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Founder and host of the weekly Deep House show 'Night Grooves'.

DJ Shook has been into music for a long time. He started studying beats when he was 10 years old. When DJ Shook was 10 years old he was sent to a military summer camp and was recruited into the Drum and Bugle corp. This was his first experience with playing beats as he was a snare drummer.

On return home from summer camp he was enrolled in the band program at the public school in his hometown. He selected to continue with drums and held first chair many times throughout his grade school percussion years.

DJ Shook, during his middle teens was exposed to many types of music and began collecting an eclectic variety of music. Due to his dislike of american pop music, DJ Shook was into music that was hard to find and seldom very popular.

He studied the kit with Tim Nash in Atlanta for 4 years and was shown by first person example pure excellence in percussion.

After being a drummer and working in the music industry for many years, playing with the likes of Chuck Petrakopoulos, Brian Kincheloe, and John-Michael Smith. DJ Shook attended the Atlanta Institute of Music under the instruction of Creig Harber. He completed all four levels of percussion at AIM in 1995 at the age of 19.

While playing with a band with Chuck P. (Founder of Moodswing Records) DJ Shook decided to start a Wednesday night gig doing solo work. The best way for DJ Shook to solo was beat matching with a pair of Technics and spinning the nicest grooves from Holland, U.K., France and Spain.