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Clifton Hicks - Old Leatherstocking
submitted Clifton Hicks - Old Leatherstocking. 6 months ago
Kamanių Šilelis - Žiūrėti Į Saulę
submitted Kamanių Šilelis - Žiūrėti Į Saulę. 9 months ago
Girnų Giesmės - PJŪTIS
submitted Girnų Giesmės - PJŪTIS. about 1 year ago
Beta Librae - Subspecies
posted a comment on Beta Librae - Subspecies. over 2 years ago
Amazing stuff. Press the vinyl please! enter 1 word more
Stereo Hypnosis - Hvolf
submitted Stereo Hypnosis - Hvolf . over 3 years ago
Mellow Yellow Daffodil - Memorabilia
submitted Mellow Yellow Daffodil - Memorabilia. over 3 years ago
Hexagon - Blue Hour EP
posted a comment on Hexagon - Blue Hour EP. over 3 years ago
Extremely well crafted, emotional and pure. B side is magnificent
tau contrib - encode
submitted tau contrib - encode. over 3 years ago
Abadir - Liminal
posted a comment on Abadir - Liminal. over 3 years ago
Amazing stuff - A1 and B2 is a pure bliss
Kontrapunkt (4)
posted a comment on Kontrapunkt (4). over 4 years ago
here is the answer -
few more words to be entered
Wanderwelle & Bandhagens Musikförening - Victory Over The Sun
posted a comment on Wanderwelle & Bandhagens Musikförening - Victory Over The Sun. over 4 years ago
Beautiful, fulfilling, Neel's mastering as always on top. Cosmic C2 is out of this world
119.286 & Rune Bagge - Twin Pints EP
submitted 119.286 & Rune Bagge - Twin Pints EP. over 4 years ago
Tiese - Ex Nullo
submitted Tiese - Ex Nullo. over 5 years ago
Vlkdj* - Purvinas Ir Šventas
submitted Vlkdj* - Purvinas Ir Šventas. over 5 years ago
Various - Supynes 13
submitted Various - Supynes 13. over 5 years ago
Ghédalia Tazartès - Tazartes
posted a comment on Ghédalia Tazartès - Tazartes. over 5 years ago
Amazing stuff and worth the price up to 60eur. But anyways - repress would be nice!
Darkthrone - Panzerfaust
posted a comment on Darkthrone - Panzerfaust. over 5 years ago
Bot a big fan or expert of black metal, but last track - Snø Og Granskog (Utferd) is something exceptional. Reminds ambient/techno stuff from Varg/Nothern Electronics. Definitely will use for mix.
Various - Nachti XX
posted a comment on Various - Nachti XX. over 6 years ago
Brilliant release. Just in love in A, B & D longplay tracks - its like nice stories - with love, hate, nature, cities. Will visit the festival next year:)
Various - Supynes 12
submitted Various - Supynes 12. over 6 years ago
Bruno Pronsato Presents Archangel (9) - The Bedroom Slant Versions
posted a comment on Bruno Pronsato Presents Archangel (9) - The Bedroom Slant Versions. over 6 years ago
B side is just magnificent! And highlight is B2 - very inspiring piece of art, grab it.
Charles Cohen - Brother I Prove You Wrong
posted a comment on Charles Cohen - Brother I Prove You Wrong. over 6 years ago
Original, artsy & inspiring stuff by master of Buchla instrument.
ZSOU - Admiral Byrd
posted a comment on ZSOU - Admiral Byrd. over 7 years ago
Disco? At least is tribal & dub! Interesting and catchy stuff
Xanopticon - Psicicite
posted a comment on Xanopticon - Psicicite. over 7 years ago
Still very fresh after 11 years. And yes - the music just sounds like it is happening on its own, like its made by nature. Timeless, grab this piece from a golden age of breakcore.
Konsistent - Plius 5 EP
submitted Konsistent - Plius 5 EP. over 8 years ago
Bell Riots - Plius 4 EP
submitted Bell Riots - Plius 4 EP. over 8 years ago
RJN DZEM - Plius 3 EP
submitted RJN DZEM - Plius 3 EP. over 8 years ago
Donis - Без Гражданства
submitted Donis - Без Гражданства. over 8 years ago
Voices From The Lake - Live At Maxxi
posted a comment on Voices From The Lake - Live At Maxxi. over 9 years ago
2LP already arrived!
Mecanica - Plius 1 EP
submitted Mecanica - Plius 1 EP. over 9 years ago
Various - Supynes 10
submitted Various - Supynes 10. over 9 years ago
submitted GON* - GONEBEA. over 9 years ago
Ansome - Smeatons EP
submitted Ansome - Smeatons EP. over 10 years ago
Trikk - Water Falls
submitted Trikk - Water Falls. over 10 years ago
Myeunoia - 001
submitted Myeunoia - 001. over 10 years ago
submitted Pagalve - Frozen Tears. over 10 years ago
Shifted - Under A Single Banner
submitted Shifted - Under A Single Banner. over 11 years ago
Calli - Two Different Ways
submitted Calli - Two Different Ways. over 12 years ago