Seven the General Nominated for two 2014 "Detroit Music Awards -Outstanding HipHop MC & Outstanding electronic/dance recording is a legendary Detroit emcee who has wrote for and with Major Artist K'Jon, Bizarre, D12, Royce da 59 & Redman J Dilla, Esham and more catalog can be reviewed at Lil Danny Publishing (BMI)

Seven the General the star of the infamous crime documentary ("Detroit the Murder City" subscribe to to watch the doc in its entirety) stars as BoneMan in the full length crime drama "The Ghosts of Saint Aubin"
Available on Netflix, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, BlockBuster & more. With 4 full length albums (all are available on iTunes) to his credit Bout Time, the Sanctum Sanctorum, Stars & Stripes the Elian Gonzolez story & A.R.T the DIA project produced entirely by Nick Speed (G-Unit, Pusha T, Danny Brown, Elzhi) Seven the General's CDs & DVD collectively
has sold over 120,000 units worldwide and climbing,
Seven has a national & international fanbase and has vast road experience opening for & Touring the country with D12, Kjon, Bun B, Young Jeezy, 36 Mafia & himself spreading his music & life story. Seven has many awards & accolades for his work with at risk youth. For booking or info Contact Vik Preni 313-674-0099

Seven the General for Acting & Motivational speaking.
….. Booking contact Vik Preni 313-674-0099 or

“If you’re from the Detroit Hip Hop scene, then you’re aware of the large disconnect between those that people would consider, “Hip Hop,” and those people would consider, “street.” Enter Seven The General.Not to be confused as anything other than who he is, Seven spent 9 years, 3 months, and 17 days in prison. Off first glance of Seven and his history, you’d instantly want to categorize him as a street rapper but Seven The General’s ability to mold and transcend both sub-genre scenes of rap is nothing short of amazing.


Detroit Hip-Hop is in a great place right now. Talent is everywhere and coming from all angles, producing a variety of sounds for a multitude of listeners worldwide. One of the gifted currently staking his claim in the Motor City’s revival is Seven The General. With his latest A.R.T. project, the 313 OG shows an immense amount of diversity and delivers an exhibit that more than deserves the praise of his more notable counterparts.

Despite really only being known regionally, local followers will hear this perfectly-executed ten-track tape and notice how Seven has clearly marched his way up from a being a good hood rapper doing open mics to a well-rounded MC capable of taking his music career well beyond his Westside capital surroundings. Instead of gloating trap raps, this listening experience from the baritone thug poet features everything from sketchy street scenes (“iWitness”) and hard-nosed singles (“Show Up”) to bouncy OutKast-esque singalongs (“Knowhere”) and Better Made beach tunes (“Gwap Talk”) – all of which are masterfully backed by Nick Speed’s imaginative production. Shit, “Stupid Fruity Loud Pack” is built from damn Sonic The Hedgehog samples and still manages to let The General display his skilled delivery tactics.

All in all, this A.R.T. (The DIA Project) tape displays next level talent from someone who deserves the right to have recognition alongside the other Detroit players currently getting next level shine. You might not the know the name now, but watch the video for “Show Up” and then download the full tape below and Seven The General is one that’ll become well-known in your iTunes, at the very least.
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