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Anna Weatherup - Truth
submitted Anna Weatherup - Truth. 9 days ago
Proem - liveMD[cd?]
posted a review of Proem - liveMD[cd?]. about 1 month ago
In my opinion, this is the best Abstract Ambient album of all time. Seemingly impossible combination of rhythms, bass, melodies, and space - often all fluttering away in their own pace and time signature - that fits all so perfectly together. Beats... See full review
Tyler Friedman - Revolve
posted a review of Tyler Friedman - Revolve. about 1 month ago
Tyler's Dream (A Jonsson & Alter Remix) is simply one of the best tracks that I own on vinyl. Still stunning after 10 years.
Patrice Rushen - Now
posted a review of Patrice Rushen - Now. about 1 month ago
This albums is absolutely off the charts! Forget about anything else that Patrice has done, this one is the benchmark.
Cologne Tape - Welt
posted a review of Cologne Tape - Welt. about 1 month ago
One of those albums that's the gift that keeps on giving. These are the albums I love in my collection. You reach for it every so often and it amazes you more every time.
Tornado Wallace - Lonely Planet
posted a review of Tornado Wallace - Lonely Planet . about 1 month ago
I love the gatefold. The spine reads super clear, big, and bold on the shelf. Wish all records were made this way!
Sean La'Brooy - Out Moving Windows
posted a review of Sean La'Brooy - Out Moving Windows. about 1 month ago
This album is stunning. An absolute treasure to play. Subtly pulls at the heart strings from start to finish.
Vakula - A
posted a review of Vakula - A. 2 months ago
A classic ambient dub record in the spirit of Rhythm & Sound. The pressing is clean and clear. These are the records that I play at home over and over and over.
Hands (6) - The Soul Is Quick
posted a review of Hands (6) - The Soul Is Quick. 2 months ago
My favourite all time record from Axel Willner. It stands in a league by itself. Hoping he resurrects this project. Stunning.
ASC - Advent / The Glow
posted a review of ASC - Advent / The Glow. 2 months ago
Another excellent release from ASC that can be played at 33 and 45 for 2 completely different EPs. Value.
Tyler Friedman - Vulkalaunai/Wallouian
posted a review of Tyler Friedman - Vulkalaunai/Wallouian. 2 months ago
Tyler Friedman is one of my favourite producers of all time. Seems like he is flying well beneath the radar. Highly recommend this beautiful record and everything he has ever released.
Gathaspar - National Costumes EP
posted a review of Gathaspar - National Costumes EP. 2 months ago
"I Had A Dream That She Was Dying Alone" is a timeless classic in my record bag.
Forma (5) - Off / On
posted a review of Forma (5) - Off / On. 2 months ago
The red vinyl and Spectrum Spools labelling is beautiful. A very clean record with no audible surface noise. Bravo!
Various - Sci Fi Party
posted a review of Various - Sci Fi Party. 3 months ago
Why is this listed as "Various" and not by the band's name?
Marco Shuttle -  Tropicalia
posted a review of Marco Shuttle - Tropicalia. 3 months ago
Fantastic percussive ambient release. I prefer it played at 45 rpm.
Healing Force Project - Ecliptic View EP
posted a review of Healing Force Project - Ecliptic View EP. 3 months ago
Fascinating release blending jazz and techno music and turning it upside down. A wild and engaging ride. Vinyl pressing sounds fantastic.
Skyhous - Eucalyptus
submitted Skyhous - Eucalyptus. 5 months ago
Hanssen - Transit
submitted Hanssen - Transit. 5 months ago
Eszaid - Encircled Earth
posted a review of Eszaid - Encircled Earth. 5 months ago
Cassette plays incredibly crisp and clear. Very impressed by the quality of the sound here. Amazing stuff!
Endless Valley - Nayivada
posted a review of Endless Valley - Nayivada. 5 months ago
Brisbane's best band! Buy this tape now whilst you can.
Some Fool - The Pest, or The Approaching One
submitted Some Fool - The Pest, or The Approaching One. 6 months ago
Eszaid - Encircled Earth
submitted Eszaid - Encircled Earth. 6 months ago
Shackleton - Deadman
posted a review of Shackleton - Deadman. 9 months ago
Beyond the deep record. Haunting, expansive, modernly primitive and fierce.
Healing Force Project - Visual Alterity Ep
posted a review of Healing Force Project - Visual Alterity Ep. 9 months ago
Mind blowing release! Ambient jazz techno fusion that's almost genre defining. Super interesting.
Vaal (2) - Love Reversed
posted a review of Vaal (2) - Love Reversed. 9 months ago
This gets my vote for worst album of 2022. Stylistically unoriginal, compositionally uninteresting, and sonically obnoxious. A strange choice for this label.
Various - All Welcome Volume III
posted a review of Various - All Welcome Volume III. 11 months ago
Another short album worth its weight in gold. All 6 tracks provide deep and immersive listening experiences.
Mitro (3) - C Som Citron
posted a review of Mitro (3) - C Som Citron. 11 months ago
This 12" has so much depth and variety that it feels like an album. 6 absolutely gold cuts, any of which you could play in an eclectic set. The B side features 3 of the most forward thinking ambient tracks you will find. Extra Help is one of the... See full review
Strategy (3) - Drumsolo's Delight
posted a review of Strategy (3) - Drumsolo's Delight. 12 months ago
One of my all time favourite albums that has stood the test of time for almost 20 years. The dubbed out and very analogue sounds are rich, emotive, and fresh as ever. Superb.
Analogue Attic
posted a comment on Analogue Attic. about 1 year ago
Absolutely floored by the quality of this label on every single release. One of the world's finest.
The Necks - Sex
posted a comment on The Necks - Sex. about 1 year ago
56 minutes is too long for vinyl. CD sounds great.
Fehlmann's Ready Made* - Ready Made
posted a review of Fehlmann's Ready Made* - Ready Made. about 1 year ago
1986! This is a fascinating collage of loops and cohesively assembled samples that create miniature pop journeys held together by a drum machine beat. Fehlmann's contribution to The Orb many years later (who were initially established by following... See full review
Sirhan Duran - Sirhan Duran
submitted Sirhan Duran - Sirhan Duran. over 3 years ago
Superunloader - Live and Small at Lestat's
submitted Superunloader - Live and Small at Lestat's. over 3 years ago
Superunloader - Goes #2
submitted Superunloader - Goes #2. over 3 years ago
Nikko (10) - Live At The Tote
submitted Nikko (10) - Live At The Tote. over 3 years ago
Stuart Busby - Radiance & Decay
submitted Stuart Busby - Radiance & Decay. over 3 years ago
Ayumi Hamasaki - (Miss)Understood
submitted Ayumi Hamasaki - (Miss)Understood. over 3 years ago
Les Prêtres - Spiritus Dei
submitted Les Prêtres - Spiritus Dei. over 3 years ago
Various - They Come In Pairs
submitted Various - They Come In Pairs. over 3 years ago
Orlando Voorn - Presents La Cliqa
submitted Orlando Voorn - Presents La Cliqa. over 3 years ago
Alaska Ratio - (333)
submitted Alaska Ratio - (333). over 3 years ago
Gas (19) - Ebb Of Image
submitted Gas (19) - Ebb Of Image. over 3 years ago
Aarktica - Ceremony
submitted Aarktica - Ceremony. over 3 years ago
Yuni In Taxco - Yuni In Taxco EP / The Demos
submitted Yuni In Taxco - Yuni In Taxco EP / The Demos. over 3 years ago
Bartosz Kruczyński - Baltic Beat II
posted a comment on Bartosz Kruczyński - Baltic Beat II. over 4 years ago
Likely intended as an ambient soundtrack to the beauty of Poland’s outdoor spaces, Baltic Beat II opens with a collage of field recorded nature sounds and traditional Polish mountain singing that sets tone for what is ultimately a stunning musical... See full review
Abul Mogard - And We Are Passing Through Silently
posted a comment on Abul Mogard - And We Are Passing Through Silently. over 4 years ago
The still anonymous-to-most Abul Mogard has produced his strongest record to date with a gorgeous album of 5 epic remixes of artists that you may have never heard before (I was only previously familiar with Aisha Devi). “Interpretations” is a more... See full review
submitted Peter Van Hoesen - Uncovered 2008​-​2018 Vol. 2. over 4 years ago
Peter Van Hoesen - Uncovered 2008​-​2018 Vol. 1
submitted Peter Van Hoesen - Uncovered 2008​-​2018 Vol. 1. over 4 years ago
Sound People - RESON8
submitted Sound People - RESON8. over 4 years ago
Burnt Friedman* - Masque / Peluche
posted a comment on Burnt Friedman* - Masque / Peluche. over 4 years ago
I can hear what you are describing on 'Masque'. Brand new clean copy too. The bass is very distorted.