Shark APEX UpLight Lift-Away DuoClean LZ601: A Vacuum Cleaner For You

Pet owners or people who have to clean high locations might understand why manual vacuums such as upright vacuums are still necessary in their houses despite the growing reputation of robot vacuums.

However, amongst the most prevalent criticism regarding uprights is that they are typically difficult and heavy to use. The Shark Apex UpLight LZ601 is a new option from Shark, a famous company recognized for its excellent upright versions.

The Shark APEX UpLight Lift-Away DuoClean LZ601 is a corded stick vacuum that can vacuum a variety of surfaces from ground to ceiling. This Shark model is designed to recover rapidly and effortlessly as needed, and can be used as a traditional compact stick orupright vacuum cleaner.

According to the commercials for the Shark Apex UpLight DuoClean LZ601, it can provide outstanding suction power as compared to an upright vacuum while maintaining the mobility of a tiny device.

In this Shark APEX UpLight review, we will give you full details of this excellent upright vacuum, what we think about this machine and help you figure out if it is a great fit for your home.

Basic Features

The Shark APEX UpLight Vacuum features several of the greatest Shark innovations, as previously mentioned. There is pretty much a lot to like about it, as you can see from this part, regarding functionality and productivity. The characteristics are fantastic!

The Shark APEX UpLight corded Lift-Away has the following characteristics:

HyperVelocity Suction

It operates by combining a high-speed motor and optimized airflow to generate a powerful, accelerated suction power. As a result, you will not have to be concerned about functionality with this device.

It's called "UpLight" since it combines the compact ease of a stick vacuum with the strength of an upright.

Lift-Away technology

It is a first in stick vacuums, since Shark has only used this innovation in upright vacuums so far. The vacuum's super-light 'pod' can be simply separated from the main of the device thanks to the “Lift-away” technology.

You can either vacuum difficult-to-reach locations which is a breeze using the pod's extended hose or you may also attach the wand to the hose to extend your reach much further. As a result, cleaning the walls, curtains, and ceilings is a breeze.

DuoClean Technology

The Shark UpLight APEX LZ601 has DuoClean technology, just like most of the current Shark vacuums. You do not have to think about purchasing new vacuums for various types of flooring this way.

There are two brushrolls which clean both bare floors and rugs simultaneously.


When Shark advertises about its innovations over and over, it is indeed time to delve in and see what the buzz is all about. For instance, Zero-M technology is said to be capable of successfully removing pet hair.

Clogged brushrolls are amongst the most common problems, and the key factor is generally human and pet hair. Most of the time, you need to reach into the brushroll to take knotted hair out by hand or with forceps. Hair strands often have ot be snipped off with a pair of scissors.

Shark has come up with one of the most creative solutions to this problem yet: anti-hair-wrap brushrolls. The brushroll disentangles the hair when you vacuum, avoiding any obstruction, which is a common problem for most people. The hair then gets moved to the container with the airflow.


Manufacturers often tend to overlook the reality that top-heavy designs are inconvenient for consumers. When not in use, a top-heavy vacuum is highly prone to tip over. The Shark APEX UpLight vacuum, on the other hand, does not have this problem.

Supporting tires at the bottom provide a valuable contribution. You can quickly fold the wheels and then get on with work when you intend to use the vacuum.

HEPA Filter

A vacuum needs to collect and capture up to 99.97 % of any and all particles within the dust bag to be deemed HEPA-quality. The Shark APEX UpLight Lift-Away DuoClean has not been forgotten either. Because of this, the vacuum features Anti-Allergen Complete Seal technology in conjunction with a HEPA filter.

If you, your relatives, or any visitors suffer from allergies or asthma, this is an excellent option. Once pulled in, contaminants like dust, pollen, and mites will not be released back into the atmosphere.

2-in-1 Vacuum

Who does not like a two-in-one vacuum cleaner? To begin with, it is much more cost-effective to purchase a single multipurpose vacuum rather than two different vacuums. Then there is the practicality of use and maintenance.

The Shark APEX UpLight corded Lift-Away vacuum transforms to a handheld vacuum with ease. This makes cleaning minor spills on upholstery, furniture, staircases, and other surfaces a cake walk It may also be used to rapidly dust automobile interiors.

LED Lights

You could unintentionally leave a little dirt or dust behind, especially in the dark corners of the house. As a result, you will require a vacuum that illuminates such areas. This Shark APEX UpLight vacuum, fortunately, includes LED lights on the floor head to keep track of debris in poorly-lit areas.

However, the retractable handheld vacuum is not one of them.


You also receive a couple accessories to aid you with narrow locations and above-ground places like upholstery, which makes things so much better. You get a dusting crevice tool as well as a pet multi-tool, which is essential for pet owners.

There is also an attachment holder so you do not have to worry about storage.


The Apex UpLight is around 10.7 lbs in weight. It is typically regarded as a lightweight version for an upright model. When compared to stick vacuums, however, it is slightly heavier.

It is entirely up to you whether it's hefty or light. Whereas many consumers are unconcerned with the weight, others claim it is too heavy for them.
Because Shark intends to add the transportable Lift-Away function, the motor and canister are positioned on top of the vacuum. The vacuum becomes imbalanced and top-heavy as a result of this.

The Apex UpLight's mobility and movement are mediocre.

Although it is a little version, it takes a lot more work to push and drag it across a rug than you may think. Even on bare flooring, it isn't much simpler. This might be due to the thick top.

But, finally, even if you anticipate it to be a lot simpler, moving stuff about still seems to be manageable.


Is buying the Shark APEX UpLight LZ601 Lift-Away DuoClean corded stick vacuum a good idea? Well, within the vacuum cleaner industry, this is indeed a game-changer. It is not only ultra-light, but also quite effective in collecting dirt and dust from your surfaces.

You may consider cleaning with lemons - using lemons to clean for your spotless floors. This is also the first Shark stick vacuum that includes easy-to-use lift-away technology.

HyperVelocity suction, DuoClean technology, and Anti-hair wrap, to name some of them, are just a few minor characteristics that appeal to me. It is not only wonderful for regular cleaning, but it is also a nice alternative for dog owners.

If you prefer corded stick vacuums, it is a good option to consider.