(shew-36) Seldom Seen, Force Placement, DELINSTR, Ivan AM (VA 2021)
Out Now!! --> https://www.discogs.com/release/21343135-Seldom-Seen-Force-Placement-DELINSTR-Ivan-AM-VA-2021
(shew-33) New 12" Out Now!!
Ivan AM / DELINSTR (Buena Gente Recordings / Sheweytrax EP)
12-inch Vinyl --> https://www.discogs.com/Ivan-AM-Delicate-Instruments-Ivan-AM-Delicate-Instruments/release/19158271
(shew-35) New 7-inch Single!!
withNme - "What's The Concept / Cerus"
--> https://www.discogs.com/withNme-Whats-The-Concept-Cerus/release/17816185
more withNme (shew-30) --> https://www.discogs.com/withNme-DELINSTR-withNme-DELINSTR/release/15320520
DELINSTR - https://www.discogs.com/artist/3633757-Delicate-Instruments
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GOOD CONDITION VINYL, RARE, and HARD TO FIND 12" records, old school, electrofunk, disco, hip-hop beats and house/techno music. Also 80's pop, classic rock, oldies, funk, jazz and unusual finds. Offering vinyl that is in 'Very Good' to 'Mint' condition! All records are visually graded under bright light - most are not tested so keep that in mind for light crackle and pops even if graded shiny VG+ to NM.
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Delicate Instruments - Secondlooks - A Decade Of Delinstr
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Delicate Instruments - On The 4th
submitted Delicate Instruments - On The 4th. 4 months ago
Seldom Seen*, Force Placement, DELINSTR*, Ivan AM - VA 2021
submitted Seldom Seen*, Force Placement, DELINSTR*, Ivan AM - VA 2021. 5 months ago
Ivan AM, Delicate Instruments - Ivan AM / Delicate Instruments
submitted Ivan AM, Delicate Instruments - Ivan AM / Delicate Instruments. 11 months ago
withNme - What's The Concept / Cerus
submitted withNme - What's The Concept / Cerus. about 1 year ago
withNme, DELINSTR* - withNme / DELINSTR
posted a review of withNme, DELINSTR* - withNme / DELINSTR. about 1 year ago
Review by Jamie Funk, Divide and Conquer - Indie Music Album Reviews (8/13/2020)
"withNme is the latest musical project undertaken by... See full review
The Sundays - Here's Where The Story Ends
posted a comment on The Sundays - Here's Where The Story Ends. about 1 year ago
This song is so amazing, never gets old. It's hard to describe why it's so great but it definitely has stood the test of time. Is this song about moving past a painful breakup or maybe it's learning how to cope in the world and how to live in it when... See full review
Marlin Seven - The Scene
posted a comment on Marlin Seven - The Scene. over 2 years ago
Going through the old crates - this is a nice Jesse Johnson/Prince "Erotic City"/Vanity6 style vibe track..and on the same 80's L.A. label as 'Sleeze Boyz - Robocop' from back in the day. Too bad no full instr. version but the original 11:44 mix jams... See full review
Stop - Wake Up
posted a comment on Stop - Wake Up. over 3 years ago
Classic jam heard in the mix with disco/hiphop/electro for years and years..and can be played with almost anything. Never seen a dancefloor reject it when hearing this out.
Delicate Instruments - Memory-1
posted a review of Delicate Instruments - Memory-1. over 3 years ago
---Review#1--- Featured in the mix by MGUN...
'MGUN Winter 2019 Mix' https://www.theguardian.com/music/2019/mar/27/the-months-best-mixes-dusty-house-spooky-techno-and-sparkling-jungle "Memory-1" off this release comes in at 30:10 (Source: The Guardian... See full review
Kleeer - Keeep Your Body Workin'
posted a comment on Kleeer - Keeep Your Body Workin'. over 3 years ago
This track should never leave the crate. Bomb disco funk bassline!
The Doobie Brothers - The Captain And Me
posted a comment on The Doobie Brothers - The Captain And Me. over 4 years ago
Classic Doobie must get. "Long Train Runnin" and "China Grove" will likely get that 'I had no idea that was the Doobie Brothers' response.
Oingo Boingo - Only A Lad
posted a review of Oingo Boingo - Only A Lad. over 4 years ago
Masterpiece Boingo record. Entire album is great and never gets old - its new every time you listen to it and with interesting musicianship like no other band from this era. Boingo didn't seem to fear genre blending using elements of rock, pop, new... See full review
Depeche Mode - Behind The Wheel / Route 66 (Megamix)
posted a review of Depeche Mode - Behind The Wheel / Route 66 (Megamix). over 4 years ago
Favorite band of all time. 5-Star track from DM! One of the things that blew me away is watching the concert from '88 at the RoseBowl in Pasadena..wish that time travel was possible because that night felt like a religious experience even watching it... See full review
Gary Numan - The Pleasure Principle
posted a review of Gary Numan - The Pleasure Principle. over 4 years ago
This LP was a huge influence to so many electronic musicians. "Metal" alone is so dope. It had that funk without really even trying to be funky if that makes any sense. Classic album, hard to believe this was 1979!
Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly - Golden Time Of Day
posted a comment on Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly - Golden Time Of Day. over 4 years ago
When you're feeling angry pop "Golden Time Of Day" on and suddenly it all feels fine.
Ballistic Kisses - Total Access
posted a comment on Ballistic Kisses - Total Access. over 4 years ago
Recent super strange punk new wave find...might keep this one. Kind of 'Oingo Boingo' and off the wall 'Devo / B-52's' electronix at the same time. "Whose Mama Is This" haha! check this out...
Steel Gray - Do You Want To Dance?
posted a comment on Steel Gray - Do You Want To Dance?. over 4 years ago
'Tyree Mix' is so nice on this record - if you're into soulful timeless house this record is worth picking up just for this mix.
Lipps, Inc. - Mouth To Mouth
posted a comment on Lipps, Inc. - Mouth To Mouth. over 4 years ago
"Rock It" is a bomb disco track!! surprised nobody has reviewed this -probably the best track from this record.
Vivien Vee - Give Me A Break / Remember
posted a comment on Vivien Vee - Give Me A Break / Remember. over 4 years ago
"Remember" is a nice little Moroderish track - liking this side a little better than the A.
The Bar-Kays* - Do It (Let Me See You Shake)
posted a comment on The Bar-Kays* - Do It (Let Me See You Shake). over 4 years ago
great funky record for so little and so good..plus instrumental on the Bside.
Chic - Risqué
posted a comment on Chic - Risqué. over 4 years ago
This album is a masterpiece. First you have "Good Times" which helped bring in the 80's hip-hop era when rappers (SugarHill Gang) began rapping over the groove. Then "Will You Cry" ohhyeah those strings!! "What About Me" classic! "Warm Summer Night"... See full review
Scorpions - Animal Magnetism
posted a comment on Scorpions - Animal Magnetism. over 4 years ago
Title track "Animal Magnetism" feels so dark and sleezy - great one off this album.
Garrett David - Octagon Blues
posted a review of Garrett David - Octagon Blues. over 4 years ago
"Octagon Blues" is amazing! it reminds me of an Alfred Hitchcock film -like a techno 'Vertigo' or something. I love this track, how it climbs and falls. I think its one of Garrett David's best so far, his music is full of soul.
Angel Alanis - Chicago's Revenge
posted a comment on Angel Alanis - Chicago's Revenge. over 4 years ago
"Chicago's Revenge" makes this 12 inch worth getting. Solid late 90's techno.
tape_hiss - Jacob's Ladder
posted a comment on tape_hiss - Jacob's Ladder. over 4 years ago
"Jacob's Ladder" on my list for best of 2017 - deep and full of emotion. The beauty to this is that it sounds timeless and in my opinion people will remember this one in a house set.
Kenny Bobien - Rise Above The Storm
posted a comment on Kenny Bobien - Rise Above The Storm. over 5 years ago
Missed this one from the 90's..what a great one! Nice deep house vibes full of soul..at times it can bring on tears if you open yourself up to the message and vocal delivery -you can feel the beauty in this one.
Bohannon* - Insides Out
posted a review of Bohannon* - Insides Out. over 5 years ago
Bohannon was a master of 'stompin' disco, funk, and slow jams. Way ahead of his time, known to have worked with Stevie Wonder, his records blended funk into everything and many of his compositions held a long playing disco-groove (7min. versions... See full review
Rick Preston - Altruism EP
posted a comment on Rick Preston - Altruism EP. over 5 years ago
Another recent find - low priced for that "Spring Fling" cut, plus West Coast's Preston/Jay-J track on the B. Overall a super nice old-school record!
Moses McClean Featuring Diamond Temple - Always
posted a comment on Moses McClean Featuring Diamond Temple - Always. over 5 years ago
digging pays off, amazing vocal house tune (plus instr. Bside) and looks like a super small pressing..wow! great record, catchy tune with soulful vibes..amazing how some records get overlooked -this should have sold way way more!
Yellow Sox - Flim Flam (Remixes)
posted a comment on Yellow Sox - Flim Flam (Remixes). over 5 years ago
record that can be mixed with many styles, 'Original Mix' a classic tune that digs into your soul and makes you remember what house was all about. This version comes with the original and also has that nice David Alvarado mix!
Calyx - Downpour / Ripe
posted a comment on Calyx - Downpour / Ripe. over 6 years ago
"Downpour" makes this 12" worth keeping! love that "yeah,yeah" coming through the mix. Nice distortion hook and deep vibes...worth picking up and for some reason sells at a bargain?
Mateo & Matos - The Digital Sources E.P.
posted a comment on Mateo & Matos - The Digital Sources E.P.. over 7 years ago
Nice SideA for "Feel the Jazz" and the rework of Disco Inferno. Lots of good stuff on Distant.
Oscar G.* Featuring Marck Michel - Reaching Up
posted a comment on Oscar G.* Featuring Marck Michel - Reaching Up. over 7 years ago
This is way better than the 3.22 star rating it is currently at. Solid record from '95, nice vocal, great track!
Kamasutra - Night Walk
posted a comment on Kamasutra - Night Walk. over 7 years ago
This is a great record from the past...definitely worth keeping and purchasing. Love how that falling keyboard part floats in on the "Black Horses" mix. Really nice blend of house and disco. Also "Dob-Jam Dub" is so excellent with those floating keys!
Delicate Instruments - Delicate Instruments EP
posted a review of Delicate Instruments - Delicate Instruments EP. over 7 years ago
www.jetsetrecords.net › DJ Charts › Special
Dec 25, 2014 - Santiago Salazar (DJ S2, Major People / Los Angels, US) : House, Techno.
Delicate Instruments / Delicate Instruments EP
このEPは、とてもロウで大好きだよ。4曲どれもユニークな音をしてて、一晩通してプレイできるね。"Feel 2 Feel"... See full review
Jazz Society - Unwind Your Mind
posted a comment on Jazz Society - Unwind Your Mind. over 7 years ago
amazing track -always pulled in by this one..when that trumpet comes in it all works together for that perfect groove. Worth the purchase...great record!
Time Warp (2) - Mind Regulator
posted a comment on Time Warp (2) - Mind Regulator. over 8 years ago
wow! low rating on this one and not selling for that much - wonder why?? this is a really nice DJ Pierre track - an old school keeper in my opinion. Hard pounding gritty beats with those repeating "mind" vocals...this is exactly why the label is... See full review
Soulboy - Harmonica Track 97
posted a comment on Soulboy - Harmonica Track 97. over 8 years ago
nice record - keeping this one for the "Love or Lust" track...makes this a worthwhile purchase and/or keeper.
G-Dubs & Benn Starr - Once Again EP
posted a comment on G-Dubs & Benn Starr - Once Again EP. over 8 years ago
digging through the old crates again and sorting out...and this one is definitely a keeper -you won't be disappointed with this blend of house and hip hop vibes on "Brooklyn Theme". Forgot about this one...nice record!
Smack Music* - Sex, Dance & Dats
posted a comment on Smack Music* - Sex, Dance & Dats. over 8 years ago
"Stress Remover"..found this in one of my old crates -digging in and sorting the keepers, what a great record! you won't be disappointed with this one.
Nuyorican Soul - I Love The Nightlife (Disco Round)
posted a comment on Nuyorican Soul - I Love The Nightlife (Disco Round). over 8 years ago
..this is a tight mix with India's vocals - classic song and as good as the original version in my opinion...MAW record. Also, the flipside has an inst. mix. Recent dig find - hell yeah!
Groove And The Gang 1996* Featuring Richie Weeks - Tonight It's Party Time
posted a comment on Groove And The Gang 1996* Featuring Richie Weeks - Tonight It's Party Time. over 8 years ago
going thru my old crates, this one is definitely a keeper - doesn't look like many have this and somewhat low rating/price for some reason. Real nice musical tune with that catchy "tonight its party time, it's party time tonight" hook..and those funky... See full review
Exillon - Mind Techno Control EP
posted a comment on Exillon - Mind Techno Control EP. over 8 years ago
"Time Shadow" is a true masterwork..wow! there is something special about this one, cosmic painful, wonderful..I first heard it from DJ Santiago Salazar in one of his mix series -amazing tune and haven't been able to get it out of my mind since...buy!
Bose* - Rock The World (Like No Other Girl)
posted a review of Bose* - Rock The World (Like No Other Girl). over 8 years ago
probably the best of the BOSE tracks...yeah its a bit of a "Planet Rock" but original enough to hold up -remember that this was 1987..a hell of a long time ago now and a time when sampling and cut-up/Bass records with obvious sampling was more... See full review
DJ Maestro (2) - New Dance Kraze
posted a review of DJ Maestro (2) - New Dance Kraze. over 9 years ago
Kind of obscure late 80's mix record. Has the Kraftwerk influence and funky techno bass beats..."Cali Cuts" covers some ground..Unknown DJ, Debbie Deb, Kraftwerk, Orbit, NWA, Twilight 22, Shy D, Breezy Beat MC, and many more... Pretty smooth... See full review
Cli-N-Tel - 2030
posted a review of Cli-N-Tel - 2030. over 10 years ago
This is one of the most underrated or less played electro records in my personal opinion. Original beats, funky keys, a quirky vocoder vibe with that "heavy breathing" that was popular in tracks by Egyptian Lover. Futuristic for 1986...and remains a... See full review
Gigolo Tony - M.Y.O.B.
posted a review of Gigolo Tony - M.Y.O.B.. over 10 years ago
underrated artist...if you like Gucci Crew II, 2 Live Crew, and other mid tempo Florida Bass acts from that era -this could be one of the standouts. "Hokey Pokey" and "Smurf Rock" were also played out a lot here on the West Coast..but this one was a... See full review
Sylvester - Stars
posted a review of Sylvester - Stars. over 10 years ago
Sylvester's "I Need Somebody to Love Tonight" could be described as an early "techno" record in my opinion. What an amazing sounding recording for 1979. I can't get over how modern, funky, and emotional this song is. The record was produced by Harvey... See full review
Machine - There But For The Grace Of God Go I
posted a review of Machine - There But For The Grace Of God Go I. over 10 years ago
Another one without much review?? Music from this era never gets old -it has that warm 70s sound which is lacking in much of the computer age disco of today. "There But For The Grace of God Go I" is a true masterpiece in my opinion. A so funky crowd... See full review