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Discogs seller Shit-list (beware):
Badgerbreaks: shipped damaged (unplayable) records, I sent proof, he kept promising refund until feedback time limit lapsed, now obviously ignoring me
Deejay_rls: shipped damaged (unplayable) records, he refused to refund

1 = get the fuck outta here
2 = obnoxious
3 = background / filler tunes, wouldn't think to play
4= I'd play in good set
5 = Well done, creative, personal favorite & go-to


I'll consider offers, but be prepared to come correct, ($)een?

Spreche auch deutsch, wenn's dir hilft.

Work hard play hard jungle
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posted a comment on Wagawaga - Acid Highway. 8 days ago
so fuckin sick that it actually fully rebooted the techno part of my brain that I buried back when I found jungle drum'n'bass
posted a comment on Various - √∆1. 12 days ago
Mine arrived a little warped too. I just figured it was from the very long journey during the hottest time of the year. I hope they didn't have a mishap with the full production
posted a comment on Various - √∆1. 12 days ago
Finally listening thru in a proper mood, and my overall reaction is .. .. Siiiiiick plate!!!!!

Well-curated EP - full of beautifully abstract brokebeat acid funk - touching pon multiple electronic genres. Fit for all friends of Tom Jenkinson, Richard ... See full review
posted a comment on Justice & Necrotype - Ant Acid. about 1 month ago
Unique tunes. I actually have a 6th track (on white label copy) -- B3.. Tripped out oddstep acid jungle @ 170bpm. Anyone know the story? Are there 2 pressings? ..... or did the submitter here just miss it on the tracklist?
posted a comment on Dom & Roland - Can't Punish Me. 4 months ago
Anyone know if Side A is the same original mix & master, or updated?
posted a review of Pish-Posh*, DJ Wally - Get Ill / Dead Men Tell No Tales. 8 months ago
Underrated old school east-coast-US hardstep / hipstep / junkyard ANTHEMS by the man like DJ Wally/Pish-Posh. I danced my ass off and caned the shit out of both sides when it was fresh out. Recently dug it out of the crates and regained my ... See full review
posted a comment on Unknown Artist - Untitled. 9 months ago
Absolutely wicked '94-style amen smasheroos. Perfect samples & arrangement, on par with GBW material (if not from GBW?). Timesless Vintage Vibes on both sides
posted a comment on Lynch Kingsley - Astral Pulse / Capricorn. 10 months ago
What a different kinda style from LK's usual! Maximum intelligent retro d'n'b on both sides... well done, though not the easiest to drop innamix

Old-style SciWax drumfunkery on A. Lost count of how many breakbeats I heard... gotta love those other ... See full review
posted a comment on Madcap (6) - Good Old Dayz. 10 months ago
yep very true but booooom choons nonetheless.

odd 1st release for this label name/series, but apparently named for other upcoming tings
posted a comment on Rubber Johnny - JamRolyPoly. 10 months ago
4 interesting & special tunes for '97, ahead of their time . . . Magic Poppers is the jam!
posted a comment on Pete Cannon (2) - Feel The Rhythm. 10 months ago
mix & master getting better and better as the label progresses -- Much more uniform across tracks than #1 (though the tunes themselves were all the bee's tits, the sound varied widely)
posted a comment on Phineus II - Meridian Response. 11 months ago
what a trip. it's that authentic '93/94 underground / dubplate sound that only GBW crew can dish out..

vinyl sounds so proper, big up!
posted a comment on Phuture T* - The Fugitive Drummer / Cold Sweat. 11 months ago
update: I got another copy a while back and did actually, carefully, disassemble one of the covers and hung it in two 12x24 frames in my studio
posted a comment on Unknown Artist - Untitled. 11 months ago
I'll offer a wild assed guess -- Shitmat... Anyone else hear it? Something about the ancient samples, overall arrangement & sound
posted a comment on Hamilton Scalpel - Hamilton Scalpel. 11 months ago
Love this shit... In my top 20 vinyl releases of 2019. Looking forward to more breakbeat sound fuckery from these boys... they do it well
posted a comment on Barrington Levy & Beenie Man - Murderation. 11 months ago
pressing flaws on my copy .. big, bumpy, audible dimple on A; less-audible, stretched-out dimple on B. B is definitely more playable
posted a comment on Nebula (8) - Haunted Mind EP . about 1 year ago
awe inspiring depth on all 4 tracks

whoever owns this and hasn't rated 5/5 -- please listen again on a proper system with 20 minutes to spare
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Propa Tingz* - Babylon's Scared. about 1 year ago
I'm here because of your clever trollololicious PM about my rating. I thought, "hmm, maybe I really AM a 'faggot' and I should reevaluate my opinion".

So I checked out the tunes again, and even though I dig some of Propa Tingz' releases, and my ... See full review
posted a comment on M27 Hardcore Junglist / R.A.W. (2) - Animal Style Ep. about 1 year ago
DIY dubplate kinda tunes, on a diffrent tip... . Hard to love, hard to hate, hard to mix, just throw em down, and some people are gonna lose their shit on the dancefloor (the ones who love the samples)
posted a comment on Bones (23) & Natty - Pow / Thunder. about 1 year ago
yep same here, but more like what hardscore said below (whole track). ssssssibillance in the drums annoys the shit out me... won't be able to play it

adding to that, "Pow" also has some blehh sound artifacts in a particular layered breakbeat brought ... See full review
posted a comment on Trigger Happy (10) - Volume 2. about 1 year ago
Bought this plate for A1, which is a 5/5 tuna between the amen/breaks and bassline alone.

The other 3 are quality tunes as well, just have to be in a very happy hardcore mood
posted a comment on Vocoda* - Dead Man Walking / Way Back When. about 1 year ago

phew boys! all junglists on the floor, shots in the air

such a good mixer + murderous
posted a comment on Sully (5) - Porcelain / Run. about 1 year ago
Hell yes. This and that Ghosty 10" go well together too. FIRE FOR 2019
posted a review of Super Furry Animals / Bright Eyes - Lazerbeam / Easy/Lucky/Free. about 1 year ago
Quality and unique tunes on both sides. But, for any roots / reggae / dub / hop / beatz / funk lovers, the B side delivers proper! so damn classy and catchy
submitted Papa-SAN* - Talk Back Way. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Gregory Isaccs* - Suzi. about 1 year ago
Rare gem. Gregory Isaacs does a bluesy love song over a beautiful organic rubadub riddim.
posted a comment on Various - Marijuana Riddim / Motivation 2 / Fala Que E Nois. about 1 year ago
Really bummed about the sound on this -- the jungle tracks were cut way too fucking hot, especially A side. Though I'd ultimately put the blame on the lacquer cutter (no ID in the etchings), I also gotta blame Walkingstick or whoever approved the TP. ... See full review
posted a comment on Ricky Parro - Weh Yu Tek Love Fa. about 1 year ago
On this track I picture Ricky as a wacky muppet or like Shock G doing the Humpty Dance
submitted Anthony Malvo - Break Up To Make Up. about 1 year ago
submitted Specialist X - Silent Silk / Love Mystery. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Radicall - Touch / Build Me Up (Bungle Remix). about 1 year ago
ohhhh shit... A side is a proper slammer -- new style jungle rinseout with Valley Of The Shadows samples ("31 seconds") takin over the 2nd drop. Loving it.

B side not really my thing, won't get any play from me..
posted a comment on Trinity - Gangsta / I Selassie I. about 1 year ago
Yep! Didn't know if that was how it came originally but sounds like it
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Gareth Monks - The Request. about 1 year ago
Is this just a vinyl dubplate cut or a pressing?
posted a comment on Bong Selecta / Junglefever & Stivs - New Day Dawning / Tempo Riddem. over 2 years ago
Can anyone help me ID the vocals on the 1st half of Tempo Riddem?
posted a comment on Junglord - Red Light District E.P.. over 2 years ago
Slept on this one too long... 5/5-star 4-track EP, sick production / mix / mastering / cut / press ... all ruffneck junglists need this in their collection
posted a comment on Various - A Decade In Breakbeat. over 2 years ago
Anyone know what the extra replacement label stickers were for? I thought maybe they were to fix misprints, but I don't see any problems with the ones on the plates...
posted a comment on Accomodus. over 2 years ago
Where the fuck can I find these tunes now?? All the original links are dead
posted a comment on Various - Monkey Business 003. over 2 years ago
All about A1 - killer jungle jazz tune, well done!

A2 is good too but nothing unique, kinda been done to death.

Neither of the B sides do much for me even though I like breakcore and amen raggatek. Not vinyl-worthy IMHO
posted a comment on Lavery - Mind Control EP. over 2 years ago
woiyy .. some exellent RETRO [style] VS. NEW [sound] here.. all great 93-94 throwbacks, but *B1* - "Affairs 94 Dubplate Mix" is the jam for me personally

sturdy ~180g press too
posted a comment on Various - Taste The Indifference EP. over 2 years ago
5/5 just for that Tim Reaper track... taking lessons from Phuture-T maybe ;-)
Perfect drumfunk thing with intro and break reminding me of '95 Luke Vibert.

"Stay High" is a nice riddim on the minimalistical tip, I dig it too.
posted a review of Phuture T* - The Fugitive Drummer / Cold Sweat. over 2 years ago
Definitely in my top 20 releases of 2017. Both sides are unique and complex drumfunk business, but Fugitive Drummer stands out as an epic tune; I can listen to this plate over and over again.

Phuture-T has become a "buy on sight" producer for me. ... See full review
posted a comment on Craggz And Parallel Forces* - Strike / Sand Dancer. over 2 years ago
underrated IMO

ok yeah, the A side can fuck right off, but the B side is a 4-star tune. Makes proper use of dub siren and dub/reverb techniques.. clean production & H E A V Y. Maybe a bit "jumpup" for people's taste, but plenty new-released tunes are ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - XXV Volume Four. over 2 years ago
B1 on my copy skips like a motherfucker (both my decks) ever since I got it fresh -- several times throughout the track.

Is it just my copy or something fucky with the stamper?

... All about A2 for me anyway, but still not happy about it
posted a comment on Ilk (3) & Etch (4) - My Soul. over 2 years ago
that breakdown on side A tho.... skeet skeet amirght?
posted a comment on Kjell (2) - The Dynamic / The Last Thing. over 2 years ago
underrated & underplayed plate

A side is that ultimate timeless drum and bass

for funk & jazz heads
posted a comment on Annuluk Remixed By Wadadda, Karl Marx Stadt, LXC, Alex Cerb - Metamorphosis. over 2 years ago
Man, I wish I would have recognized B1 as LXC earlier and been able to find this. Happy now that I have a copy.. All tracks are highest quality, but B1 is just the bee's titties

posted a comment on Outrage (4) - Creeper / The End Is Our Beginning. over 2 years ago
Just finally picked this up from Redeye's backstock .. how the fuck did I sleep on it for 10+ years?!

B side is full 5/5 for perfect mix of 4-4 backbeat & old school techno vibes + new school drumfunkery
A side is cool and timeless in its way, but all ... See full review
posted a comment on Alaska & Paradox - Out Of Darkness [v] / Nostalgia [v]. over 2 years ago
Pure class and amazing sound; online samples just can't do justice. Need to play it in the studio / on the floor to really feel the silky production, mixing, mastering, cut and press. TIMELESS amen drum & bass pressure on both sides.

Huge ups to the ... See full review