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Degression - People
posted a comment on Degression - People. over 6 years ago
Yes!!! That's the one, my man! Thank you very much :)
Degression - People
posted a comment on Degression - People. over 9 years ago
Note this is a completely different release than the 4 track vinyl version with the same catalog #. I'm not even sure if the track info is correct as it doesn't sound like the same track as the vinyl release. I would indeed love to know the the... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 12 years ago
Burial - Untrue
posted a comment on Burial - Untrue. over 12 years ago
sure, similar vocal sampling was done going back thru oldskool/hardcore, but even further back into early hip hop, disco-funk, & post disco. off-key samples were more common in the past but almost always due to poor sampling. pitching a sample high... See full review
Felix Dickinson - Originals Volume Five
posted a comment on Felix Dickinson - Originals Volume Five. over 12 years ago
anyone know what the original release title & year was for Track 11 - Cryptic?
Newcleus - Automan / Where's The Beat
posted a comment on Newcleus - Automan / Where's The Beat. over 13 years ago
The synth melodies on this track are my fav on the whole album - really hypnotic and more emotional, but the bassline isn't as good as the ones on Jam On It or Computer Age. I remember listening to this track late at night on cassette tape when i was... See full review
Burial - Untrue
posted a comment on Burial - Untrue. over 13 years ago
i like Burial's stuff - though i love the individual parts more than i do the whole. i agree that sometimes his vocal samples are both extraneous and a bit annoying - the main reasons being when they're off key and when the same sample is pitched up... See full review
Spicelab - A Day On Our Planet
posted a comment on Spicelab - A Day On Our Planet. over 13 years ago
yeah, to me this is the best trance album of all time (Orbital - Diversions a close 2nd). a totally timeless, emotional, introspective journey like no other. truly masterful composition, production, & soundscapes way ahead of its time. these tracks... See full review
Rick Wilhite - The Godson EP
posted a comment on Rick Wilhite - The Godson EP. over 14 years ago
"Dreams Of Yesterday (Rick's Never Will Forget Mix)" uses loops from Prince And The Revolution's "Computer Blue" from the legendary Purple Rain album.
Rhythm & Sound - Rhythm & Sound
posted a review of Rhythm & Sound - Rhythm & Sound. over 19 years ago
Empty and cold? Those words describe what it's like in a solitary confinement prison cell, not the feeling you get from dub music, or any style of dub for that matter, such as this amazing techno-dub hybrid. The trademark, thick, analog Basic... See full review
Moodymann - Shattered Dreams
posted a review of Moodymann - Shattered Dreams. over 20 years ago
this track is actually on Theo's Eclectic Asthetic 1. it's track 11, after bob marley - concrete jungle & before roy ayers - life is just a moment pt. 1 (lp: mystic voyage). the word 'shattered' repeats throughout. it's got that real down-home... See full review
JMJ & Richie - Free La Funk / Universal Horn
posted a review of JMJ & Richie - Free La Funk / Universal Horn. over 20 years ago
Universal Horn is one of the *deepest* jungle tracks ever released - insane... very emotional & hypnotic. Free La Funk is pure beauty. Both are serious spine-chillers. A must have for any atmospheric jungle fan.