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posted a review of Trio Chemirani - Dawâr. over 4 years ago
In the world of rhythm, one isn't hard-pressed to find an album of a soloist on percussion instruments. In America, it is usually student dancers whom adore belly dancing that will seek out various compilations to practice to, like the best-selling ... See full review
posted a review of Trio Chemirani - Invite. over 4 years ago
Perhaps one of problems with mixing jazzers and folk musicians is that, though they may borrow some ideas across the musical borders, they don't seem to fully embody the element of the other. In some cases, the mix creates a tendency to negate each ... See full review
posted a comment on Efrén López - El Fill Del Llop. over 4 years ago
"The Son of Wolf" opens with the thunderous bass and lightning crack of a Turkish davul (bass drum). No opening could be more fitting for an album titled such. For the record, no fewer than 26 instruments are played by Lopez himself, and the album ... See full review