Joined the house scene back in '89 and after a few months listening to the tunes, I started buying what the DJs were playing. Loved the detroit techno, house and acid, but stopped buying new releases a few months after the start of UK hardcore in 1991 which was the death of the house scene. So my collection is exclusively 1980's - 1991.

My favourite clubs/raves were Friday nights (Trax) at Camden Palace, Fantazia (Hackney Wick), The Dungeons (Leyton), Twilight Zone (Kings X), Labrynth (4 Aces, Dalston) and Telepathy, plus the one-off's at Ferry Lane, Energy, Genesis, Fantastic Ibiza and Biology.

The pirates kept me going until the weekend, so a big shout out to Centreforce (88.3), Sunrise (88.75), Dance FM (93.0), Kick FM (104.2), Fantasy (98.6), Prophecy (99.9) and Climax (95.4).

Most of my records aren't for sale, but I may sell the odd hardcore record if I get an offer I can't refuse! Feel free to contact me about my wants, I'm still trying to fill the gaps. Please include the price you want otherwise your email will be ignored.