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The Necks - Sex
posted a comment on The Necks - Sex. about 1 month ago
56 minutes is too long for vinyl. CD sounds great.
Fehlmann's Ready Made* - Ready Made
posted a review of Fehlmann's Ready Made* - Ready Made. 5 months ago
1986! This is a fascinating collage of loops and cohesively assembled samples that create miniature pop journeys held together by a drum machine beat. Fehlmann's contribution to The Orb many years later (who were initially established by following... See full review
Sirhan Duran - Sirhan Duran
submitted Sirhan Duran - Sirhan Duran. about 1 year ago
Superunloader - Live and Small at Lestat's
submitted Superunloader - Live and Small at Lestat's. over 2 years ago
Superunloader - Goes #2
submitted Superunloader - Goes #2. over 2 years ago
Nikko (10) - Live At The Tote
submitted Nikko (10) - Live At The Tote. over 2 years ago
Stuart Busby - Radiance & Decay
submitted Stuart Busby - Radiance & Decay. over 2 years ago
Ayumi Hamasaki - (Miss)Understood
submitted Ayumi Hamasaki - (Miss)Understood. over 2 years ago
submitted Les Prêtres - Spiritus Dei. over 2 years ago
Various - They Come In Pairs
submitted Various - They Come In Pairs. over 2 years ago
Orlando Voorn - Presents La Cliqa
submitted Orlando Voorn - Presents La Cliqa. over 2 years ago
Alaska Ratio - (333)
submitted Alaska Ratio - (333). over 2 years ago
Gas (19) - Ebb Of Image
submitted Gas (19) - Ebb Of Image. over 2 years ago
Aarktica - Ceremony
submitted Aarktica - Ceremony. over 2 years ago
Yuni In Taxco - Yuni In Taxco EP / The Demos
submitted Yuni In Taxco - Yuni In Taxco EP / The Demos. over 2 years ago
Bartosz Kruczyński - Baltic Beat II
posted a comment on Bartosz Kruczyński - Baltic Beat II. over 2 years ago
Likely intended as an ambient soundtrack to the beauty of Poland’s outdoor spaces, Baltic Beat II opens with a collage of field recorded nature sounds and traditional Polish mountain singing that sets tone for what is ultimately a stunning musical... See full review
Abul Mogard - And We Are Passing Through Silently
posted a comment on Abul Mogard - And We Are Passing Through Silently. over 2 years ago
The still anonymous-to-most Abul Mogard has produced his strongest record to date with a gorgeous album of 5 epic remixes of artists that you may have never heard before (I was only previously familiar with Aisha Devi). “Interpretations” is a more... See full review
submitted Peter Van Hoesen - Uncovered 2008​-​2018 Vol. 2. over 2 years ago
Peter Van Hoesen - Uncovered 2008​-​2018 Vol. 1
submitted Peter Van Hoesen - Uncovered 2008​-​2018 Vol. 1. over 2 years ago
Sound People - RESON8
submitted Sound People - RESON8. over 2 years ago
Burnt Friedman* - Masque / Peluche
posted a comment on Burnt Friedman* - Masque / Peluche. over 3 years ago
I can hear what you are describing on 'Masque'. Brand new clean copy too. The bass is very distorted.
Shankar / Caroline (2) - The Epidemics
posted a comment on Shankar / Caroline (2) - The Epidemics. over 3 years ago
I'm working my way through the catalogue and at this stage, you're right about that.
Petre Inspirescu - Vîntul Prin Salcii
posted a review of Petre Inspirescu - Vîntul Prin Salcii. over 3 years ago
Carefully crafted ambient pieces that allow space for each sonic component to stand out - a harmonious combination of synth/electronics and jazz instruments. Each track builds progressively and they all flow beautifully together. One of the best... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 4 years ago
ASC - Astral Perception
posted a review of ASC - Astral Perception. over 4 years ago
Another outstanding release by ASC. Serious, atmospheric, and rhythmically layered, we get yet another universe in which to explore. Clear vinyl sounds pristine. Extremely clean.
The Orb - Kompassion
posted a comment on The Orb - Kompassion. over 4 years ago
Classic Fehlmann sound. All 3 of these tracks could have been on his masterpiece "Visions Of Blah". Beautiful sound on vinyl.
Talk Talk - Spirit Of Eden
posted a comment on Talk Talk - Spirit Of Eden. over 5 years ago
A band so ahead of their time that their relative brevity might be considered equal parts triumph and tragedy. Perhaps they lived the perfect band life - short but always at the top of the game. I believe this album cemented their place in the... See full review
Tyler Friedman, Samuel Rohrer - YYY
posted a review of Tyler Friedman, Samuel Rohrer - YYY. over 5 years ago
A: TF gets everything out of the kitchen cupboards and hammers away with soft mallets on a terry bozzio set of bottles pots and pans. the sheet music must look like an inverse milky way. and yet there is so much space between the notes. the bass... See full review
Vatican Shadow - When You Are Crawling
posted a comment on Vatican Shadow - When You Are Crawling. over 6 years ago
I've listened to all the Vatican Shadow stuff for years and obsessed on most of it. This is the best of the lot. Nailed it.
Seefeel - Seefeel
posted a comment on Seefeel - Seefeel. over 6 years ago
This sounds like a harder more serious version of Glifted - Under And In (and if there was a band I could resurrect, they would be near the top of the charts). It's really guitar, bass, drums, and vocals; and taken in that context, I'd fly to the... See full review
ASC - Space Echo EP
posted a review of ASC - Space Echo EP. over 6 years ago
Ladies and gentlemen, I believe we are looking at the future of music. Stunning.
submitted The Cityscape Riot - Technodome Nights. over 6 years ago
Heisenberg (4) - Ripatti 02
posted a comment on Heisenberg (4) - Ripatti 02. over 7 years ago
#12 is just about the wildest dub track you'll come across and #19 is rhythmic roller coaster. Highly recommended!
Luciano & Mathew Jonson - Alpine Rocket
posted a review of Luciano & Mathew Jonson - Alpine Rocket. over 16 years ago
The Perlon catalogue is remarkable. Consistently as deep, rich, and complex as a fine Bordeaux. 'Alpine Rocket' is just as interesting but a refreshing break from the intensity. Pulling from the same cellar, I would describe this record as a crisp,... See full review