sex, you just never know...
I am interested in soundtracks and composed film scores, Industrial music and dark ambient, metal,
and various other sounds of unknown origin.

Always seriously interested in Sturm label and Latvian industrial scene!

Afterlife? Now, it really scares the shit out of me but not because I am afraid to die, rather because of possibility
not to find music at all in that place! I have been told that it is very silent over there...
How to smuggle music into the afterlife, anyway?

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VF (2) - The Piece
submitted VF (2) - The Piece. over 3 years ago
Irklis - Onkalo
submitted Irklis - Onkalo. over 3 years ago
Knauzers - Farm Therapy
submitted Knauzers - Farm Therapy. over 3 years ago
Bob Data - The Stars Are Fire
submitted Bob Data - The Stars Are Fire. over 3 years ago
Knauzers - Do You Wanna (Visions)
submitted Knauzers - Do You Wanna (Visions). over 3 years ago
Various - STURM 25
submitted Various - STURM 25. over 3 years ago
SKD (5) - Surges
added SKD (5) - Surges to their wantlist. over 6 years ago
Famille Zyrn - Erekt
submitted Famille Zyrn - Erekt. over 7 years ago
Unholy Necromancer - 5 Errors Of Unholy Necromancer
submitted Unholy Necromancer - 5 Errors Of Unholy Necromancer. over 8 years ago
Various - Krankvāls
submitted Various - Krankvāls. over 9 years ago
Deodium - Grēks. Važas. Brīve.
submitted Deodium - Grēks. Važas. Brīve.. over 9 years ago
Deodium - Saules Kalpi
submitted Deodium - Saules Kalpi. over 9 years ago
Kartāga - Zēns Ar Akmeni
submitted Kartāga - Zēns Ar Akmeni. over 9 years ago
Antigen Shift - Implicit Structures
posted a review of Antigen Shift - Implicit Structures. over 10 years ago
As far as I am concerned this album is storming the gates whenever I listen to it! I have a really good memories about it - I used to listen to it many years ago while attending university lectures on various biology subjects. Now it is just nostalgia... See full review
Cervello Elettronico - Process Of Elimination
posted a review of Cervello Elettronico - Process Of Elimination. over 10 years ago
I never knew this band existed until I saw them live at Infest festival! Their performance grabbed me by the balls as soon as opening track started resonate through the crowded hall! Till the very end of their show I could not stop moving my bones at... See full review
Boards Of Canada - Twoism
posted a review of Boards Of Canada - Twoism. over 10 years ago
There was actually a time when I was really scared(!) to listen to this album! Mostly because of two tracks ''Basefree'' and ''Smokes Quantity''. Those two truly stand-out tracks have always been like an open wound for me. I will never ever forget the... See full review
Boards Of Canada - Music Has The Right To Children
posted a review of Boards Of Canada - Music Has The Right To Children. over 10 years ago
When it comes to our life everything counts - people we meet, places we visit, food that we eat and books that we read, and eventually music that we listen and are into! There are lots of music out there that pleases you and your ears. But then there... See full review
m² - Aswad
posted a review of m² - Aswad. over 10 years ago
Came across this unique release by accident back then! It made my day and opened doors to another realm! This is a truly outstanding ambient/dark ambient and tribal beat mixture from antique! - like a soundtrack to the worlds of ancient times and lost... See full review
Strops - Slepenie Rotaļlaukumi
posted a comment on Strops - Slepenie Rotaļlaukumi. over 11 years ago
This album deserves it! RE-release is an excellent chance to get one for everyone out there who missed a previous version of extremely limited edition! Besides audio material is now on factory pressed CD. Thanks to Old Captain boundaries of secret... See full review
Piesārņojuma Izjūta - Rēgs
submitted Piesārņojuma Izjūta - Rēgs. over 11 years ago
Tankist - Vizij
submitted Tankist - Vizij. over 11 years ago
Various - The Matrix (Music From The Motion Picture)
posted a comment on Various - The Matrix (Music From The Motion Picture). over 11 years ago
It is truth, indeed it is!!!!!! Could not agree more with you, my friend!
Cyber Punk* - Untitled
posted a review of Cyber Punk* - Untitled. over 12 years ago
This is a rare millenium demo album by famous CyberPunks from Latvia. More elaborate version of the song "Hack Crack Attack" was later featured on Various - Sturmer, but the one found on this CDr is a demo.
Most of the material from this album just like from... See full review
posted a comment on GRBR - CD02. over 12 years ago
Track nr. 2 can be found on Various - Sturmer 2
Various - Metastāsti
posted a review of Various - Metastāsti. over 12 years ago
One thing about audio samplers is that they always make you feel like a little child who wants more and more, like a teaser, a bit of insight in artist`s playlist giving you almost no clue what else he got inside that komputer, giving you a hope that... See full review
Oyaarss - A La Holeage
posted a comment on Oyaarss - A La Holeage. over 12 years ago
This track is so dark! Great!
Strops - Likuma Burts
posted a review of Strops - Likuma Burts. over 12 years ago
When I first listened to it some years ago I found myself fully attacked and surprised in some way how accurate it sounded and pulsed in my ears, I was getting a real life pictures through my ears not my eyes, for they have created music with attached... See full review
Strops - Slepenie Rotaļlaukumi
posted a review of Strops - Slepenie Rotaļlaukumi. over 12 years ago
If someone has ever made a great first impact in the genre than project Strops is definitely among them with their debut album! This release is one of those greatest musical gems out there begging for a proper pressing on vinyl or CD album not just a... See full review
Various - Sturmer 2
posted a review of Various - Sturmer 2. over 12 years ago
Every time when I listen to this I feel a taste of that particular year in my mouth, it`s like an instant mind picture in front of you and a yearning for the past.
Considered as one of the greatest Sturm compilations forming a beautiful latvian... See full review
Various - Sturmer
posted a comment on Various - Sturmer. over 14 years ago
What can I say?! Brilliant release I will never part with!!! Very intense and powerful! Highly recommended!
Retina (4) - Batterie
posted a comment on Retina (4) - Batterie. over 14 years ago
Songs from BATTERIE have appeared in the film BLADE [1999] and in the shows like ROSWELL and MTV ROAD RULES
Must have for people who adore genre-less music based on electronic!