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posted a comment on The Jam - (Love Is Like A) Heat Wave. 4 days ago
Red translucent vinyl when held up to the a bright light
posted a comment on Slapshot - Back On The Map. about 1 month ago
Are we sure this is first press ? I got mine as an import when it first came out ... blue labels , lyric insert and much earlier Taang adverts and want lists than shown in the pics for this pressing
posted a comment on Evie Sands - Any Way That You Want Me. 3 months ago
It is UK as is the promo version of ams760 ... made in England on label
posted a comment on De La Soul - 3 Feet High And Rising. 4 months ago
Yes , mines the same . Also I got this fresh from the box of the first batch we got from the importers so I’ve always thought it must be first press
posted a comment on Chico Arnez - Unknown Soldier. 6 months ago
B side is solid gold finger snapping cheesy funk library music of the highest order
posted a comment on Inutili / Wand (2) - Easy Leaving / Self Hypnosis In Three Days. over 2 years ago
This is a different ( first ) version of this song . In my opinion this is better than the album version
posted a comment on Unrest (2) - Unrest. over 2 years ago
My copy number 425 has 7 inserts including the bookmark , an advertisement for other releases ( tapes ) , EP information and random bits and bobs . The version of So You Want To Be A RnR Star is fantastic ! One of the best cover versions in my collection
posted a comment on Big Star - Radio City. over 3 years ago
I think I have the same pressing .... I got this in the early 80s . It has slightly greener ARDENT lettering on the label than the one pictured . I think it may be a bootleg or Greek pressing as quite a lot of rare / deleted albums were only available as ... See full review
posted a comment on Negative Approach - Tied Down. over 3 years ago
As far as I remember the purple cover Euro / UK press wasn't released until 1989 / 90 a bit after the U.S. Repress with purple sleeve . Green sleeve was first press .to recap the first UK press wasn't until 89/90 and was purple
posted a comment on Buzzcocks - What Do I Get?. over 3 years ago
Hi Bryan I believe the card stock cover is the later pressing from when the whole catalogue of singles was repressed due to the chart antics of Ever Fallen In Love .... I guess the pressing plant treated them all the same and put them in card covers
posted a comment on Kak - Kak. over 4 years ago
These were grey area represses from Scorpio Records in New York , they seemed to " have the rights " for all sorts of 60s and 70s Rock , Soul and Jazz Lps in the 90s . They're generally really good pressings this one sounds great
submitted Straight Arrows - Make Up Your Mind. over 4 years ago