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Kraftwerk - Radio-Aktivität
posted a review of Kraftwerk - Radio-Aktivität. about 1 year ago
Radioactivity is Kraftwerk's darkest album by a long way especially when listened to in its entirely. It throws the listener back half a century to a time of nuclear scientists, oscilloscopes, and weird X-ray machines. Cold, dangerous, and remote. The... See full review
Synergy (3) - Games
posted a comment on Synergy (3) - Games. about 1 year ago
I found this LP by chance in a Cardiff secondhand shop back in the late 80s. Riddled with heavily synthed violin passages and fairly simple electronic percussion, it's a melodic composition although a little disquieting and atonal at times. The second... See full review
Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works Volume II
posted a comment on Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works Volume II. about 1 year ago
Honestly. When listening to Grass (#5), I was staring upwards towards the corner of my darkened room and saw an ominous cloud or shadow descend down engulfing me in a disquiet but comfortable way. It was like take some sort of mind-altering drug... See full review
Biosphere - Substrata
posted a comment on Biosphere - Substrata. about 1 year ago
I've been into ambient for so many years, but oddly, I didn't know much about Biosphere or its master, Geir Jennsen. This kindled my interest in the dark, brooding and beautiful world of Scandinavian ambient music. A different world than Richard D... See full review
Caustic Window - Compilation
posted a review of Caustic Window - Compilation. over 21 years ago
If you like dark and disturbing, it's worth acquiring this album solely for the track, "Garden of Linmiri". Technohead-speed rough (and I mean rough) beats underlaid with a creepy discordant background drone interspersed with violent white noise blips... See full review
Aphex Twin - ...I Care Because You Do
posted a review of Aphex Twin - ...I Care Because You Do. over 21 years ago
Quite disturbing album and NOT to played too loud unless you're sure what you're getting into. First track is quite funky in an obscure sort of way but the masterpiece is track 4 (icct hedral): one can almost picture some dark gothic cathedral with a... See full review