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Kazu Kimura & Will E Tell - DJ Excursions Vol 3
posted a review of Kazu Kimura & Will E Tell - DJ Excursions Vol 3. 3 months ago
is track 9 on the second cd from ?
can't find any uploads online to confirm
Zanzibar - Topaz / Platinum Landscape
posted a review of Zanzibar - Topaz / Platinum Landscape. 3 months ago
Topaz (Trinity Mix) is actually Arzamas-16 (Nerva's Original Mix) from on the digital release.
040 - Ibiza Dreams
posted a comment on 040 - Ibiza Dreams. 10 months ago
are all digital re-releases from this label sourced from 128 kbps mp3s?
D.C. 2000 - 1 More Time
posted a comment on D.C. 2000 - 1 More Time. about 1 year ago
man oh man i sure love better off alone by alice deejay oops wrong discogs page
Silverblue - Do U Know
posted a comment on Silverblue - Do U Know. about 1 year ago
it's kinda sad when a 192 kbps mp3 vinyl rip sounds better than the official digital release
Various - ATB Boom Vol. 3
posted a comment on Various - ATB Boom Vol. 3. over 2 years ago
does anyone have any clue what the version of HK Project - This Way Is Right on this compilation is? it sounds like it's a demo version of the released track
Airfire - Rape
posted a review of Airfire - Rape. over 2 years ago
ok, this song could've been a very good song, but the name alone is very *not good*. i might've been able to overlook the name though if it weren't also for the vocal sample in the track of a woman yelling "don't you dare touch me, stand back"... See full review
Clubmasterz - Cyberdrive
posted a comment on Clubmasterz - Cyberdrive. over 2 years ago
people are talking about this sounding very similar to a ferry corsten track, but i'm way more taken aback by the fact that this is made by bass-d and king matthew
Omni Trio
posted a comment on Omni Trio. over 2 years ago
jesus christ my man there is no need for 7 paragraphs of mental gymnastics to justify preferring older music over newer music

[quote=giroserex] Omni Trio certainly did not have to worry about making his work sound musical, it was merely an... See full review
Tempo (3) Feat. Manola - Everybody Get Up
posted a comment on Tempo (3) Feat. Manola - Everybody Get Up. over 3 years ago
this song is fucking stupid but it's also fuckin amazing at the same time
Crispy - In & Out
posted a comment on Crispy - In & Out. over 3 years ago
this is a good release, the original mix is one of the greatest euro house tracks with one of the, if not THE greatest 303 stabs i've ever heard in all of late 90's/early 2000's trance/euro house. the butterfly remix is a really good track too, though... See full review
Anime - Yumiko
posted a comment on Anime - Yumiko. over 3 years ago
one of the best track ever made don't @ me
Re-Flex - Lui
posted a comment on Re-Flex - Lui. over 3 years ago
I have many questions concerning this track, the biggest one being: Why?

Not only is it just an outright badly made track, I.E the vocal sample not being synced to the beat of the track in anyway whatsoever. It's also a rip off of Ottomix & DJ... See full review
Nils Bergen - 18 Fast Cumshots
posted a comment on Nils Bergen - 18 Fast Cumshots. over 3 years ago
i haven't even heard this but i know it's a 10/10 from the title alone
DJ José vs. G-Spott* - II-Symbols
posted a review of DJ José vs. G-Spott* - II-Symbols. over 3 years ago
none of the regular mixes are that great to be completely honest.
the silly sample mix on the other hand, is incredibly good
A.I.D.A. - Far And Away / Merit
posted a comment on A.I.D.A. - Far And Away / Merit. over 3 years ago
Does anyone know which version of this release has the radio edit with vocals? I.e
Ne-Yo - Beautiful Monster
posted a comment on Ne-Yo - Beautiful Monster. over 3 years ago
yo, why the fuck does this track have such a banging acid bassline
Hennes & Cold - First
posted a comment on Hennes & Cold - First. over 3 years ago
The Mauro Picotto track is definitely the origin of the bass. It's really easy to tell that it's sampled from around 1 minute into Pulsar because the saw lead on top of the bass is what gives the reverse bass it's distinct character.